Bees who wear glasses or contacts, or both?

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Another vote for a hydrogen peroxide based solution like Clear Care. Just note you MUST use the special neutralizing case with them. Also, switching contact brands is definitely something you should discuss with your optometrist, as I know it’s helped me and other people find contacts that fit comfortably when others had stopped. They can give you some more solutions to coping with dry eye, a chronic condition that can be pretty easily treated with specific OTC drops, gels, and ointments. Good luck!

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railroaderwifeyxo :  I love wearing my glasses and have worn them full time since 2015, both my husband and I wear glasses.  The only time it gets annoying is when it’s super muggy and they fog up or I get embarrassed and they fog up.  other than that I can’t imagine wearing contacts again and I wore them for over a decade of my life everyday.  My friend wears the monthly, and I wore the two week pack one.  And honestly the contacts dried out my eyes a lot.

For reference I wear this one:

And my husband wears this one:


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I use to wear contacts all the time also until the monthly contacts would make there feel like something was in my eye every night after taking them out. The opthalmologist said I have an allergy so she switched me to daily contacts which are amazing. They are very light and I have not had any problems since. I still wear my glasses more, typically M-F at work just to keep the strain off of my eyes. Go get fitted for another pair of glasses. Maybe that will help you feel better about wearing them. My husband actually tells me I look sexy in my glasses so that helps boost my confidence because I also have those days that I think they dont look good.

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railroaderwifeyxo :  I had eye issues too and wear glasses every day now. I do miss my contacts. But I ended up spending a pretty penny on some nice fancy frames and that helped. 

So for dry eye my doctor said to use eye drops (the artificial tears type) and take fish oil/omega 3. Those two helped so much. My insurance won’t cover the drops anymore but I use the over the counter ones and I can tell you what kind as soon as I remember. 

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I’ve worn contacts for many many years, starting with hard lenses. Definitely try different brands. Now I’m wearing daily contacts and love them. They have a high water content and you get a fresh clean lens every day. 

I also wear glasses but only at home. My glasses are super thick even buying the latest thin lens on the market. I’m pretty much blind!

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Absolutely switch, hun! There are so many brands that it’s very likely one will work for you. I switched from Acuvue bi-weekly to a monthly BioFinity Toric (I have an astigmatism) and it’s true love. I’m sooo happy with them!

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I have worn contacts since 1999 and in the past 2-3 years my eyes will barely tolerate contacts anymore. I’ve switched brands several times, and I’m currently on dailies but it still doesn’t seem to help. If I put my contacts in in the morning, by late afternoon they are bugging me and I’m dying to take them out.

I only wear my contacts anymore when I am doing anything active, or when it’s a night out and I want to look nice. I put them in at the very last minute that I have to so that I don’t have to deal with discomfort as long, but last year I finally decided this wasn’t fun anymore, and my life was taking a hit because I was always complaining about my eyes.

I had a Lasik consultation and they told me I’d need to wait a year because my eyes weren’t flat like most peoples (yes I have astigmatism in both eyes but this was something beyond that) and that they were getting laser tech to fix that and my eyes in a year, aka this summer. I’m really hoping that within the next year I’ll have Lasik done and I won’t have to worry about this issue for awhile until my eyes start to get worse down the road.

I guess it’s all in how much you can handle, and if switching brands doesn’t work for you, I’d at least consider fixing the problem completely. Good luck!

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I had the same dry eye problems like you. My eye dr just switched contact brands. Sometimes my contacts irritate my eyes, but I usually wear glasses when I don’t go to school…so 5 days a week I wear glasses. I also have an issue with confidence while wearing my glasses, but only the first week. Heres some pics of me with glasses and contacts:

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I used to wear contacts every day starting at age 16 until I was 30 but suddenly I noticed irritation and headaches and slowly had to stop wearing them. Now I can only wear them on occasion and am always dying to take them out. I feel the same way as you, like I’m not as attractive with my glasses and I really want laser eye surgery but can’t afford it. I’ve tried switching brands and it hasn’t helped much. 

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One more vote to start with hydrogen peroxide solution and talk to your eye doc ASAP. Any discomfort issues I’ve had have been solved this way. 

And I totally get what you’re saying about not feeling “sexy” in your glasses – I have a god awful prescription and as a result, my lenses are super thick and I constantly look like I’m asking someone if they have my stapler.

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namsayin :  OMG – THIS! Do NOT make the mistake of getting hydrogen peroxide in your eye! 

railroaderwifeyxo :  I’ve been lucky and have had pretty good luck with my contacts. I use monthly’s and usually swap them out when they start to feel dry/itchy, or I just don’t seem to see as well. You could try weekly’s or daily’s. (Daily sounds like a total pain in the ass, though!) As far as solution, I’ve used just about everything, but I do really like BioTrue. Also, do you know if you have an astigmatism? Sometimes astigmatisms can make wearing contacts uncomfortable. If you have an astigmatism, the shape of your eyes is actually abnormal (more football I think), so it will take the contacts a few days to mold to your eye shape. I’ve noticed that sometimes a new pair will seem a bit uncomfortable, but it never lasts more than a few days. If you’re having issues with dry eye, I would try a contact friendly eye drop. I’m not a fan of wearing my glasses because my eyesight is soo bad, and I have a tiny face and frequently have problems with them slipping off my face when I bend over. I’ll eye drop all day long if it means no glasses.

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I wear contacts everyday, and something similar happened to me, as well! I wore contacts for 10 years, and had no adverse reactions, but one summer it seems like I developed an allergy to the contacts/solution. My eyes were red, swollen and itchy all the time.

I switched to dailies (acuvue oasys) and it’s been AMAZING. Naybe see you optometrist and ask for a week or two sample of daily disposables? tbh they are much pricier, but way worth it!

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I can’t comment on the contacts since I only wear glasses, but you are beautiful and sexy regardless of your eyewear or lack thereof. 

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