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MsLittleBookOwl:  I’m no longer in college but when I was I worked ~30 hours a week. I worked 4-hr evening shifts 3 times a week (the nights I didn’t have labs), 8 hrs on Saturdays and 9 hrs on Sundays. I took a full course load every semester and one semester I took 24 credits.

I will say though that I got a lot of Cs where I could have gotten As and Bs if I had more time to study and do homework :-/

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I worked anywhere from 20-39 hours/week when I was in college. In retrospect, I wouldn’t recommend that. There is a reason on-campus student workers are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours/week. 

SO was much smarter about how he earned money while in school. During his undergrad he went back to his hometown during breaks and worked like a dog at his old job, putting in full time or even more. That way he earned money in bursts that would hold him over until the next break. I don’t know if I could’ve done that though, my breaks were my sanity.

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I just graduated in May, but I worked 20-25hrs a week. This past spring semester I had my internship so I was working 40+, while taking 3 classes and writing a ton of papers. Fiance worked 40+ while studying finance full time. He got a lot of Bs when he could’ve got A+s if he wasn’t working all the time. He was one of the few in his classes that worked, much less worked full time. 

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When I was in college full-time, I worked two part-time jobs a week working about 20 to 25 hours a week combined.

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I worked while in undergrad but it was very easy. I was a bartender in. The lobby of a repertory theatre that was in the same building as my school. I would set up, do preshow drinks, then go do homework during the first act. Come back, make the intermission orders,work intermission, clean up, drop off money at the main resturant down the street and go back to homework. Before I was of age I did about the same as an usher at the same theatre. They also hired us students as extra hands during load-in and load-outs. I worked in summer stocks or would do odd jobs during the summer.

Now in graduate I work on my off days from school or before my evening classes. I am able to do a lot of my reading during my dinner break. They expect us to work though, not as big of a deal.

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When I was in college, I took 15-18 credits and worked 30-35 hours. I applied for a job saying I could work 20, but the manager took advantage of my availability and I needed the money so I didn’t push too much. It was too much! I think 20-25 is a reasonable amount with a full workload. I graduated with a 3.5 and definitely think I could’ve done a lot better if I wasn’t working nearly full time.

ETA: I worked full time at one job and part time at a second job during winter and summer breaks. Car insurance in PA wasn’t cheap!!

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When I was in college I worked as close to full time as possible. There were some semesters that it was exhausting but others that it wasn’t a big deal. I usually took around 18-24 credit hours and worked 37 hours. 

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MsLittleBookOwl:  No in college anymore, but when I was I typically worked 8 hours/week (one shift) while school was in session.  I wanted to maintian a little work, but while in school I prioritized my classes and extracaricular involvement (that was a big focus in my program) instead and had good internships in my semesters off school.

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I take 15 credit hours right now and work 40 hours a week. It’s not easy but I don’t feel overloaded. I work as a customer service representative, so I get to sit down and work on school work in between calls.

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I work 40 hours a week and I’m a full time grad student. Like mrssjwilliams said, it’s not easy! But it’s the only way I can afford it!

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I work 35 hours a week (considered full time) and go to school full time. I work M-F 8:30-4:30 then go to class all day on Saturdays. My university offers a Saturday program for undergrad. One semester though, I had a night class twice a week in addition to all day Saturday. It was brutal!

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MsLittleBookOwl:  I worked all through undergrad, it varied, because I did multiple jobs and changed jobs a lot. I even had 4 jobs at one time for a couple months. I’d say the average was about 20 hrs/week though when I was in class. We had a co-op program where I did undergrad where we alternated working full-time with taking classes full time. So when I was working full time that was it (except for one 6 month period where I worked another part-time job in addition, totalling probably 60 hrs/week) and then when I was in classes (probably 18 credits) I worked part-time jobs.

It never effected my grades. I never really felt overwhelmed and I got all As in a neuroscience program. 

Now I’m in a funded grad program, so I’m not allowed to do any outside work. 

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When I was a college student, I worked 15-20 hours a week while taking 12-18 credits per semester. I graduated summa cum laude, so this worked for me! 

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MsLittleBookOwl:  I’m taking 15 credit hours this semester and I work about 15 hours a week sometimes more. I just got an internship in January so then I’ll be working 40 hours a week but I’ll only be taking 12 credit hours since it’ll be my last semester.

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