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kortizi0:  I’ve had acne for over a decade and have been on anything under the sun, including Accutane (4x!). Until last year, it was a constant battle, but after a few changes, my skin has been better than ever, with only a rare break out, which is a miracle for me.


1. Avoid sugar. Seriously. One day I binged on some gummy worms and the next few days my face exploded.

2. Change makeup. I really hate spending a lot of money on makeup, but once I switched foundations, I was amazed. I now use Youngblood liquid mineral foundation and love it.

3. Moisturizing at night. I often use between a 2.5-10% benzyl peroxide. I find that although it dries out the acne, it also dries out my skin so that it over compensates and produces more oil. I use rosehip oil mixed in with a Dermalogica moisturizer. 

4. My best kept secret—SHAVING YOUR FACE!! Yes, I said shaving. I use a straight edge facial razor  about once every 10 days. You may think I’m crazy, but it’s been the best thing for my face. First off, I make sure my face is completely clean before I do so. I also don’t do it over any acne. A lot of my acne was due to the fact that I have a lot of hair on my face. When you do, the folicles trap dirt much quicker, and lead to acne. Also, shaving is an amazing exfoliant (similar to the affect you get with microderm). I now have my mom and friends shaving and they haven’t turned back! And NO, the hair does not grow back dark. It is physiologically impossible for your blond hair to grow back darker, or corser. 

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kortizi0:  I think you’re using yours scrub WAY too much. What has really helped me a lot was leaving my face alone, and when I need to exfoliate maybe once or twice a week I use my clarisonic. Scubs used twice a day are only irritating your skin, and especially those OTC scrubs that cause small abrasions in the skin.

if you have not already considered it, maybe try hormonal birth control to help bring sebum (oil) production down. If that’s not something you want there’s also something called Spironolactone that will do just about the same thing but without the contraceptive benefits.

a lot of the time acne is an internal issue as well as external. No matter what you put on your face, sometimes it won’t help. So, consider what foods you’re eating. Are you taking a multivitamin? Is your makeup noncomedogenic? Are you regularly cleaning your makeup tools? Are you changing your pillow cases and towels enough? Are you consuming too much caffeine? There’s a lot out there on the internet, but here are the things that have helped me most:

  1. Hands off! No touching the face, no picking.
  2. Pat your skin dry. No rubbing with the towel.
  3. Change linens often.
  4. Clean makeup tools once a week.
  5. Exfoliate gently and not too often.
  6. Always properly remove makeup at night.
  7. Balance the skin’s pH, and use the right products for my skin type (it sounds like you need a beta hydroxy acid containing cleanser. Look for anything with salicylic acid in it. I use Mario Badescu’s acne cleanser because of how gentle it is). The right combination of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid containing cleansers, toners and creams can definitely help you and not dry you out.
  8. Curb oil production. I’m on Natazia birth control, which helps lots. And I know that when I am drinking caffeine a lot, my skin isn’t as happy. Also, drink lots of water.
  9. Consider herbal supplements like licorice root extract, omega fatty acids, vitamin A, and evening primrose oil.

Every person is different, but these things have helped me. Good luck!

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kortizi0:  ugh, i feel your pain! Your skin sounds pretty similar to mine. I’ve listed all the things that have helped me below. (Btw if you think your acne is hormonally driven, maybe you should consider an endocrinologist). If its a dry or cold climate, consider an air humidifier and taking vitamin d3 supplements.

– depending on your skin tone, 15-30 mins of sunshine on your face a day. (I know this is somewhat controversial, but it helps me)

– pay attention to which foods help you break out, eat a lot of vegetables to make sure you’re getting your vitamins

– exercise, break a sweat at least 3-4 times a week. Exercise helps with hormones if thats your issue.

–  right before bed, use an exfoliator with salicylic acid and gently scrub, followed by proactivs refining mask for 15 mins. Do this at least twice a week.

– i also put 10% benzoyl peroxide only on the emerging pimples right before bed and in the morning. It seems counterintuitive but if you have oily skin, dont wash your face too often and use a light moisturizer like neutrogenas oil free lotion for sensitive skin after washing.

– going on Yaz helped clear my acne but i came off of it bc of other side effects and i wouldnt take birth control without seriously weighing the pros and cons with your doctor.

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This mask. Once a week. So cheap and so amazing.


It’s actually disgusting because you can literally see the oil and crap being pulled out of your pores while it’s on, but it’s made a HUGE difference in both my blackheads and pimples. I HIGHLY recommend it. It leaves you with a dry, tight feeling face for a few hours, so I put it on in the evening and follow up with a thick noncomedogenic moisturizer before bed.

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Clearing my skin ended up being less about what acne creams I used and more about treating my skin super gently and changing what I eat. I switched from all sorts of OTC products to washing with raw honey in the morning, washing with CeraVe in the evening, moisturizing with CeraVe morning and night, and eliminating all soy and dairy in my diet. The dairy was the biggest devil for me. I eat dairy. Bam! The next morning I have 2 new zits on my chin/jawline. It’s like clockwork. And if dairy is inflaming my skin that much, goodness only knows what it’s inflaming inside of my body.

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kortizi0:  cystic are so lousy…I will say that the Proactiv + certainly heals them faster, but owwww…they hurt πŸ™

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OP I have the exact same type of acne too, down to every detail. I’ve had it over 10 years. All the PPs have excellent lifestyle suggestions which I can vouch for too!

But in all honesty, the only thing that has EVER made my acne go completely 100% away, and made my skin look amazing and smooth of even the tiniest micro-bump is Spironolactone. (Even Accutane didn’t work as perfectly!) Unfortunately, I just moved and had to get a new dermatologist in my current city, who was absolutely horrified that I was on it and took me off it immediately. Apparently it can raise your potassium levels. Ugh. I am SOOO pissed as I’ve now broken out like crazy. He has me using topical antibiotics and they don’t do a damn thing, I’m so angry, and it’ll be ages before I can get an appointment with any other derm in this city, the wait times are about 6 months. UGH πŸ™ πŸ™ So, I feel your pain.

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I have always had bad acne, I even did two cycles of Accutane only to have the acne return after. I finally had a doctor reccomend an elimmination diet to see if it was food realted and turns out I am gluten intollerant! I cut out gluten and within a month my skin was 100% clear of breakouts, just the red marks left behind that are slowly fading. If I eat it, within 24 hours a huge pimple shows up so I certinly am careful about eating it. Might be worth a try πŸ™‚

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honestly the only thing that worked for me are prescriptions from my derm. I get hormonal acne so it has nothing to do with diet(i eat pretty clean). Right now im taking spironolactone and its made a HUGE difference. Its also not costly so im not breaking the bank. Works better than all the tubes of retin-a, finacea, etc that i have

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Mary Kay Clearproof.  Worked wonders for me.  I don’t sell Mary Kay but highly recommend it.  I would suggest the entire set for starters as well. My own Dr was amazed.  

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I have pretty persistant craptastic breakouts (which have been their current severity since I was 19ish – when my acne worsened). What seems to REALLY help has been cutting out sugar in a major way. I was eating sugary cereals and I have a real sweet tooth, so that was a problem. I have a biology degree and have done quite a bit of reading, and according to some recent studies, diet DOES play a role in acne (contrary to what was “common knowledge” for many years).

I’ve tried Acne.org benzoyl peroxide (maybe helps? But also gives me serious eyebrow dandruff, so there’s that…), Paula Begoun’s BHA (maybe helps… I like to think it’s helping to combat my clogged pores), AHA (doesn’t help with my acne at all but may or may not help out with my hyperpigmentation), Differin and some retinoid (prescribed and just THE WORST; the initial breakout NEVER WENT AWAY. Almost a year later I stopped with that madness), and sulfur soap and de la Cruz Sulfur Cream (helps some! It’s fighting the good fight against my stupid clogged pores and does all right for existing blemishes).<br /><br />The Clarisonic Mia was a bust, By The Way, and I live a vegan lifestyle, so obviously being dairy or meat free isn’t particularly helping. I’m a little…curious to know whether my face has any reaction to soy, which I eat occasionally, because my digestive system isn’t the biggest fan.

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