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@Jw1724:  I worry about work and tend to replay stuff I said or did over and over. About 3 years ago, I either heard on a program or read, when having anxiety, tell yourself to STOP! in a stern voice (either in your head or outloud) and visualize a red stop sign. This has really helped me to break my concentration on the negative.

Another thing I do, is stay really, really busy. At work, I take on a lot of work. At home, I watch TV and browse the internet at the same time or do crafts and sing out loud. The busier my brain is, the better my thoughts are.

Kind of weird but, these little techniques help. I hope you find something that works for you too! πŸ™‚ 

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I have mild anxiety as a symptom of my low hormones and thyroid issues. I really recommend googling “Zoella anxiety” and looking at her blog posts and videos. She’s really helped me and has some good tips (:

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My best friend and I both suffer from severe anxiety (she takes meds, I don’t). My anxiety issues hit when I was about 25. Most of my anxiety I feel is rooted in the potential of death, so anything that can cause me harm, injury or death I worry over to a ridiculous degree. That means that I am paranoid in many situations, hate the dark, windows on a first floor to be open, leaving any doors unlocked, flying, driving/riding in cars, walking along the street, going out at night etc and often see the worst is these types of situations.

How do I cope? As best as I can by TRYING to be rational, although we all know anxiety is very irrational. There are days when I am overwhelmed and nights when I can’t sleep or wake up with an attack. My mother had this issue too and it hit her hard in her 30’s so I may very well be on my way to needing medication too. For now I’m trying to deal  by staying VERY active and living healthy…here’s hoping.

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I tend over-analyse everything, which then leads to anxiety and stress. I’ve found that if you keep yourself busy (work, hobbies, seeing friends, visiting family, or even going for a run) it’s easier to keep your mind off of the millions of things you’re stressing about. Something that does not help in the slightest, is doing nothing, because then you have time to replay situations in your head.


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I’m probably not the best person to answer this, as I absolutely do NOT have a handle on my anxiety.

I get anxious in random situations: standing in line at the grocery store by myself, walking across college campus by myself, having a job/working… I get the pins-and-needles feeling all down my back and on the back of my neck, then I get flush in the face, and my heart starts racing and skipping beats.

I’ve tried meds but they do absolutely nothing for me. I don’t know why my body is so resistant toward them.

I still haven’t found a way to cope with it. πŸ™

But I’m looking forward to seeing what others Bees solutions are!

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I had severe anxiety (literally diagnosed with every anxiety disorder) for two years.

Therapy combined with medication and keeping a healthy body are what helped me. 

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@Jw1724:  I also tend to get really anxious about my health. Any little thing that is going on with me, I’m convinced is cancer. I’ve learned to give it a week & if it’s still bad, go to the doctor. I actually don’t end up going to the doctor as much as you would think.

I also pray about it. Idk if you’re religious….I’m somewhat. I’m a christian but I don’t go to church or anything. But it makes me feel better just taking the stress off of my shoulders and onto God’s. I also tell myself that it’s all a part of God’s plan, everything.

If you’re not religious, I suggest exercise!! ESP since  your health is an anxiety trigger for you too. I’ve started walking or jogging 6 times a week (even if sometimes just for 15 mins) & I feel LOADS better in general. My anxiety has calmed down a bit & I feel healthier when I push myself. Yoga is supposed to REALLY help & also lavender scented everything. I have candles, essential oil, room spray, bath salts…lavender is HUGE is helping anxiety (& it really helps you sleep!) I’ve even bought lavender hand soaps & lotions for my SO’s mom & sister (sister has TERRIBLE anxiety omg). If nothing else PLEASE try lavender, I promise you won’t regret spending $5 on a candle & spray!

ETA: I’ve been prescribed xanax for some time. I was on it for a couple years BUT if you have ANY tendency toward addiction or an addictive personality, DO NOT TAKE IT! I’ve never been so close to developing an addiction. It can be hard to keep in moderation if you aren’t careful, I have known a few people who developed serious addictions & I would have probably too if I wasn’t able to recognize the signs.

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This is going to sound weird, but I shake my head (Like a dog shaking off.) I don’t have bad anxiety. I wouldn’t even say I have mild anxiety, but sometimes it creeps up on me and overtakes my thoughts.

Shaking my head really fast and telling myself that I am being ridiculous helps.

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I have pretty bad anxiety (I have my whole life). My generally centers around my health, my family members health/ wellbeing, being alone at night (I am terrified of home intruders, walking to my car at night etc), performing well at work, the list goes on. I have a better handle on it that I used to, the severity comes and goes. I find that staying busy and doing calming activities (reading, meditating, painting my nails, petting my dogs) really helps me a lot. 

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Honestly, cry-it-out is my coping strategy lol. But I am on meds, and they make a world of difference. It really takes the edge off. I also reach out to people I love when I’m anxious: a phone call to my mom or 30 minutes cuddling with my Fiance calms me right down.

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I got the book “When Panic Attacks” by David Burns and worked through it (to start with I partnered with a Therapist using Behavioral Cognative Therapy) and then on my own.  I still refer back to it, as needed and I use the techniques I learned daily.

I also learned how to meditate…. mindfullness and thought control, specifically were extremely beneficial.  I learned that I could have a thought and dismiss it.  Sounds simple, but EXTREMELY eye opening for me.

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Keeping a journal with you at all times is really helpful. Jot down the thoughts that are driving you insane. I find that once I write then down on paper, I tend to worry less about them. I guess it’s a way of tricking my mind into believing that, no I won’t forget this thought and that thought that I’m over analyzing, because I have wrote it down and will come back to it at a later time. Doing this before bed at night really helps me to sleep a lot better as well. I just write down all the things that I’m stressing over, or things I feel that I need to do for the next day or take care of and that prevents me from laying in the bed thinking about it all night.


Hope this idea helps, Take Care.

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@CountryRose:  @mayahpay:  @Mrs.Moser:  Can i ask what meds you guys take? My Fiance is having a really rough period of mental health and has horrible anxiety combined with another diagnosis.  πŸ™  Until his meds for the other stuff kick in, I want him to get something that will take the edge off.  I understand it’s super addictive, etc, but he’s hardly holding on right now πŸ™  We’re seeing his doc tomorrow.  Thank you!

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