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My children are not in daycare any longer but when they were:

– they closed at 6 pm and if you were late, you got one free pass, then after that there was a fine of $25

– they only fined you twice, and then you were asked to find other care for your child.

The owners of the daycare are running a business. They have to pay their employees overtime , so it is reasonable that the person who caused the problem should pay for it.

There was also a penalty if you didn’t get your cheque in before the end of the month.

If you were late a second time, their policy was to give you notice to find care elsewhere.

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@MerryWidow:  Dirty Delete is in daycare and I also ran a summercamp and daycare for 6 years, so I’ll relate both sides.

When I ran camp/daycare, we closed at 6PM. The first time you were late, we let it slide. The 2nd time, it was a written note about the pick up policy. The third time you were late, our policy was to charge $1 per minute that we had to stay after with your child. These were all if you didn’t call or let us know, it was rare, I actually only charged a parent twice.

Legally, after 15 minutes, if no one had called us and we couldn’t reach the parents and/or emergency contacts, we were required to call the police and report the child abandoned. This happened to us only once. The childs mom had been in the commissary on a military base and there had been an “issue”. No calls in or out.

As a parent with a child in daycare, the policy is pretty similar. I’ve never been late, so I can’t tell you if they enforce it or not, but I’m sure they do.

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My daycare charges $5/min (yes, that’s $300/hour) if you are late past 6 PM. Due to that I have never ever been late! I know they do enforce it because they have an electronic check-in/check-out system similar to a timeclock at a job. It is connected to their billing system so the charges would apply automatically.

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When I worked at a daycare we had similiar policies. First of all: $5 every 10 minutes a parent was late and we only allowed you to be 20 minutes late before calling you nonstop. Then: we required the check BEFORE the child even came. For example….if you paid for all of this week and wanted to bring your child in next Monday as well, you’d have to pay us this Friday for next Monday’s visit….or else you can’t drop off your child Monday morning.

I didn’t run that day care, I just worked there for 11 months during college.


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When my eldest was in daycare for years, it was at a facility so they had pretty strict rules. My son was there for 5 years so after a period of time they let me slide on the rules when it came to lateness.

The facility closed at 6. You had 15 minutes and then they started charging a fee. I think I was late maybe a handful of times the whole time he was there and the director let me slide. There were even times when I warned her that there was a big backup on the highway. I want to say the fee was $50 per hour. It has been a few years, but I am pretty sure that was it.

As for payment it was due weekly. Tuesday was the latest she would let my son be there and then he was no longer welcome without payment. If I paid then he could stay, but they would not accept him on Wednesday without it. I usually paid monthly because it was easier for me to do it that way.

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DS is in an in-home daycare. She is flexible with hours to an extent but puts the hours in your individual contract with her. I can drop DS off as early as 7:30 and pick him up as late as 5:30. A few times I had crises at work, and was there at 5:45, and she was okay with that. It’s only happened 2 or 3 times in the last 9 months. I pay the last day of the week for that week. I haven’t been late, so it hasn’t really come up. A few times DS wasn’t going on Friday, so I had to drive her a check the following morning (he was sick or Darling Husband had a day off) but the daycare is on my route to work so it wasn’t a big deal to drop it off. Darling Husband usually pays daycare each week, and if he forgets to leave a check, I’ll write one from my account. That usually only happens on a holiday weekend or if DS is sick and not going, and we figure it out between us.

I think charging an high amount per minute late is a bit overkill, but I guess I understand that it is a business and they need to be firm. I’d just hope that if something happened that was out of your control, they’d be understanding. I was worried this winter with the weather since daycare is all on back roads, but we had a mild winter and I didn’t have any issues.

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My son is not a center daycare but a in home daycare provider. She does have set hours, not sure how flexible for being later. I do know she will charge a late fee at least that is what her contract says.

Now for us and she was making an exception for another family to come 15 minutes early with no additional fees.  Which is freaking awesome. She normally starts at 7:30 but due to I am supposed to start work at 7:30 she has made the exception that we can be there by 7:15. 

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The experience I’ve had with daycares around here is that after 15 minutes you are charged $25 for every 10-15 minutes you were late (amount of time depended on daycare).  I think is was after an hour they call the police. 

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@FreeRangeMom:  My daughter’s is the same way!! Their door has a codebox that you have to enter your code into to get in the door, it keeps track fo the time. 3$ a minute though. I haven’t had a struggle with non payment on time. I do believe I over heard that if the total was not paid by the end of the 1st wk of the month, it had to pd in full before the child can come back.

I’m sorry people are taking advantage of you 🙁

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Our daycare has a strict drop-off time of 7:30 and a pick-up time of 5:30; if you’re late, you pay $5/minute as a late charge.  Also, payment is always due by the first of the month; our daycare provider assesses a $50 late charge for every day the payment is late.  

Our daycare provider is really nice and flexible, though, in the case of extenuating circumstances.  She even offerred to watch our daughter free of charge while we were in the hospital having DS!  The contract rules are there so people don’t take advantage of her, but she’s very understanding if something up and other arrangements have to be made.

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Does your daycare close at a specific time each day?  Yes. 6:00. 

What happens when you pick your child up after their posted closing time?  You are charged a fee and, if you are more then an hour late with no contact, they call the police. 

Also, do you get a late fee or penalty if you make your payment after the day it’s due? Yes. I believe it’s something like $20. 

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