(Closed) Bees with chronic MIGRAINES!! Helpful advice?!

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oliviakatherine:  it runs in my family.  My doctor gave me pills or told me to drink coffee which i am already addicted to. My migraines dont come often. I’ve only had maybe 2 bad ones. Normally i just get bad headaches but when it does get bad i lock my self in my room and hide under my covers. Sorry you have to go through this. Migraines suck and most people don’t know what a real migraine is. They think a headache is  considered a migraine. The pounding and bright lights are bad enough for me. I almost blacked out once and got tunnel vision. I was scared cuz it was the first time that had ever happened. The room just got smaller by the second.  Sorry i can’t be of help.

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Are you on any type of medication for your migraines? 

I have had chronic migraines for many years and have been on a “maintenance” medication for about 10 years, also i have a medicine that i can take when i have a headache that will get rid of it (usually).  Now I just started getting Botox injections for my headaches which has helped a lot.  There are a lot of different treatment options that you can look into.  Talk to your doctor, if they are getting more frequent.  It is horrible and agree if you don’t have this problem – people don’t understand.

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I have them too and I’ve used daily and acute medicine to control them in the past but I hated being dependent on the pills. I am able to keep them down (2-3 a month versus 2-3 a week) just by keeping a headache journal and avoiding things that seem to cause them…for me the worst triggers are red wine, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, and stress.

I know you’ve been to a neuro doctor but have you been to a headache specialist? There are headache clinics etc that might help you be able to diagnose your condition or at least manage it.

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oliviakatherine:  I also get extremely painful migrains. They start with the aura in the corner of my vision, and then its like a C slowly starts to cover my one eye. If I dont go to sleep right away the nausia is debilitating. And the day after hangover is no fun either. Once a migrain comes on there is no help, but things i have found help lessen the frequincy of the mingrain is drinking lots of water (I try to get atleast two bottles a day, but aim for 4). No chocolate(as its easter, it sucks to have none, so I try to use the equation 1 chocolate bar = 2 bottles of water). White chocolate isnt actually chocolate so I find it doesnt hurt, but still not to much should be had. No caffine…at all. No coffee, no pop unless its caffine free, no tea. Nothing with caffine. Vitamine C every day. And try to get a good amount of sleep. <br />Since getting engaged I have had had to watch everything quite closely because stress can be a trigger too, but over all since I cut out caffine and chocolate my anxiety and migraines have lessend. 

Hope that helps, the first month of switch is the hardes, but it gets easier

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A lot of things depends on the kind of migraine it is. I see a chiropractor for mine and he has almost gotten rid of them. I now just start to get the headaches, usually during my monthly, and he gave me exercises to do with them so I can now cut them off before they get bad. 

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I get migraines but no aura, so I doubt my solutions would help you. If I were in your position, I’d seek out a neurologist who has a specialty in migraines or similar illnesses.. that’s incredibly scary. I’d be trying to get any doctor who would listen to me to take a look.<br /><br />Feel better.

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I have chronic migraines and like others currently take a daily med (topamax) and get botox injections every 3 months. Right now I’m dying because my neuro is stretching my botox out so I’m covered for my wedding/honeymoon so my headaches are more frequent than usual. I used to be a daily sufferer and when Botox is regularly injected I’m down to 2-3 month and just take a rescue med as needed (no topamax) but because I’m being stretched I’m taking topamax right now to combat the lack of coverage. 

As the other poster said, trying to keep track of your triggers. There are a ton of apps that can help you keep track with a diary and list common triggers. Mine are brought on by : stress, oversleeping/lack of sleep, back/neck pain, lunch meats, wine :(, weather change is huge for me. 

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oliviakatherine:  This sounds really serious. I would definitely talk specifically to a neurologist not just some family practicioner. Feet going numb could be a spinal issue but tunnel vision points to the brain which could be the cause of both. One thing that may be relatively easy to rule out is blood pressure. I have had issues with headaches and tunnel visison due to low blood pressure before. You can just get a monitor and have it with you when you start feeling the symptoms. The fact that it comes and goes makes me thing it may be some kind of fluid issues that puts pressure on the brain at certain points but this is purely my guess as I am not a doctor what-so-ever. Good luck!

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