Bees with depression or anxiety, what do you do for a living?

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I teach. And this year I have the littles. They deserve smiles and happy faces and I just don’t have it in me. They take a lot of positive energy but they also give a lot. I like teaching, but I’m not sure that the young ones are a good fit. 

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Hi, I will send you a private message on this..

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I’m a graphic designer and work in a print shop. Ive struggled with anxiety my whole life… And after our house fire in the fall, I’ve been dealing with depression. I love what I do… But it is stressful. Controlling projects helps me feel in control of myself… Amd in control of the day. Helps keep me focused. 

I use essential oils, deep breathing and grounding techniques throughout the day to maintain. 

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I have Bipolar 2 disorder and clinical depression.

I work in finance. I hate it. Soul sucking stressful bullshit, in a mean girls office environment.

I like journaling and drawing. Walking in nature. Spending time with my cats. Reading fiction. Writing fiction. Huge video game player. Working out. Those are all things that help me stay level.

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I don’t have anxiety but my husband does. He is currently getting his PhD in Pathology/Immunology. He works in a lab doing research. He really loves it but the stress of certain parts of the program are very hard on him. He just finished a major exam/oral presentation in December. If he failed he would be kicked out of the program. Preparing for it was very hard on him, he was essentially having a two week long panic attack and sleeping like 2 hours a night. It was bad. Thankfully, it will be a few years before he has another super stressful event like that (his thesis defense).

And he’s looking for a new therapist (we moved when he started the program and he kept putting this off) so that he can hopefully cope better in the future.

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Oh thanks for asking!

I have both anxiety and depressiin on/off. I also have SAD im the winter, a bit of ADD, OCD and mild dyslexia (all undiagnosed, except for anxiety and depression.  I just started managing a very dysfunctional and toxic nursing department 4 months ago with 10 nurses and 17 PSWs taking care of 85 residents. Most days are stressful and busy.The staff is awful. I work 8, 12, 16 hrs days. 8 hours are so freaking short!!  Also I have a company phone for emergencies and so my syaff can reach me… so technically I am on call 24/7.  Yesterday evening our retirement facility went into respiratory outbreak. Today I worked my record: 18 hours or soul sucking bs. I hate my life right now. All day I wished I was litterally anywhere else. Including 6ft underground. Litteraly anywhere else. I was having a panick attack from about 730 to 1230 today… 

Our outbreak list went from 5 people to 15 people and growing in 24 hours… we hade 3 falls, had to send one of them to the hospital…, a suicide attempt sent to the hospital the police came and the paramedics ×2.. omg and 2 residents who just refuse to stay in their room even though they are on isolation (1 of them is patient Zero, he started having symptomts 3 days ago and didnt tell anyone, till today!  Thanks!!) 2 people on behaviour watch due to an episode or agression and violence a couple days ago. 1 lady on death’s door, palliative, literally literally any day now… had to send 1 staff home because she was having symptoms and find a replacement for the next several days… had the fire department come to do their annual inspection and the maintenance manager was late so guess who had to deal with them… had a scheduled 9am supper stressful conference call with the head office and my computer froze 20 mins before the call.. oh and the cherry on top was the sales rep sending me invites… for 2 new resident are coming soon… because today was the best day to tell me i need to go assess them asap… overall it was litterally THE WORST DAY EVER. By a landslide. Word of advice.. dont ever do what I do…

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I was teaching highschool, wasn’t good for my anxiety.

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i have depression and anxiety with occassional panic attacks. i was a high school teacher for five years. when i got married last year i stopped working at the end of the school year. my last year teaching i had a very difficult time managing my anxiety around leaving the house, to the point that i would get sick multiple times on my commute to work in the morning several times a week. luckily i took the subway so i could hop on and off the train to use the bathroom and was generally ok once i actually got to work. since quitting my job i don’t really leave the house, but i’m a lot happier.

i am starting a part time job next week where i’ll be teaching grade 10 english six periods every wednesday. i’m honestly pretty terrified…but what helps me when i’m having anxiety is trying to imagine the worst case scenario and then working through how that would actually play out. example:

what if i go to this new job and i have a terrible class? I am humiliated and all the kids hate me. Then my bosses talk to me about all the ways my class was terrible. Then i try to do better and they all still hate me. Then i get fired! …well, thats the worst thing that they can do to me. i get fired. *shrugs* i didn’t have the job last week and i don’t need the money. yes, getting fired would suck, but its not all that bad in the grand scheme of life. it helps me stop my mind from blowing things out of proportion and making it out to be some GIGANTIC, LIFE ALTERING, SOUL CRUSHING problem. 

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queenbatgirl :  I have both depression and anxiety (OCD and general anxiety disorder) and I am a teacher. The hardest part of my job is dealing with parents and a tricky parent encounter can really send me into a spiral of self doubt and depression. I have found that talking through it with colleagues/a mentor really helps. I am fortunate in that I’ve never had a panic attack at work – somehow knowing I have to be the one to keep it together helps me deal with situations that would cause panic attacks at home, like when a kid threw up on me or when I saw a huntsman spider in the room. 

I did find it more difficult when I was first hired on contract. I thought that every single thing I did would be analysed and when I kept getting one year contracts instead of being made permanent, I was a nervous wreck thinking I was no good and would be fired. Eventually I got sick of it and let it be known at work that I was looking for permanent jobs elsewhere. That gave them a kick up the butt and they offered me a permanent position soon after. It’s not in my nature to advocate for myself – similar to a lot of people with anxiety – but sometimes it pays off.

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I’ve got GAD, mild OCD, and have battled depression on and off for years. I’m a high school science teacher.

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I have depression and anxiety, stemming from an ongoing battle with an eating disorder. Occasional panic attacks. 

I work with property taxes. I’m “lucky” that I work from home. I put lucky in quotes because though I do love being at home and having less stress dealing with everything that comes with a job where you go in, I think that alternatively it doesn’t always help being alone all day in your house. I am on the phone occasionally but other then that I talk to no one and have no coworkers. On my bad days it definitely just makes things worse, and on those days my mind drifts to how it would be working in an office etc. 

Truth be told though, with my issues(also including some medical stuff not listed) I don’t even really think working outside the home would be an option for me. 

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