Bees with depression or anxiety, what do you do for a living?

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A pharmacy technician in a retail store.  Some days are better than others.  

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I’m a paralegal who will become a lawyer soon. I work in a relatively lowkey legal aid office rather than a big commercial firm, but I still have regular terrifying moments since I do have to interact with people, and sometimes give them news they don’t like. I’m not sure how I will go when I’m a lawyer and actually have to go speak in court. I’m not in therapy but I think I should go as the physical anxiety symptoms I get are so draining.

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I have GAD, and I’m in the home stretch of my PhD. The most stressful time of my entire life. Currently working 14 hr days for for the past 2 months with 1 day off since 1/5. Missed our 4 year anniversary and DH’s birthday yesterday. I’d like to think it will get easier after this but it probably won’t since my plan is to do R&D in the medical device industry. 😣

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queenbatgirl :  I have anxiety and I am a Chemist. It is high stress, but since its science, I can control things. 

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queenbatgirl :  I have bipolar 2 and also work in fundraising, as a program manager. It is HARD. I finish my MBA in two months, and I am hoping to find something else. I hope to have my own business in the next few years, though.

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I have depression. I’m currently managing pretty well on Sertraline, and I’ve started talking to a psychologist so I can cope with my issues. I’m in hotel sales. My job is pretty solitary. My office is on a different floor. I have as much or as little contact as I can handle each day. The customer service side of things for me is very very draining on bad days. I only answer to my General Manager and my shareholders. Though my Groomsmen is very good at being a buffer between me and the shareholders. My Groomsmen doesn’t care how I get my job done as long as it gets done. I have a lot of independence and get to do my job exactly how I like. I’ve spoken with my Groomsmen in detail about my needs for managing my mental health needs. He was great about it. He gives me additional sick days to use for my mental health if I need them. I have 6 sick days and 6 mental health days, in addition to my PTO and 15 days of Vacation pay a year. 

It’s easily the best and healthiest work place I’ve ever been in or dealt with. I haven’t had to max my mental health days in the 2 years I’ve been here, and my Groomsmen has never questioned me needing to take them. I also have the option if my laptop is with me to work from home if I need to.

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I’m a consultant in a technical field. This was great for the first 4-5 years when I just had to do quality work. Then everyone decided they like me and my company, and I had to juggle so many things and deal with so many clients, I started getting random chest pains. I’m a little burned out now and have other responsibilities outside the office, but things are better because we have a lot more people to share the workload.

Only now I have to take the next step, get out there, and do a lot more business development, which is so not my thing. I’m going to figure it out, but ugh, I wish I’d picked a different field that was less extroverted. And where there’s a lot less potential that someone will get hurt or lose a lot of money if I screw up.

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I have suffered with anxiety and depression in the past which was in part caused by work, I used to work as a medical scientist and do shift work including regular 12 hour day and night shifts, most weeks I would only get 1 day off and I spent most of it catching up on sleep. I realised work was a major cause of my anxiety and depression so did agency work for two years so that I could control my hours, which helped a lot. I’ve been on antidepressants for about 4 years and have started a 3 year grad scheme doing an MSc to become a clinical scientist where I work Monday-Friday 9-5, which has helped so much. My depression has completely gone, and I have a lot less stress now even though I’m working full time and studying, although I do suffer from GAD still. I realised I like routine and my body needs a set sleeping pattern otherwise I get exhausted and miserable which triggers my depression and anxiety, I could never do shift work again because of my mental health unfortunately so have had to pick a career which doesn’t include it.  

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I’m a lawyer with depression, social anxiety and OCD.  Very successful but incredibly unhappy in my soul-sucking career.  And still stuck with a massive amount of student loans from law school many moons ago and now putting my own daughter through college by myself (her father is deceased and did not leave her anything). 

So the sheer amount of obligations and pressure weighs heavily on me (and I know that I impose unrealistic expectations on myself).  So much so that I go through periods where I have trouble getting out of bed and would rather sleep away the day and night.  Suicide has crossed my mind many times but I always seem to come to a place where I realize that I could never do that to my daughter after losing her father at age 15 nor my parents (they would not recover).  Weird – I’ve never, ever told anyone before now that I’ve contemplated ending it.  

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queenbatgirl :  I work in medical billing. I had considered a change to coding, as those positions are almost all work from hom, but it requires certification I was not super interested in trying to get.

Luckily, my health system has just started opening up the option for other job roles to work from home. I was always really stressed out by all of the other people in my HUGE corproate office park in an open cube setting. 

I made the pitch to the director of operations to let people in my job function (insurance follow up) move home. Today is actually my first full day working remotely. It is SO much less stressful here. I used to sit right by the fax machine and the main suite door and having people constantly walking past me and behind my back was a serious anxiety trigger. 

A lot of non-patient facing jobs in healthcare are moving home. It’s less expensive for the employer and it is a huge incentive for employees that isn’t a pay inscrease. 

It’s not super hard to get into, but it doesn’t pay amazing. I’ve been doing it for 10 years and I dont clear $40k. To me though, quality of life matters as much or more than money, and I am fortunate to be with someone who agrees and largely subsidizes our lifestyle. 

There are classes and certifications you can get (coders make lots more money) if you’re interested. Healthcare is one of the most reliable industries, employment-wise. If you are interested in working remotely, it’s one of the most direct routes, outside of programming.

Good luck!

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 OCD and Anxiety for me and interestingly enough, Psychologist. 

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I have anxiety and I work in advertising. The 2 don’t mix very well lol unfortunately!

Biding my time until we can afford for me to be Stay-At-Home Mom 🙂

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queenbatgirl :  i have a diagnosis of MDD. I am a social worker; i love it!

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I have diagnosed GAD. My career is in clinical research, working at a pharma company managing clinical trials. A few years ago I was getting panic attacks daily for a solid 6 months or so. I’ve been pretty ok for the past year or two, but for a while I was scared to even get out of bed, let alone go out in public or to the office…it’s been a journey lol.

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