Bees with Dogs-Who took care of your dog on your wedding day?

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hunting_bride :  Yes, but the difference is that at the kennel there would be people to look after him all the time, take him out for exercise, etc.  It’s quite different for him to be “alone” not with other dogs at a kennel vs. home.  At least at the kennel he would have people.

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hunting_bride :  No advice, just wanted to say I love your dog! That’s a great photo! Fly me out and I’ll watch him all day! :-p #dreamjob


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hunting_bride :  A dog is not a human. It is really cute and I have a dog also. I would put it in a kennel. I did and it was fine. I think the day should be about you and your person. Not the dog. Sorry lady.

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We boarded our dog as we were out of state for our wedding. Our dog got many individual play sessions, extra walks, and treats as we didn’t want her in the groups with the other dogs.

I personally think that’s way too much time crated even if your dog is fond of their crate. Sorry. I hope by referencing your work arrangement with crating that you aren’t crating for that long of time periods regularly. Added with your own words on your dog being high energy, I just don’t think it’s feasible.

I’m sure you can specify individual play/attention with the place you board or I would look into a home service. You say your dog is highly important to you and I’m sure your dog is. However, you have plenty of time to arrange meetings with new home sitters or boarding companies to assure the best care for your dog and how he individually needs to be worked with. Just my opinion but ultimately your choice.

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hunting_bride :  Sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude. I was just trying to say look at the big picture. But you are correct you can do what you want. I hope you figure it out. I love dogs also. I think the kennel is fine though and I did not have any problems and it was easier to not have to worry about the dog being alone or having an accident on the rug.

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hunting_bride :  I totally get where you’re coming from! I can be an over-protective dog mom too! 🙂

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hunting_bride :  Most kennels near me have staff that take the dogs for walks and playtimes during the day.  They will take your dog out and play fetch and pet him and whatnot.  Usually they only let dogs play together that know each other or have been temperament tested for group play/daycare, regardless of reproductive status.  I am not against crating dogs at home, and I do think your dog will survive one day.  However, you are talking about a really long amount of time that will be pretty unpleasant for the dog.  It is your choice but I do think you are kind of missing the point of boarding a dog, because in my opinion is it for the dog to be let out/cared for/exercised more than socialization with dogs.  One other idea for you- Maybe you could contact your dog’s breeder if they are nearby and responsible?  Breeders are used to dealing with intact dogs, and they would certainly be familiar with your dog’s breed and energy level.  He or she may be willing to care for your dog while you are not available, and would likely have the facilities and expertise.

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hunting_bride :  not sure if this relates to your situation, but at my wedding we brought our dog to the venue to be around for our getting ready pictures. The plan was to have a friend drop him off between that time and the ceremony. As normally happens, things changed. We ran out of time and so my in laws decided to walk him down the aisle and brought him to the pet boarding place after the ceremony. This was fine with us, although I was surprised to see my dog in the front row!

i have two points: first, your sister is likely to not be able to go on schedule because that’s how weddings go. Also do you want her to miss the time to drive back and forth and give him enough of a relief break? 

Second: dog wedding pictures are the best 


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I would worry too much about him being home – dog guilt is real. We have a dog sitter watching my dog. I’m super picky about my dog too and who watches him but got lucky finding this amazing sitter. 

Your plan is doable though! I went to a wedding 10-15 mins away from my house and didn’t have a sitter. I came home at like 9:30-10 and walked him and played with him. It was easy! 

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hunting_bride :  I get it. When we looked for a boarding place we did so much research, and only chose the place we did because the owner has two pugs and is aware of pugs’ health and exercise needs (eg not exercising them in hot weather). My parents looked after him for a couple of hours once and I wrote them an A4 page full of notes. Crazy dog mums unite! 

I hope you find a solution that works, even if it means someone coming home for a quick dog walk between ceremony and reception.

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Do your pet sitters have friends they trust that could come let the dog out?

if your still 2 months out from the wedding don’t you have time to find someone and do a few supervised visits/walks so that the person gets to know you and dog? 

I’m not a fan of kennels – I think they can be stressful environments. If your dog could roam free in the house than your schedule would look OK to me but to be crated for that long would be tough. Plus your sister would be all dressed up so it’s unlikely she would really play with him. It would be more of a pee break than a stimulating visit.

my vote would be to either drop him at the breeders a Day or two in advance and pick him up a few days later or network around now to find some people to meet and select one you feel most comfortable with. Since he’s a hunting dog try reaching out to local NAVHDA branches to see if someone knowledgeable can come engage him for a few hours in the afternoon?

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