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I’m just commenting to follow.  I don’t actually know if I have endo yet.  I have had this weird lump on my left inner hip for a few years, but never had any pain or abnormality with periods until I had an IUD put in last february… then I started getting a lot of pain in that spot that would come in waves – only on my first day of period.

Anyways, just had an ultrasound on wednesday and waiting another week and a half before my dr can see me to review the results.  A little scared.  Don’t know if I should be hoping for endo or not!!! better endo then some of the other possibilities, but endo is scary too bc of fertility :S…. Would love to hear about other bees’ experiences TTC with this issue

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Commenting to follow. OP, I could have written your post myself. I found out I had endo last year and had surgery to diagnose/remove it, but it worries me. I don’t know if it damaged me, though the doc removed what he could and it was only stage one- he said I look okay visually. However, I’ve been on bc pills for the past 12 years so technically I should have never developed it in the first place. I worry that being off bc pills to ttc will make it reoccur quickly, and hurt our chances, since it’s basically impossible to get endo on bc pills and I got it anyways. My doctor put me on consistent bc pills to slow any more endo growth and reduce my pain, but I’m concerned that every month I’m off them I’m damaging myself and if we take a long time to conceive I could end up right back where I was before the surgery. Also, if it takes too long the endo could come back severely and harm my fertility while I’m off the pills. I have no idea how fast it will grow off of the pills, I’ve been on them since I was 19! I’m probably worrying over nothing, but I understand what you are talking about. I’m 31 and Darling Husband is 38 so we don’t want to wait, because if we have trouble age could become a factor since we want more than one. This is our second cycle trying, so we’ll see how it goes:)


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I am worried I may have it as well, but no diagnosis. Family history strongly suggests it is possible. My sister has the worst case doctors have ever seen, had surgeries, it keeps growing back, and she is not able to get pregnant naturally or through IVF (two attempts). I worry, but we won’t start TTC until Jan. so I guess we will see then.

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I have endo, and am now 16 weeks pregnant.  I didn’t even know that I had endo until I had an exploratory laproscopy due to cysts in January, and they discovered I had very severe Stage IV endometriosis.  Knowing what I know now about endo, I could have guessed that I have it, but I was never really familiar, and just figured everyone had heavy, extremely painful periods.

I will say that my doctor said that there was no way that I ever could have gotten pregnant before I had the surgery because the scarring was everywhere, and an embyo could not have implanted.  After the surgery, it only took a couple of months for us to get pregnant.

I think the impact on fertility really depends on the severity of your endo, as well as the location of it.  Good luck to all of you when you TTC!

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@LAZB:  Thank you so much for sharing! And congrats on your pregnancy.

I went to get acupuncture today. This lady specialises in fertility and has a medical background. She went from telling me that I’ve ‘only been trying’ six months to suggesting I go for an ultrasound based on my symptoms which suggest endo. I’ve no idea what it is except that it can cause infertility. Can anyone tell the symptoms? I have very heavy painful periods with lots of clotting.

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@LAZB:  Thank you for sharing this! It gives me hope when I hear of other women with endometriosis who got pregnant without any problems.

I didn’t know I had endo until my current surgeon read my surgery results from three years ago.

I just had another surgery 5 weeks ago to remove a few polyps in my uterus. My fertility doctor ordered this surgery, to better prepare me for conception. He said that the polyps would compete with any pregnancies, therefore, even if an embryo formed, it wouldn’t latch on to the uterus wall.

During my recent surgery, the surgeon found that the endo is not significant enough to remove. So, she just removed my polyps and checked if my tubes are open. I think the next step for us is to try IUI.

Thanks for starting this thread! I also, would love to connect with other bees who have endo.


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@chercee:  Thank you so much! I was in such a state the other day that I didn’t even realise bm that I hadn’t responded to the OP. Tbh I think that the acupuncturist was irresponsible in throwing out a term like that so soon, sending my mind into overdrive! I have some, but not all, of these symptoms. As you said, an ultrasound wouldn’t help anyway! My doc set me straight and said that he’s been dealing with my Problems for years and he doesn’t reckon it is. He is, however, referring me on to a gyno so at least an expert can deal with it. I’m so sorry that you have it and are having such pain. At least, implants aren’t in places asc with infertility.

Regarding TTC, iI’m not sure what age you are. I’m 34 so I’ve been referred on after 6 months, though it will be at least 7/8 before I see them. If you’re younger it will be at least a year. I will say, though, something most doctors don’t say. My doc used the term ‘Primary Infertility’. This refers to someone, who has never been pregnant before, and who has been trying for 6-9 months unsuccessfully. He said a healthy couple should get pregnant in that time. Most docs say at least a year and some even say two.In your case, I would say enjoy TTC but if it doesn’t work by month 7/8 push it with your doc ESPsince you have endo.

Also, re health I would say exercise but don’t go ott, eat healthily, take supplements 3 months before TTC and give up anything with caffeine in it (that was tough for me).

Im so sorry you’re feeling bad lately. Im not 100% sure about the condition(only what I’ve read in the past week) but I hope you get your relief and enjoy your wedding. Congrats btw x

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