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  • poll: Did you conceal tattoos and remove facial jewelry on your wedding day

    Yes and glad I did

    Yes but I wish I hadn't

    No and I wish I had

    No and I'm glad I didn't

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    • Wedding: July 2015

    My tattoo was visible through the lace back of my dress.  Not super obvious because it did have that backing, but I wasn’t about to hide it either.  When I got it, it was a life choice and reflects something important to me.  So I wasn’t going to hide it.  There’s no reason to not be yourself on your wedding day!

    Which is also why I wore my glasses.  I’ve only seen one other bride wear glasses.  But to me, I wear them all the time.  I wanted my wedding day photos to be me and my groom!  As we were that day.  We also would never have requested any members of our wedding party change anything or cover up something  about themselves. So why do it ourselves?

    To be honest, one of the groomsmen showed up with bright green hair which was quite a surprise.  But, we still would not have asked him to change it if we’d known beforehand.  Though, yes, in that case, I wish he hadn’t had it simply because IMO it’s very distracting in our photos.  So that’s very self-centered of me, but that’s the only reason I didn’t like how someone portrayed themselves on that day — just because I’m selfish about how it clashed.  Lol!

    It’s fine to be the best you and choose how to dress so that you feel prettiest as you can for your day!  But you should still be you.  And only you can really decide how you want to portray yourself on the wedding day.  

    I suppose personally, I’d remove facial piercings so that the focus is on facial expressions and not distracted by piercings? But I tend to love nose rings and think that the age to take them out is when you decide you don’t like it or it doesnt reflect you anymore.  

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    • Wedding: City, State

    Fiance is tatted up and has a septum piercing. I doubt he flips it in for the wedding (much to my fathers dismay). My dad doesn’t care about the tattoos but hates his septum piercing.

    I have small tattoos that are usually hidded by my clothes, however, in my dress the one on my back will be visible. No plan to cover it up (actually planning on having the color touched up before the wedding) Not to mention, its a memorial tattoo for my dead mother so, no reason to hide it.

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    I voted even though Im not married yet….I have lots of visible tattoos and no way will I be covering them in any way!

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    • Wedding: May 2007

    I took out my nose ring and lip piercing for my wedding, people kept telling me I’d look back on pictures and regret it if I didn’t. I wish I hadn’t taken them out though, I don’t look like myself in my wedding pics and I prefer the way I look with my piercings. I didn’t hide my tattoos though, and I’m glad of that.

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    I would absolutely not hide them, in fact, I looked for a dress that specifically would highlight them. I don’t have any facial piercings, but do want to get my nose done and considered doing it before the wedding. I also had blue hair for a while and had planned to keep it, although I chose to go bright red a couple of weeks ago and will be red at the wedding. 

    I think you should be yourself. Contrary to what parents seem to think sometimes, your wedding day is for you and your groom, and I’m sure he loves you as you look. 

    And FWIW, I don’t think there is any “appropriate age” to take out piercings and as long as you love them you should keep them in. 

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    • Wedding: February 2016

    I have half-sleeve tattoos, and 5/8″ gauge ears. Technically I still have a septum piercing, but if I wear anything, it’s a hidden retainer. I wore full-length lace sleeves which *mostly* covered my tattoos, and I wore earrings that just looked like large decorative half-pearls. So I’d say I mostly concealed everything. I don’t regret it at all. It wasn’t really a matter of staying true to myself or not, it was more a matter of me wanting to not only look “bridal” but also not have my husband’s distant (religious) family members have anything to be distracted or shocked by. Everyone who is important to us knows I have tattoos and piercings, and love and welcome me anyway.

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    • Wedding: September 2012

    I chose my dress specifically so my one and only tattoo would show.  I like it!   I only have ear piercings, though, so they weren’t an issue.

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    • Wedding: October 2016

    None of my tattoos will show by coincidence but I am swithching my piercings out to gold to match the rest of my bridal jewelry but keeping them in 


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    • Wedding: October 2011

    I have two nose piercings.  I usually have a hoop in one and a stud in the other so I just switched them both to have studs and definitely don’t regret it!

    I actually got the second nose piercing on the first date with DH!  So it was kind of significant in that way also.

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    I have my septum and nose pierced as well as gauges. I also have tattoos and colored hair. It’s who I am and have been for the last 12 years, I’m not changing a thing because I’m not hiding who I am. This is what I look like, this is who I am at this time in my life. If people judge, then judge. Why should I care about people’s view on how I should look? 

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    • Wedding: November 2015

    I have a nose ring and a large-ish size tattoo on my upper back. I rocked both for my wedding. I couldn’t find a reason to change my looks and appearance for my wedding. Seemed silly to me. I actually got lots of compliments on my tattoo (and one disgust, but my uncle is a d bag) since no one sees it with my clothing covering it.


    I say you rock it, screw your mom 🙂

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    I have a nose ring diamond stud, and I decided I’m going to keep it in for our wedding this August. Fiance loves it and I do, too.  I would feel like less of “me” if I didn’t wear it, I’ve had it for over 8 years now!

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    • Wedding: October 2013

    I have my nose pierced and there was no way I was going to take it out for my wedding. It had been part of me for 4 years, everyone knew me with it! I don’t regret it at all and honestly my family never even mentioned it. I’m 25 and I’ve had this piercing since I was 18, I don’t see myself taking it out anytime soon. I wear a small stud and it’s literally just part of me now and I like it. 🙂

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    • Wedding: July 2017

    I have both… I personally dont really like tattoos in wedding dresses however im not ‘hidding’ mine either as they are relativly subtle and not ‘disected’ by the dress

    my piercings stay in 100% of the time, I have 5 ear piercing and 4 face piercings my fiance loves them and they have been perminant our whole relationship – I would look wierd and feel like I was pretending to be someone else without them

    with piercings and tattoo people say ‘what about when your older’ well what about it… back as the 50s rolled in pierced ears where seen as a huge no-no (seriously, it was the big shock bod-mod of the day, done at home because proffessional places weren’t even marketed yet) but most women have them now, times change and as they are becoming more normal it will be soon that the next generation will see it as ‘normal’

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