(Closed) Bees with fertility issues…how long TTC?

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  • poll: How long did it take? And did you choose to you hormonal drugs to help?
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    1.5 years or longer : (7 votes)
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    Still working on it - I'll let you know! (And baby dust to you guys!) : (19 votes)
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    I’ve been pretty open about my “issues” on here but I’ll recap for you πŸ™‚

    We’ve been TTC since June. I have PCOS with a history of irregular and annovulatory periods. I also have issues very low progesterone. The good news is that since June we’ve been successful in conceiving twice. The bad news is that neither of those pregnancies ended up being our take home baby. They both developed into MCs fairly early into my pregnancies because of my low progesterone. Right now we’re in the middle of a month off so that I can get bloodwork done to allow my doctor to establish a baseline for my hormones so we know how to treat my hormone issues in order to help the next baby stick.

    My doctor is very confident that we will be successful without significant intervention. We’ll be coming up with a gameplan for next cycle at my doctor’s appointment next Wednesday.

    Good luck with your TTC journey πŸ™‚ There are quite a few bees on here with similar issues who are very supportive.

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    It’s been almost 1 1/2 years since we started trying and without IVF I have 0% chance. (Tube issues) Plus, I have diminished ovarian reserve, so my RE said even if it weren’t for my tubal issues, he’d highly recommend IVF, as I’m starting to run out of time. Personally, if I had Endo and PCOS, I’d use Clomid, as I know it can take a long time naturally. Good luck to you!

    Glad your surgery went well and hope your recovery is smooth!!! πŸ™‚

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    @AmeliaBedelia:We had the same struggle. On one hand, we thought it would be nice to have that time to ourselves (even though we’ve been living together for almost 3 years already) but, on the other hand, we knew that we would definitely have issues and raising a family has always been our top priority. We decided to NTNT the first month, I got a BFP and after I MC’d we really were positive that we just needed to continue trying, instead of waiting. Since it’s taking a while we still get our just us together time but it feels like we’re actually moving in the right direction πŸ™‚ It can be a tough decision to wrestle with but it sounds like you and your Fiance are on the same page so that’s definitely positive πŸ™‚

    ETA: We’re also pretty young, I’m 22 and he’s 26.

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    (I clicked the wrong one, should be 8 mos to 1.5 years, not 1.5 years or longer. Sorry!)

    We had our first appointment with an RE in June 2010 and we finally got pregnant in July 2011. I have unexplained infertility, all my labs come back normal but for some reason I don’t ovulate or get periods on my own.

    We did 4 cycles of Clomid and timed intercourse and 2 cycles of Femara and timed intercourse when we were with our first RE. When I was able to switch (due to a change in insurance) We did two IUI’s with injectibles and on my 2nd IUI we got pregnant. I am now 20 weeks.

    My advice is that if you find something isn’t working, move on. I didn’t respond to Clomid or Femara and I wish I had moved on to injectibles earlier. I also wish I had pushed more to do IUI instead of timed intercourse. Because I was only 27 when I saw my first RE he kept telling me I have time, I’m young, no need to move on yet. That was really frustrating. Be your own advocate and do as much research as you can so you can be informed of your choices.

    Good luck and have a speedy recovery!

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    We started in Feb 2010 and got our first and only BFP in Nov 2011 – so 21 months.

    We didn’t have any major problems.  I have an endometrioma on my left ovary, which could indicate other endo elsewhere, but might not since I don’t have other symptoms of it.  I also had a borderline short LP, about 10-11 days.  Hubbys numbers were all fine. However, there is a history of reproductive disorders in my mom’s side of the family. 

    We started working with an RE after about a year or so of TTC.  We tried 3 cycles of femara and IUI, as well as one cycle of injectable medication (bravelle).  Used progesterone to lengthen my LP in all medicated cycles as well.  In the end it was IVF that brought our BFP, which we decided upon after about 1.5 years TTC.  Our opinion is that we could wait and give it a few more years, and possibly end up pg naturally, or maybe we wouldn’t, and I’d be that much older, and any small problems could be more advanced.  For us, it was worth the investment in IVF to get those years of our life back.  And honestly, none of the treatment was as bad as I anticipated.

    I sincerely wish you the best of luck! There are lots of women with PCOS and endo that conceive on their own or with minimal intervention. (and sorry for the novel!)

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    My story is a little different.  We tried for 7 months, then had treatments (Clomid, IUI once) for 10 months (which for me was only 6 cycles).  For month 18, we quit all treatments and surprisingly got pregnant on our own.  In the end, weight loss and metformin seemed to help the most.

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    I’ll chime in as someone who voted on “still working on it”.  We started NTNT over 2.5 years ago.  After about a few months of going back on the pill, I went off officially 2 years ago and didn’t have a period for 7 months.  I went to see my GYN and was diagnosed w/ PCOS (with no cysts) in August 2010 and was prescribed Metformin, Provera (to start a cycle) and Femara.  I had 2 rounds of Femara and 1 of Clomid and dind’t respond in the slightest.  After being referred to an RE in Jan. 2011, we found out my husband’s ejaculate had no sperm (for some reason, I feel gross writing that.  LOL).  He produces them but needs a surgery to fix a blockage.  In May of 2011 we decided to take time off.

    My RE was pretty confident that, after DH’s surgery, we should be successful with injectibles.

    I agree with @sweetkate: – if something isn’t working – switch.  There’s no reason to waste time, energy, and most likely tears, on something that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.  Also, be your biggest advocate.  YOU know your body better than anyone else and you have to speak up for yourself. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

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    We were TTC for 11 months when my family doctor did a bunch of labs, and referred me to a FS, in the meantime my labs came back and it looked like PCOS so I started on Metformin. At 13 months I saw the FS who booked us  for a bunch more tests, and before I had a chance to do the testing I got my BFP. so metformin alone ended up doing the trick for me!

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    Still working on it – PCOS and irregular cycles/annov cycles, and I have only managed to really see any sign of ovulation TWICE in the 12 months since we started TTC.


    Clomid at the moment… which hasn’t worked. I’m all for meds to help stimulate. It just isn’t going to happen naturally.

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    @AmeliaBedelia: That’s right – here’s hoping you can be proved wrong! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Happy planning!

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