(Closed) Bees with IBS… how do you stay healthy?

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Ahahahahahahaha I don’t.

When I’m actually trying, I avoid FODMAPs – often found in fresh vegetables & some fruits and a lot of other stuff. But I’ve basically at this point thrown my hands up with my IBS and gone “screw it” and I just take imodium when I have to go somewhere. Not the best attitude probably but I have so little patience…

The foods I know are always safe are rice, bananas, scrambled eggs (no milk) on toast, and plain chicken, in a pinch I go with that type of thing, but I am like that lactose intolerant person who eats a giant bowl of ice cream goes “whatever, I’m not going anywhere today.” 

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i have ibs.  I am lactose intolerant.  My stomach hurts often…daily.  I try not to eat/drink much citrus or highly acidic foods.  Salad works for me.  I add fruits veggies & goat cheese.  I am happiest with things that are not out of cans or high in sodium.  I have to eat small portions & often.  I tr. Yo eat loads of leafy green veggies, beans, fiber.   Mostly turkey, minimal free range chicken, no beef or pork.  I sometimes get weak & eat bad stuff & I’m sick for days.

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I have suffered with IBS for the past 2 years. A few months ago I started a Herbal Cleansing System diet that lasts for 10 days, I do this every 3 months. Doing this has helped the IBS be much more managable than before. 


Basically, I try to follow the diet on a regular basis such as eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, beans, whole grain products (rice, regular not instant oatmeal, breads, pastas, etc). For meat, I mostly have things that are easier to digest such as chicken, seafood, turkey, lamb- I have to say away from beef. Beef. Kills. Me. Ugh.


Also,  have to stay away from any type of processed foods. For cheese, I eat hard cheeses–which is a great way of getting the good bacteria in your system. 


In addition, I take a probiotic daily.  






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just posted a similar topic then saw this one! when you figure it out let me know… haha after a particularly bad past few days i am just at my wits end right now 🙁 sigh. 

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@wouldyoukindlyy:  I also have IBS. I eat very plain foods and can stomache a salad as long as there are no cucumbers on it and it has a very light dressing like blasamic. I have an intolernace for dairy also and can only have a bit of milk in the mornings and thats it. I also feel that Carbs are my best friend so if I ever became gluten intolerant I dont know what I would end up eating!!! I dont eat any red meats, absolutely NO processed food, no nuts of any kind, no fried food, no spicy foods.. the list goes on an on. I can only eat certain foods at certain times also like I could eat and apple in the monring but at night no way my stomache would go nuts. In order to stay healthy I make sure to take my vitamins every day (I take multivitamin, calcium, b12, vitamin d & C) because I’m loding out on all of these vitamins from the foods I cant eat. I also think that working out helps in keeping the symptoms at a minumum


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@wouldyoukindlyy:  I think we are the same person. I have all of the issues you listed. I have off on Tuesdays and Thursdays and those are the days I push the limits with eating, too! I can’t eat salads either because it makes me feel awful/stomach pains!  Actually, there’s not many foods that don’t make me feel sick/nauseous/terrible.

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Here’s what I would suggest from a personal and naturopath trained point of view.

1. Take a look at your gut function. Try cooked vegies instead of raw as you may not have enough stomach acid to break down raw foods effectively which will contribute to your IBS symptoms.

2. You need to increase bitter foods – think lemon juice in warm water in the morning and between meals to boost digestive function. Bitter foods will increase your gastric secretions and help you break down food, reducing that sick feeling you are feeling – I have been there.

3. Focus on easy to digest foods, you will find protein much harder to digest when you don’t have the enzymes to digest it which will result in nausea and possibly even throwing it up.

4. Cut down on sugar – this includes fruits!

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I’be had IBS for over 10 years and have to avoid any citrus, including OJ, which I love, tomato based products, and hard to digest veggies like peppers. I used to not be able to do fruits but trained my body into eating some. I can handle apples, pears, mangos, berries in moderation but grapes are a no. The best thing I’ve done that has truly given me a lot of my freedom back is taking probiotics daily. I tried several kinds and actually found culturelle works best for me but that might just be my body. 

unfortunatley I also carry around a pharmacy of stomach meds but whatever works 🙂

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I wish I could give better advice… I often find fruit and veg (which makes up a huge chunk of my diet) often just… er… shoots through almost completely undigested…

… I still eat it though!

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@wouldyoukindlyy:  Look into the FODMAP diet.

Here are triggers for me: Caffeine near my period (it’s like a double whammy), salad or stringy veggies, garlic/onions in large amounts, grapes and apples in amounts greater than a small handful, etc

Basically, I have to eat really small meals.  My IBS has improved tenfold since restricting my calories–it’s like my body does best if I eat 1200-1800 calories of various things.  I eat one ounce servings of cheddar cheese and almonds.  I eat oatmeal and small frozen entrees (like lean cuisines).  Then my Fiance and I eat chicken in a stir fry or in curry powder or fish with a lemon seasoning on it.  Ocassionally, I’ll eat beef/pork but if it’s too greasy it irritates me.

IBS has ruined so much of my life.  In order for me to function during important events, I have to literally FAST.  Like, when we moved across the country, I barely ate anything because I couldn’t handle having severe pains with diarrhea while driving.  I plan to fast before our wedding.

Edit: I also don’t drink milk, avoid soft cheeses and most dairy with the exception to the small amounts of cheddar. I will eat rice but not a lot of breads.  I also will not eat eggs unless they’re cooked within something.  For some reason, eggs bother me sometimes.  I can’t tell if it’s because eggs are cooked in dairy or eaten with breads so I just pretty much avoid all of it.


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@Rachel631:  Don’t you have pain though when it passes through?  If I eat salad, it passes through in less than two hours and it’s SO painful!

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I would love to know also.. I’m semi lactose intolerant so basically I can deal with hard dairy like cheese but when it’s melted or it’s something like icecream I literally get so sick. I think I have IBS as well but haven’t been to a doctor about it yet. I’ve noticed that other foods besides dairy really upset my stomach though but I can’t find the trigger. Too Much Information but I get diarrhea a lot… and I constantly have really foul farts…awesome right? How my husband deals with me, I don’t know lol. I just take a probiotic and hope for the best!


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