(Closed) Bees with master's degrees, what did you do and did it help you?

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I have a MA; I got in 2012; my school was very specialized (aka expensive) but to be in the field Im in (psychology) you almost need to have a MA to be a therapist, counselor, diagnosing disorders, treatment, etc. I may have been able to advance without it…however, RIGHT NOW at my current job its not really doing much for me

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What did you do?

I’m currently in a program to get my MS in Speech Language Pathology

When did you do it?

I started my program right after I graduated college. I will graduate in May 2016. I’ll be 23 when I graduate.

Was it worth it/would you do it again?

So far I think it’s worth it. I already have a job offer for after graduation. I would definitely do it again (although don’t ask me that after a big test!).

Could you have advanced without a master’s degree?

<div style=”overflow: hidden; color: #000000; background-color: #ffffff; text-align: left; text-decoration: none;”>No. You have to have a Masters degree to be a speech language pathologist. My state doesn’t even license assistants. There is a pretty big shortage here, hence the job offer.</div>

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I have my master’s in speech language pathology. I went to grad school right after getting my BA. I knew starting my BA that I had to get a master’s in order to earn a decent wage. You can be an assistant with just a BA/BS but they usually only make an hourly wage instead of being salaried. Plus, you need to have a supervisor and can’t do any testing or write goals-that’s the supervisor’s (the soeech pathologist with a MA/MS) job. I like the independence. There is always a need for SLPs so the job security is good. It’s one of the few jobs in public education that doesn’t get pink-slipped each year. I love my job so I’d say it was worth it and I’d do it all over again. The program was two years plus the summer between. After graduating, you do 9 months of clinical fellowship where you have a supervising SLP but after that you are on your own. 

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I have a J.D., and since that’s not really a “master’s” degree, I’m not sure that I qualify for filling out the survey here, but i just wanted to tell all of you that I’m always so impressed reading threads like this — rock on, ladies!

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bmo88: I have 2 responses, so I’m splitting my answers below… 

What did you do? Masters in Special Education | Reading Specialist Certificate (debating at this time whether or not to add on the extra 2 classes to take it to a full Masters)

When did you do it? SpEd- the 2 years immediately following undergrad (2009-2011) | Reading- currently. Dec 2014- Dec 2015

Was it worth it/would you do it again? SpEd- Absolutely. | Reading- I’ll let you know in a few months!

Could you have advanced without a master’s degree? On both accounts, yes. But since I am early in my career, it’s better to have advanced degrees now to be able to earn more in the long run.

I just wanted to chime in and say that I decided to go on for this second degree because I feel it will make me better at my job. The main deciding factor for the timing of it is that I am at a point where I can afford this program without taking out loans. If I had to use loans to pay for it, I would have postponed it. 

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  • What did you do? 

Master’s in Environment and Resources, research and thesis track. Focus in sociological barriers in freshwater lake property owners restoring or protecting the littoral zone. 

  • When did you do it?

Graduating next December. WOOT

  • Was it worth it/would you do it again?

Yes, but I would not have even applied for my original degree. That was horrible, and I’ve posted about that before. So much happier in my current program!

  • Could you have advanced without a master’s degree?

Well, kind of. I could have gotten lab jobs with my BA in Environmental Science and Biology. I didn’t want to do that. I could have stayed a temp employee for several years at the state org I work at. Also doesn’t sound like fun – no benefits. If I wanted to be highly competitive, I needed to get a Master’s, specifically for the experience. It was an acceleration of my career, basically. 


Also – I am funded because I have a teaching assistantship. I am fully funded tuition wise with a very nice stipend. It’s a great option if you can go for it. 



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  • What did you do?  Had a BS in electrical engineering and went back for masters in the same
  • When did you do it?  8 years after graduating and working in the field
  • Was it worth it/would you do it again?  yes, because my company paid for it and it pretty easy
  • Could you have advanced without a master’s degree?  yes,, it got me no where in my company since they dont promote for getting a degree, but it looks better on paper to have the masters if I were to leave.


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I have a Masters of Accountancy in Taxation. I did the program part-time when I was 28 and graduated at 31. While expensive, it was worth it b/c I couldn’t have a CPA license in most states without it, and I’m a CPA.

Also, I work in accounting, which is a profession where education and credentials matter. I’ve seen older accountants fired in front of me b/c they didn’t have their Masters degree or a CPA license. Sure, I could advance a few levels without it and not be a licensed CPA, but I would have to be wary of working alongside someone with their Masters who could kick me out of my job any day. I feel that my credentials give me more job security. 

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My questions for those of you who pursued a master’s degree are:

  • What did you do? I received my Masters in Health Administration
  • When did you do it? mid/late 20s
  • Was it worth it/would you do it again? Totally worth it, I have a federal job and to advance this was the only way up in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Could you have advanced without a master’s degree. Sure, 20 years or so down the line.

<br /> 

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  • What did you do? I have an MPA.
  • When did you do it? I graduated in May of this year (And it took me three years to complete as I went part time while working full time – I’m now 29).
  • Was it worth it/would you do it again? You know, I’m not 100% sure if it was worth it in terms of work prospects – in some ways it’s probably too soon to tell. I’m still at the job I was in prior to going into the program. I did get a promotion and raise shortly after graduation – but I can’t honestly say that would or would not have happened without the degree. I DO think that my bosses take me more seriously now – and that likely played into it. But honestly, it was worth it to me because I wanted to do it for my own self worth. I knew I would feel better and more “complete” if you will, if I went on to pursue my MPA.
  • Could you have advanced without a master’s degree? Probably, but if I ever decide to move into the goverment, an MPA helps a lot. Especially with $$ and promotions.<br />
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