(Closed) Bees with permanent retainers… My regular retainer just broke

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I have a permanent retainer (behind my bottom front teeth) and have had it since the day I got my braces off.  I don’t really even notice it anymore, except when it comes to flossing, then it’s a pain.  But, my teeth have never moved! (the bottom ones, anyway, since I’m terrible about wearing my other retainers)

I can’t comment on price, since it was part of my braces package when I was younger.  But, once you get used to flossing, it’s not bad, and it really doesn’t take that much more effort, you just need a floss threader, but it is more effort than regular flossing. 

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On the bottom expecially I would go with perminant. I have a perminant one and it was a pain at first to floss around it but you get the hang of it and then its no problem. Every dentist/orthodontist I’ve gone to says to not take it out because even after 10 years the bottoms will shift. For the bottom I would set get the retainer cemented in there to avoid any shifting. It really is not a big problem to deal with

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I have a permanent arch bar for the bottom front teeth

 It is no problem at all.

 I don’t even have to use a floss threader as the bar is only cemented to the teeth on each end of the arch. I can slip a piece of floss between the bar and tooth then just slide it up and over each additional tooth. No need to reinsert for every tooth.

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I don’t have permanent retainers. I have the plastice molded ones that you wear each night. I lost my original retainer when I moved home from school. I called my orthodontist and he gave me a plastic replacement for the top and a metal retainer for my bottom teeth. All together I paid $200 for a replacement. Sorry that I’m not much helP!

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Helper bee

I also have a perm one behind my bottom teeth.  I’ve had it for 14 years…honestly, after the first week that it’s in, it becomes “part of your mouth”.  It would be so weird if it ever got removed. 

Like other PP have said, it takes a little more work to floss them and you really have to pay attention to how your gums are in that area as they are the first indication that you aren’t flossing well enough and that plaque and other bacteria are caught in there.  But overall, it’s a breeze and definitely worth it. 

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I’ve had a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth since I was 16 and I’m now almost 38, so just about 16 years.  It was much tougher before the Oral B electronic toothbrush came out.  Plaque would build up but now, with that toothbrush, I’ve had no problems.  I use the floss threaders that are essentially a long piece of floss with one end that is stiff enough to go between two teeth and then I can move it from tooth to tooth behind my retainer and then use the piece to floss the rest of my mouth (it’s that big).  It’s a little more of an effort but definitely worth it.  My sister took her permanent retainer off after about 10 years and her teeth all shifted.  DO IT!  It will be much cheaper than new braces.

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I’ve had a fixed bottom retainer for about six years now, and it’s a bitch to floss with. However, I don’t even notice it’s there until I floss, and my teeth haven’t shifted. There’s the risk of plaque buildup, but regular cleanings/check-ups help prevent that nastiness.

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I have permanent retainers on both my top and bottom teeth.  They been there for 9 or 10 years at this point and I’ve never had a single problem with them and my teeth haven’t moved a bit (they are very unstable which is why my orthodontist gave me permanents in both places).

I have an electric flosser which makes flossing super easy despite the permanent retainers (the bottom one is cemented to each tooth so it would be a royal PITA even with the floss threaders – my dentist even has a hard time getting through it).  Definitely get an electric flosser if you get the permanent retainers!


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I had a permanent retainer for more than 10 years.  I specifically remember my orthodontist saying that I could get it off after I had my wisdom teeth removed.  Then after I got my wisdom teeth removed, my dentist wouldn’t take it off because he said that there is always a risk of them moving.  Now, I am super good about cleaning my teeth, but the permanent retainer was terrible for plaque.  My hygenist really wanted me to get it off. 

Then I moved and got a new dentist, and he said he’d take it off it that made me happy.

Fast forward 3 years later, my teeth have not moved and my new hygenists have little to no work to do with me every time I go in for a cleaning (every 9-12 months). 


My advice: (even though you’ve already made the decision….still want to say this)  if you’ve already gone through the wisdom teeth thing, don’t worry about it  because they probably won’t move.  Plus, when you smile, no one sees your bottom teeth.

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I know you already made a decision but when I had a permanent retainer on the bottom, it fell out a couple of days after getting my tonsils out. I didn’t like it that much before that happened so I didn’t get it put back in. I hope it works out for you.

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@cvbee: I just wanted to say that I had braces when I was very young, and only wore my retainers for about a year after. That was over 15 years ago and my teeth did not move.

But, in recent years, I had all four wisdom teeth out. 3 dentists told me that my teeth would not shift back… they were wrong! I am freaking out about how much they have moved within the last 5 years. I just can’t believe it has happened after so many years.

If I were you, I wouldn’t risk them moving back. I know I am not a dentist, and your dentist told you they wouldn’t move, but from my personal experience, they completely move! I mean, if you think about it, there is more space in your mouth, right?

I would get a retainer to wear at night…. In fact, I want to go to an orthodontist and ask for one, but I am afraid they will say my teeth have shifted too much and that I need braces again…

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