(Closed) Bees with rings: Moissanite vs Diamond – what's up??

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    Moissanite was developed as a diamond simulant (real moissanite only comes in small quantities and is a mossy, greenish color), but it’s not a very good one.  It sparkles differently, is moody and I absolutely love it because of the differences.  I’ve had mine for about 4 years, and it’s just as sparkly as the day I got it (I have diamond sidestones though).  Another cool thing about moissys are they don’t attract grease and oils the way diamonds do.  Here is a video that compares several white/clear stones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrEE9nHK6Us.  In the end it just comes down to personal preferrence.

    This is a comparison chart that shows the difference in properties

    This is my ring

    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I think they are equally gorgeous..if you go with moissy most people will assume its a diamond if you don’t tell them..they look enough alike to pass as a diamond to the untrained eye. 

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    The stone we purchased is a moissanite. I did not want a diamond for the second time around – I don’t get the big deal about them since I’m not a white/clear gemstone fan. 

    With that that being said, mine has yet to be set so I cannot tell you how it “performs” vs. a diamond but I can tell you that I love the warmer color it has, the cut, and the price compared to that of a diamond. 

    I’m just not sold on the idea of a diamond being the only acceptable engagement ring stone. I think that’s a pretty ludicrous statement. ( this coming from a women who had a juuuuust shy of 2ct diamond the first time around). 

    I’d take my moissanite time and time again over a diamond, no question.

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    Food for thought ๐Ÿ™‚

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    i literally posted something like this a weeks ago haha. i’m the same way as you, i’m honestly neutral about all stones clear. thus, i figured i’d get the cheaper one. I’m going with moissanite because CZ isn’t a “forever” stone and will cloud over at some point.

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    diymomma:  I think you’ve gotten some pretty great information so far, and housebee was right on the money. It comes down to personally preference. I have an OEC moissanite, and you couldn’t pay me enough to switch it out for a diamond. It’s beautiful: the cut, the way it sparkles, the fire, everything. That’s not to say I’m against diamonds at all, the band on my ring has diamonds and so do the prongs. I just fell in love with the moissanite when I was doing alternative stone search, as we don’t have the money for a diamond in the size I wanted. To be honest, even if we did have the money I don’t think I’d spend it… but that’s just personal preference, and there’s nothing wrong with spending that money as long as you and your Fiance agree on it!


    Here’s a video of my ring so you can see the sparkle I’m speaking of: 

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/13984539927/


    and a picture showing the color of my moissanite: 

    You can see the pastel rainbows and the buttery color since it’s in the shade, and because it’s against diamonds that are in the G/H color range. I’d suggest getting J-colored melee stones if you want diamonds next to a moissanite. 

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    I went through the same thing! I actually had never heard of moissanite before joining weddingbee. Like you, I think all clear stones ore lovely, but I knew off the bat I didn’t want a CZ because I didnt want to have to trade it in later down the road. After spending countless hours (really, I became obsessed!) researching moissanite I couldn’t find 1 thing I didn’t like about it…and the fact that I’d be getting more bang (or bling) for my buck was definitely my deciding factor. So in Feb that’s exactly what I got ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a pic!

    I got mine from moissoniteco.com and cannot recommend them enough!

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    I recently bought a moissanite (just got it today) and I will say that I actually prefer my moissy over my old diamond engagement ring, but that’s just me. I bought this ring to celebrate a few milestones in my life. If I ever decide to marry again I will pick a moissanite in a bigger carat size, but right now my .5 carat makes me happy.



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    I think moissanite is a great choice, it is an amazing stone. I was very hesitant about trying it, but I fell in love instantly. My moissy is the ring in my collection that gets noticed the most and gets the most compliments, I catch people starring at it and following it with their eyes when I’m talking with my hands. lol. 

    Here is a pic of my moissanite three stone ring with my vintage diamond band. 

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    I have had diamond…moissanite and cz. I prefer my forever brilliant moissanite of all of them. Cz was just too white and soft. Diamond was less sparkly than Cz and moissanite. I hate inclusions… So I hated diamonds. I love the outrageous sparkle of moissanite…but wasnt in love with the un enhanced version. I upgraded to FB moissanite and I am totally happy.

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    For several reasons I prefer moissanite over diamonds. 

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    I have an amora moissanite center with diamond side stones. It does reflect more surrounding colors than a diamond, which I think is cool! Compared to my friends’ diamonds, it has more fire, though with rainbowy flashes instead of the pastel flashes of a diamond. 

    Clockwise from the top left:

    1) How the color looks to me 95% of the time.

    2) A little buttery and gray in my car.

    3) Holy yellow! The entire photo has a yellow tint though, so it did not appear that yellow in real life.

    4) Indirect indoor light, reflecting teal drapes.

    5) Direct sunlight, looking almost purple here. 

    6) My favorite photo, just because. ๐Ÿ™‚

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