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If your bf doesn’t love you and your body with the tattoos, he didn’t love them without the tattoos.

Do what makes you happy.

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I agree with your SO. I personally wouldn’t do anything to my body that my SO wouldn’t like, and the same goes for him. I think you should just forego the whole tattoo thing, or maybe get a dainty and small tattoo somewhere discreet.

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@mrsSonthebeach:  This.

Yeah, tattoos dont make the person.  If his feelings are so shallow that they would change over a tattoo then there are bigger problems.  And who knows, he might start to like them after he sees yours 

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@sparky263:  I’d get it!  I am in a very conservative career and I have tattoos on my feet and my left rib and no one is the wiser!



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I got a tattoo even though my SO didn’t want me to get one. He had the same thoughts as your boyfriend did. I believe his words were “trashy” as well. Ultimately, he didn’t stop me and he knew the meaning my tattoo (to honor my Nana who passed away) was incredibly special to me, so he stopped voicing his distaste. After I got it and showed him, he was a little indifferent about it. Now a year later, he loves it! He says it has just become a part of me, the same way he’d love a little weight gain, a hair cut, a piercing–He loves you, not your “shell.”

And remember: He doesn’t have to LOVE it, but trust me, he’ll grow to love it. I promise. Especially that you can hide it. And honestly, anything you can cover up isn’t a big deal. My SO would feel differently if mine was on my arm or anywhere that could be seen, but mine is in a place where my shirt would have to be totally off, which only SO gets to see ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also say go for it! Your sister is an important relationship in your life, too! Keep talking to your SO and I would suggest, what I did for my SO, was to print out a sketch of the tattoo if you can in the EXACT size you want and tape it in the placement you want so your SO can get a better idea of just what and where it’s going to be. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have two. My Fiance also hates tattoos, so I’m not getting anymore. I want another one, but I don’t know, I want him more. I don’t know how else to say it. I guess maybe if I wanted a tattoo more than I do I might ignore him and get one. But it’s not killing me not to get another one and I know he hates them. Same as I know he doesn’t like short hair, so I’m not chopping my hair off. I don’t see it as a bowing down to him or anything like that. I want him to find me attractive. The same as he wears this cologne or this shirt, cuts his hair this way because I like it. Anyway, I’m rambling… I can’t say he loves my tattoos, but he’s accustomed to them being there. He doesn’t make any comments about them. I often forget they’re there and I think he does too.

You should do what you want to do, just keep him in mind. If you really, REALLY want a tattoo then go for it. He’ll get over one lil ol’ tattoo. If you’re on the fence, then maybe don’t. But if you really want it, then you should be able to do it. In the end it is your body. I can’t imagine that he’d leave you over one tattoo and if he does that says something about his feelings right there.

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@sparky263:  I honestly think that he’ll get used to it and he’ll see that the person makes the tattoo, not the other way around. My dad, a conservative Southern Baptist, thinks tattoos are trashy too, but when he saw mine, he and I had a talk and I straight up said, “Dad, do you think I’m trashy now that I have tattoos?” and he surprisingly responded with a very open response. He said, “I guess all the people I know who had tattoos would have just been trashy even without any. Of course you’re not, and I still love you.” Trust me, he’ll be fine. 

Also I think it’s good you’re getting your first one on the ribs…it’s the WORST spot, but if you don’t know any different then you’ll be fine, haha! I got my first one on the ribs, and I didn’t know the difference until I got the one on my back. Wise choice, lady. ๐Ÿ™‚

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@sparky263: Tough one, my first tattoo my Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time was into tattoos and had several, then my next boyfriend didn’t really like them but I wanted some added to it and as it was on my back he didn’t mind too much. I then got my 3rd with another boyfriend who wasn;t really too bothered either way, I just told him ‘I’m getting it done at the weekend’ and he didn’t really have much to say for or against it. My latest, largest and more visable to date that I got done at the weekend my Fiance loves, he has his entire back and 2 half sleeves and it was bought as a gift for me with his tattooist so it wasnt a problem and we both are very much ‘If I want it I will get it, it’s my body, my taste’. My parents and FI’s parents really don’t like how big/visible it is but they will get over it. 

Why does he dislike them so much? Does he really hate them or just ‘not keen’?

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@sparky263:  Think about it… Will not getting those tattoos be something you regret later in life? I say it’s better to have done and know than to not do and wonder. If you want to do it, do it. Your boyfriend should love you regardless and probably knows it’s something you want to do for yourself. I love my tattoo and am so glad I got it.

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@sparky263: ah ok, so he probably wouldn’t go crazy if you got one. At the end of the day you have to make your own choice, make sure it’s not anyone else influencing you, not yur sister, not your Boyfriend or Best Friend, not anyone here, if you LOVE the design, the placement and are ok with the idea that it will be there forever then hell GO FOR IT. He loves you he will be fine, at first he may not be as over the moon as you would hope so be prepared for that, but he will get over it and may grow to love it.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that bad, everyone has their different experiences and pain thresholds but I have had my whole back & forearm tattooed and they were bareable, have you every epilated? It kinda feels like that, after, just feels like sunburn for a few days (depending how big it is etc.) so don’t worry about that ๐Ÿ™‚ if you really want it you’ll get through the pain (if you’ve had kids NO PROBLEM!) x

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My husband is iffy about tattoos but I got one anyway to remember my mother by. Eventually I’ll get one for my nana but for now I’ve got just the one wrist tatt. Get it if you want it.

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My best friend and I got matching tattoos in 2003.  We each have a cat on our, like, upper butt.  Mine faces hers, and hers faces mine.  

Well, she is my husband’s younger sister!  That’s how he and I met.  He doesn’t like tattoos, but he deals with mine.  He doesn’t really acknowledge it, actually.  Which makes sense!


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