(Closed) Bees with tattoos, is this weird?

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Sugar Beekeeper

 I only  have a  little one  down by my ankle so it’s rare anyone says anything,  but I wonder if  people see  very visible tattoos  somehow ( not necessarly correctly) as a kind of almost public art?

A pp above says she get cross when people ask  her what her Latin tattoo means because it is private to her – I just  wonder if it is very visible , if others might  not get this, and would assume  it  couldn’t  be that private if it was publically visible , if that makes sense ?

I would  never touch a stranger uninvited , and I can totally understand how infuriating and unacceptable  this must  be , but I have have been ‘guilty’ of asking   a relative stranger what something  signified . I guess I worked on the basis I just outlined ,  ie if it is out there as art it was ok…….needless to say it was not down her cleavage or showing  above  her knickers or anything !

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Blushing bee
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I love the compliments but I too hate the questions or being touched! My noticeable tattoo is the nape of my neck and its obvious it continues down my back. It REALLY bothers me when people yank on my clothes to look down the back of my shirt! Its a quite large tattoo and people constantly ask “to see all of it”…. Uh no I will not take my shirt off and pull my pants down in the grocery store. “Did it hurt?” annoys me too…oh no of course not, 18 hours of tattooing on my back (scar tissue), ribs & spine feels like butterfly kisses! I guess I just hate dumb questions.

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luebella123:  I love when people ask about my tattoo honestly…especially if they include a compliment haha! People also ask me what it says because it’s sideways on my spine and can be hard to read…I don’t mind at all. 

Tattoos can be really personal though so maybe that’s why the weird looks. Also sometimes, you can almost forget that you even have a tattoo (I mean it’s something physically on you every single day) so maybe the reactions are because it takes a second to engage. 

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Bumble bee

Honestly I hate the significance questions because not every tattoo has or needs to have some kind of significance. People ask what it means and it’s like, nothing. I just thought it was beautiful and I wanted it on my body. Then I’m the one getting dirty looks.

I hate this idea that the only tattoos that have some personal story are the only ones that you should get.

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luebella123:  I get compliments randomly on my tattoo and I’m normally very socially awkward and get all weird talking to people, but I always smile and say thanks. 

So I don’t really mind. I’ve actually had a guy ask to take a picture of it, so that was kind of cool.

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Bumble bee
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I’ll voice my unpopular opinion here: I don’t particularly enjoy when a stranger comments on my tattoos. The reason for that is because I didn’t get them to make that guy happy – I got them for me and me alone. I don’t want or need your attention, so please let me do my grocery shopping in peace.

HOWEVER, I would never be rude to someone who gave me a compliment. How are they supposed to read my mind and know how I feel about it? I just smile and say thank you. I’ve also never been touched or grabbed, but I would probably go super saiyan and destroy the person.

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Helper bee

I have a sleeve and a couple other visible tattoos and I mostly don’t mind compliments from other women as long as they’re just brief compliments without a lot of intrusive questions. I don’t mind recommending my tattooer, just like I don’t mind recommending my hair dresser.  I DO mind being asked how my parents feel about it or if I’m able to find a job. I’m a nurse, thank you very much. And I hate lecherous old guys.

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Helper bee
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I can’t see how a compliment is rude unless they think you are being sarcastic, or  it could be maybe they are just rude or shy.

I don’t have tattoos fi would hate that but I find I don’t know how to react to compliments, I am quite shy sometimes like I was at the doctors just for some paperwork and she was asking me health questions then randomly she said you are so beautiful I love your eyes I was like 😮 um… Thank you that’s really sweet of you to say 🙂 but see i totally didn’t expect that and reacted a little awkwardly haha I wasn’t sure whether to return the compliment or just say thanks luckily fi was there he just laughed and said she is just shy.

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Sugar bee
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I’m with everyone else. Love the compliments, happy to recommend my artist. HATE being touched. Especially hate when the touch comes before the conversation!

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Busy bee
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luebella123:  I have a small paw print tattoo on the back of my shoulder and I like when people compliment me on it. My mom has the same one in the same place so when we’re together and people see them, they’re always like “awwww!” haha it’s nice. 🙂

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Helper bee
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I dont mind a compliment now and then.  I have a half sleeve.  However, On my wedding day, I’d hope the joy of the day and my “stunning” dress outshine my ink. 

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Helper bee
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Sorry but I don’t like it. I wouldnt give a dirty look though but if I am just going about my day to day activities and wanted some me time then its  just annoying. I don’t even get why there is any point in saying ‘nice tattoo’ unless you want to continue the conversation which the person with the tattoo probably wouldn’t want. surely it can just be thought instead of said?

Sorry, i guess its because so many people do this to me and then follow up with questioning why i got it, the significance and whether they want one or not… so im thinking they gave you a dirty look to avoid the conversation being continued from experiencing similar previously

The worst thing though is when people start touching them, I find that creepy and I really don’t like it

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Buzzing bee
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I love when people comment. One, I paid a crapton for it, and two, it’s in memorial of my grandfather, my nephew and my dog all wrapped into one. Everytime someone comments, I think of them.

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luebella123:  I always get compliments on my tattoos.  More typically in situations with direct contact, such as when I’m ordering coffee and the barista says “your tattoos are so beautiful!”  I do sometimes get random strangers compliment me, and I don’t mind.  If I ever give a funny face, it’s probably because I’m caught off guard… I still always respond with a “thank you!” and sometimes an “I’m a fan” too.

The comments I don’t appreciate are, “you’re going to hell,” “Why would you do that to your body?” or “Is that real??”  And, yes, I’ve received all of those from random strangers.

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Bumble bee
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luebella123:  I think compliments are fine.  Short and sweet definitely, and don’t touch me to try to get a better look!

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