(Closed) Bees without a dishwasher: How often do you do dishes?

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  • poll: How often do you do dishes? Who does them?
    More than once a day : (61 votes)
    29 %
    Daily : (68 votes)
    33 %
    Every 2-3 days : (48 votes)
    23 %
    Every 4-5 days : (8 votes)
    4 %
    Every 5-6 days : (3 votes)
    1 %
    Once a week : (8 votes)
    4 %
    More than a week, less than 2 weeks : (0 votes)
    2+ weeks : (2 votes)
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    I always do them : (11 votes)
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    I LOVE washing dishes. I am a weird one I know. I do them at least twice daily. My hubby helps me sometimes. I have never used a dishwasher lol!

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    @IowaDDS13:  I wash dishes after every meal .  If someone chooses to snack in evening i also go clean those up before i go to bed.  My biggest thing i was raised this way and live this way now, if your kitchen is dirty your whole house is dirty.  And I believe that if there is dishes in your sink , your kitchen feels dirty, at least to me. LOL i can be a little over the top though also 

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    @Birdee106:  Same here, have the dishwasher sitting there and just never use it.  I was dishes after every meal and don’t really have a need for it. The dishwasher takes alot longer than i do to washt them and then i just don’t feel  like they are clean

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    @candy11:  you love washing dishes? hurray! fancy a trip to mexico? dishes galore and a very cute schnauzer in the house!

    i do dishes once a day normally. maximum twice. if we eat dinner late i leave them till the morning after. and sometimes weekends im lazier

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    I think it’s disgusting if you let the dishes sit there for more than an hour. Even if it’s just a fork and a plate. Attracting flies and ants – YUCK!

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    i used to always let them pile up before i did them, but now ive found that procrasstination takes longer than what it does to actually wash them up. So ow its wash as i go. Hubby also usually does this too. if its a clean area you’ll want it to be ket clean. but i have a pet peeve, which is when hubby puts wet things on top of dry things.. it just annoys me.. he doesnt usualy put any of it away.. but its only the two of us so not really that much to wash up.. and i usually wash up before serving, so that its only our plates and stuff that need to be washed up. makes it easier. I think this is one chore that sucks, but just has to be done.. i hate ppl coming over and seeing a mess in the sink.. ergh

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    I am way too grossed out by dirty dishes that have been sitting around, I have to do them as soon as I use them. I find that if they sit around they just become ‘part of the scenery’ and I never want to do them, then it gets disgusting.

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    I dont really mind doing the dishes as long as they dont get too out of control. Its annoying to try to do dishes with a whole sink full and no counter space, so I do dishes a lot. I try to keep up after every meal but they sometimes accumulate. My boyfriend works from home and doesn’t love doing them, so I try to be flexible. When we eat separately, he usually puts them in the sink and I wash them later, but he almost always takes out the trash so I’m not keeping score (too closely) because trash is not my fave. 


    I look forward to an eventual dishwasher, but its not a top priority. There are so many other things I would trade for. I hear it all changes when you have kids though… Not sure i would want to dedicate my life to a bottle brush when the time comes! 

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    I was my dishes right away after I finish eating – leaving dirty dishes around is my #1 roommate pet peve.  I live alone so I always do them.  If Fiance is here we tag-team it, no special arrangement on who washes or who dries.  It’s not really a point of contention.

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    Every fucking day Yell

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    We moved in September and finally have a dishwasher but like some other bees that hasn’t stopped us from having a pile still. When we did handwashing we would do every other person, maybe once a week. It was always a fight because we both hated doing them. I don’t like the look of dishes in the sink but I dislike doing them more.

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    Oh man. In our first apartment, we didn’t have a dishwasher and the sink would get full FAST, so we’d have to wash dishes after every meal or snack. Now we run the dishwasher daily. I don’t think I’d ever want to live without one again.

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    Oh gosh, I don’t even want to admit to this.

    When I moved in with my now-DH, I went 6 months without a dishwasher. I’ve always had a dishwasher, so this was extremely hard and I put off the dishes often because I hated handwashing so much. I think it’d be generous to say that I did the dishes once a week, but I’m sure sometimes it was closer to two. Oh the horror! I’m embarrassed Embarassed


    Fortunately, after enough complaining on my end (LOL) he caved and bought me a new fancy dishwasher that I enjoy using, so our dishes don’t sit in the sink very long at all now, hallelujah! 

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    There are days where I have felt like I did the dishes about 5 times that day. 
    We have a small-ish sink.

    1. You gotta clean the dishes before cooking diner
    2. after prep
    3. mid-cook
    4. After cooking + Serving dishes.
    5. +Desert dishes +cups
    6. + any plates from a midnight snack

    and if I ask my Fiance to do it after dinner he will say “later” which means “tomorrow, if you do not cook first”

    Sometimes I leave it. but then we get roaches….and that’s nasty.

    I love a clean sink but I hate dishes.

    Mostly what I try to do is do them imediatly when I get home from work after feeding the furbaby. then wash the dishes before my SO gets home, take out the meat to defrost and make him cook it.

    ETA: has anyone ever ORGINIZED the dirty dishes insted of washing them? Like I will take out all the dirty cups and put them on a baking sheet on the stove and orginize the dirty plates and bowls so that it doesn’t seem like so much when I do wash them.

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    Daily. I do them.

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