(Closed) Before the “one” … share your crazy date stories!

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Buzzing bee
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I dated someone in highschool who later decided he wasn’t into women… It was a little awkward when I found out about his change in preference.  Thankfully we were no longer together!

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Busy bee
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Uhm, yeah, I dated a gay guy in college. He later told me that I was his last resort, and figured if anyone was hot enough to turn him straight it was me. Uhm, thanks… I think?!?!

edit: I think his singing along to Britney Spears’ “Toxic” on the way to a party should have tipped me off…

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Sugar bee
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Oh gosh my dating stories are awful and funny!

I had one guy that I dated for a few months.  I called it off with him because it was going anywhere.  He beat me brother up the following week! NO lie.  More poor brother didnt’ even know the guy.  The guy told him “this is for your sister”

One guy was soo stuck on himself.  He wore his shirt un-bottoned with no undershirt to our date.  He was 30 mins late because he fell asleep in the bubble bath listening to the jazz music.  He called to let me know he was running late and to get a glass of wine.  I left after he showed up in his way too cool for school outfit and attitude!

Another guy took me to the movies and told me don’t talk. I hate it when people talk in movies.  The problem… he texted someone throughout the whole movie.  Thought you weren’t suppose to talk?

I could go on and on!  these are just the shortest to tell

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Bumble bee
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In college I met a guy who talked about wrestling (he was a wrestler in high school) and himself the entire time we were hanging out on our first and last date (really just in the dorm room, lounging around). It wasn’t a conversation, it was him talking and me saying “Mmhmm.” I remember he said his letter jacket had so many pins/letters on it, someone asked him if they could try it on to see how heavy it was.

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Blushing bee

I had a guy I had dated a few times call me and full out tell me that he didn’t respect me, he just wanted to hook up. I was so floored I ended up calling my friend wondering if he had heard of that before. That friend is now my longtime Boyfriend or Best Friend. 😀

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Bee Keeper
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i think my worst date was a jdate. we started talking right before valentine’s day, and i told him i didn’t want to go out on valentines day- so of course he sets the date for valentine’s day. i said i wanted something casual like coffee, and he picked a super fancy restaurant. so i was on a super fancy valentine’s date with a guy i just met, who was way shorter than he said he was, and everything he said was awful! he said bad things about black people, about gay people, about adopting people, everything out of his mouth was offensive. and then when i didn’t want a second date, he didn’t get why.

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Helper bee
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lol! i have met the “married” one…only i didn’t know he was married until after it ended. jerk! i had a guy break up with me after i think 2 weeks or so high school and he told everyone i was a crazy psycho and i called him constantly (complete lie). he didn’t know what to think when i said screw it and just embraced the title. even showed up one day with a shirt that said cute but psycho..things even out! lol! i dated one guy that made me feel like i was babysitting instead of dating him.

anyone have anybody break up with them in completely cowardly way?

i’ve had a guy leave a note on my car while i was at work and one guy had his sister tell me! lol! seriously? am i that scary? lol!

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Honey bee
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I went on a date, and he brought his friend for support! Um, ok???

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Buzzing bee
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Best date avoided:

I used to go out every Friday with a group of girls/guys, and we were always friendly with whomever else was also at “our bar”. So one night we were chatting with this guy from out of town (who was some head exec at Kraft foods- we googled him later), and he asked if I/my friends wanted to go out the next night, then him and he on a date later. Said he was single. I said ok, we made casual plans, my friend and I exchanged numbers with him so he could call us tomorrow.

He said he had to go back to his hotel for the night, so he left but apparently got *super* drunk later that night and called me 14 times in a row. Called my friend 8 times, looking for me, and left 2 voicemails in which he literally *cried* and was crying because I wouldn’t pick up and he wanted to plan our date.

Needless to say, there was no date.

About two weeks later my friend and I both got calls from his wife, wondering who we were since he called us so many times in the middle of the night! LOL!! Awkward!!

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Busy bee
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I was mostly a serial monogamist, not really dating but rather having long-term boyfriends. But in my first year of grad school I dated around after going through a really bad breakup.

The WORST date I had in that period of time, my worst date ever actually, was with this one guy from the physics department (I’m in astronomy) who I met at a party at a friend’s house. We hit it off at the party and he was really nice and stuff, so when he asked me out I agreed.

He took me to HOOTERS.


“I just like their chicken wings!” he insisted.

Yah, right. If by “chicken wings” he meant “the waitresses boobs and butts”, sure, of course he liked chicken wings! *eyeroll*

That was my first and last date with that guy.

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Buzzing bee
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in college i went on a blind date with this one guy who i knew i wasn’t into right away, but apparently i’m too nice and polite, because he thought we had a really strong connection or something. he insisted on walking me back to my dorm after dinner, even though i kept saying i had to go write a paper, and was trying to make out with me…the next day–ie, the day i had told him i was busy writing a paper–he called me not once. not twice. not three times—SEVEN times! and left me multiple ims. i finally talked to him a couple days later and he was pissed i didn’t want to go out again because he had already broken it off with a bunch of other girls he’d been seeing because he thought i was the “one.” and this was after a date where i basically just smiled and nodded the whole time and kept talking about how i needed to go write a paper….

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