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I would second the Canon Rebel. I used a Rebel for my SLR so when it came time for me to choose a DSLR, I chose the same since I all ready knew the camera.

Of course I bought mine about four years ago for about $800 so  now then newer verisons of the camera have come out and I feel that it just gets better and better!

If you’re trying to save money, I find that the Rebel is a really good camera, no matter which model you get. To save a little, you can often find last year’s model for about $600 instead of spending $800 or $1000 on the most recent model.

Also, I’ve tried my best to handel my camera with care, but it’s gotten bumped around and has been in my purse and got bumped around in there and I’ve had no problem. It’s a sturdy camera for sure :).

 Good luck!

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Oooo…I wanna pay attention to this thread,  I’d love to get more into photography after the wedding!

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im techno stupid but some things to think about when buying a dslr….

does the camera take video and is it live view only or does it let you view the shoot thru the lcd screen before pressing the button?

hubby had an olympus and last year he bought a nikkon (d80 i think but im most prob wrong because i dont really listen to him when hes talking cameras) and has all the bells and lenses. good thing about the lenses is that they fit the nikon body range so when he upgrades his camera next year he can keep the lenses and just buy a new body


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Well I am not a lady.. but I might be able to give tips?

Don’t frown on used gear.  You can get a good mid range camera body (think Canon 20-30D or Nikon D200, D80.  I would talk about the other brands, Pentax, Olympus, Sony but I haven’t used those to know for sure.  They are good to be sure.) for about that price, compared to an "amateur" range model that is brand new. 

 But keep in mind that you will need good lenses too, to really make use of any camera body’s sensor.  

If you are really keane on the rebel, the rebel xti, I think 2 year old model, is still a great body to use.  You might be able to find it much less than $800, although depending on where you shop.  Do more research on where are good places to buy used gear and or new gear for that matter.  There are some shady online stores that make things look cheap and enticing, but really scheming and not honest.  

Go to a best buy and hand hold a DSLR.  Make sure you are willing to hold up that kinda weight a lot.  If not, a Canon G9 or G10 would do a great job for you.  It is an advanced Point and Shoot, that has a pretty good focal range, speed, and great imagery.  Those go for about $400.

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Mainly on photography based forums are a great way to start.  Especially since you will be buying from enthusiasts and pros, you can mostly count on the item being taken care of very well.  But you would, as always, have to talk and discuss with the seller.  Sites like dgrin.com, fredmiranda.com, are a good place to start shopping and researching more about cameras and photography in general. 

b n h has a used camera store too and I see a canon 40D for about $689.  But as it is used, expect that there might be some wear and tear.  They will all still be very functional.  

And there is also ebay.  

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In the past year I made the jump from a film SLR (Pentax) and the everyday point and shoot (Canon) to a DSLR.  I tried out the Pentax, Canon, and Nikon cameras and wasn’t a big fan of how they felt in my hands or how heavy they are.  I eventually ended up getting an Olympus E420 which is nice and compact for a DSLR and gives me great photos and lots of options (if I am feeling lazy, I can put it in automatic just like a point and shoot).  So I definitely agree with Ted above to check out other brands besides the main two, you may find something that works better for you.  It has taken me a lot of time to feel really comfortable with this new type of camera, but I love not paying for film and being able to play with my photos on the computer so easily.  Check out "dpreview" online, they have fantastic reviews on the different types of cameras out there and where to find new and used cameras. 

Edit- since you were looking at pricing: I got mine new a year ago from Best Buy online for $700 including tax, shipping, a bag, 2 lenses, and the body.  They may be cheaper now since they have newer models that have come out fairly recently (I’m now drooling over the E620!). 

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Go with the Canon 40D or Canon 50D. You will really get better quality photos with a better and more expensive lens compared to the body. 

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Well also be sure that you want a DSLR.  Especially with more advanced point and shoots coming out, a DSLR can just be too much camera.  I don’t want to discourage you from this, but that is also something you would need to keep in mind. 

With that said, hopefully you will go to a local best buy or something to hand hold and test a DSLR out.  It doesn’t have to be any particular brand or model, just a DSLR.  Oh, side note, don’t really bother paying attention to much of the sales people.  They are just there to get you to buy it and might not even know the differences or the functions of the cameras to be of any real help.  I don’t want to sound mean, it is just how it is.  

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I know I might be a bit late on this, but wanted to offer my 2 cents!

I just bought my husband the Nikon D40 for Christmas this past year and he loves it. Brand wise, it just depends on what you’re used to. I asked my wedding photog for advice on what camera to get him. He told me that Nikon and Cannon are both great brands, and it’s just which brand has the better high end camera that photographers usually learn on. He said that the only difference between the Nikon D40 and the D90 was shutter speed. For beginners, you won’t notice the second difference between the shutter speed. The lens is actually what matters more.

He also suggested this website for equipment: <span class=”Object”>http://www.bhphotovideo.com The prices are lower and you don’t have to pay sales tax. They give you some good deals as well on lens bundles.

<span class=”Object”>Hope that helps!

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Love love love my Canon Rebel XTi. It isn’t the newest model, but I’ve been very pleased with it. Remember that a lot of the money comes with lenses – and that is where you don’t want to skimp!

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You can’t really go wrong with Nikon or Canon dslrs. I haven’t shot with others, so I can’t comment, but I would suggest picking up a mid-level range camera (Canon 40D etc) and put your money into a good lens. You’ll get more bang for your buck that way. Like Ted mentioned earlier, go to a brick and mortor camera shop and pick up a couple different dslrs and see how it feels in your hands.

And lastly, if you’re buying new online I would recommend sticking with the big name retailers (BHphoto, Adorama etc) – there are a lot of shady dealers out there. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. And don’t forget that while it’s nice to have killer equipment, it’s the photographer that makes the photo. Have fun 🙂


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I have a canon rebel xti and i absolutely love it.  I have two different lens that I use, and have had some great results with shooting weddings and portraits.  I would ask around with your friends and see if any of them have DSLR’s that you could maybe borrow for a day or few hours and just spend a day shooting all sorts of different pics to see which is the most convenient & best fit for you.  Good luck in your search! 

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