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I was induced with my son bc my water broke but then labor stopped. I had an epidural on my doctor’s recommendation and I was up and around shortly afterward. It was a HELL of a lot easier than my daughter’s birth where I couldn’t get an epidural until the very end.

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I have been induced twice. My first baby was induced at 39 weeks, and I labored fine. I got an epidural halfway through and from start to finish, it was 17 hours. No complications, recovery was easy and all was well.

Baby 2 was induced at 39+5. I processed really fast. I was 3cm before we started pitocin, and I was at 10cm and ready to push within 2.5 hours. No time for an epidural (ouch). Again, no complications and recovery was even easier. I even asked for an early release from the hospital, which was granted.

I don’t know what it is like to not be induced, since both my kids were, but I have no complaints! I did not tear with either kid. It is possible to have “easy” vaginal births with inductions! Good luck!

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The contractions well hurt, but just remember you will get through it. Some people respond better to the oxytocin than others. My induction was so quick they had to call my midwife back from lunch. It only took a few hours.

The epidural helped a lot, although I was terrified to get it. I just got to the point that I couldn’t handle the contractions and didn’t think I could deal for many, many more hours. It turned out I was 9cm. 

You may not have to have a c section, but I just mentally prepared myself for the possibility.

The easiest thing is knowing that things may not go according to plan, so you are open to anything.

You’ve got this.

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With my first induction they started me on pitocin in a delivery room. The monitors said I was having huge contractions, but I didn’t feel a thing until my water broke. We even were allowed to order pizza delivery. Once my water broke, I was in a lot of pain, like almost any delivery. But things wentwell and my ds was delivered naturally about 5 hours later. Good luck! 

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I was induced a couple of weeks ago and it was a breeze. Pitocin wasn’t fun but I had pain meds and didn’t feel much. Honestly, the worst part for me was when they broke my water because it took a few minutes, once that broke I had intense contractions one on top of another that were awful but my nurse decided to start my pain meds early and that seriously helped.

I would say they started Pitocin around 7:30am, doc came and broke my waters at 8:45am, 9:30 nurse made the call to give me IV pain meds. After that it gets hazy but I imagine another hour to hour and a half passed and the nurse made the call to give me the epidural. I delivered at 7:36pm and didn’t feel anything (didn’t even know the baby was out as a matter of fact!). So I basically had pain meds the entire 12 hours which was awesome! I also didn’t feel anything during labor but very light cramping and some pressure. 

All in all, I would say it was a great birthing experience compared to what I expected. HOWEVER, I could not have done it without the drugs. The 45mins after they broke my water and cranked the Pitocin were unbearable, I just balled up into the nurse and cried until they got me pain medicine. So I would recommend getting all the drugs you can. 

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I was induced with my son and it honestly wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t FUN but what labor really is lol. I was induced at 39+5 and really all they did was break my water, my body did the rest. I never needed pitocin (which was one of my worries bc I really just didn’t want it).  The contractions weren’t bad to start, I could breathe through them, but once they started to come more frequently and for longer, they sucked haha. I also had a back labor, which I think hurt worse than the contractions and pushing.

Anyway, it was a total is five and a half hours from them breaking my water to birth. I asked for an epidural too late, so I delivered with no meds. For my first delivery and for not knowing what to expect from my body, I was very pleased with my induction and labor. I hope yours is quick and easy so your can meet your little one!! Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the process and don’t be afraid to ask for pain meds!  Listen to your body, you’ve got this!! Wishing you all the best, mama!

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I also had a positive experience being induced. They had to induce me the day before my due date because my water started leaking. They gave me pitocin and I have birth about 19 hours later. I got the epidural about 12 hours in and it lasted until the baby came. They also did everything they could to ensure I could have a vaginal birth, including aromatherapy, massage, and an amniotransfusion (due to meconium).

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I was 42 weeks, 4 cm dilated and zero signs of labor. I was induced and it was amazing. I was induced at 7 AM, I had my daughter at 1:15 PM that afternoon.

Truthfully, it was a dream. I had my epidural in maybe an hour or two before they amped up my pitocin and hard contractions started.

If everyone could have my experience, I’d suggest it to anyone.

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My story is a bit different. I was tecbnically induced, but I was having consistent contractions for about 24 hours at home. My contractions were more of a nuisance than anything else, but I got a fever and the doctor told me to go to the hospital. When I went to the hospital (7 pmish), I was still having mild contractions and I was 3 cm dialted. They broke my water which intensified the contractions to the point where I got an epidural. After I got the epidural (about 3 hours after they broke my water), I slept a bit and delivered my baby the next morning at around 11 am. The contractions were really painful, but the epidural made everything so much better. 

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My induction failed because my daughter was in the transverse position and she failed to flip over (I also didn’t respond to the pitocin and am apaprently in a small percentage of women who is immune to the drug).  I had a c-section, non emergency, and it was NBD.  I mention this because people try to freak you out about c-sections being the inevitable result of an induction, but (1) they are not – my friends who were induced had normal births and (2) they are not that traumatic if not emergent.  i was fine and got out of the hospital 48 hours later with a healthy kid.  I recovered within 3 weeks and was back out running, biking and having a good time 4 weeks later.  My experience was positive despite ending up in the % of women who had a C.

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My water broke at 37 weeks and 3 days. I had some mild contractions but labour really wasn’t starting so the doctor had me be induced. I don’t have another labour to compare it to, so I can’t tell whether these contractions were worse. I did decide to do pain meds and eventually an epidural. I ended up needing a csection. I got to 10 cm dilated but he hadn’t descended enough. They weren’t sure whether he was angled a bit wrong, just didn’t fit or because he was wrapped in the cord. 

It wasn’t a bad experience for me. The only downside was that I was attached to monitors and could only go so far. But I co uld still move around some and use a birthing ball and do some different positions.

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induction just means we get you to have contractions to try to get you into labor. some of the BIGGEST factors for having a successful induction are:  how ready your cervix is, how engaged into the pelvis the baby’s head is, and the way the baby’s head is facing. 

You are off to a great start, because you for sure have the first two covered! your cervix is thinning, starting to open, and the baby’s head is relatively engaged into the pelvis. I can’t tell you whcih way your baby is facing, but the more you avoid laying on your back, the better the odds your baby will rotate the right way in labor.

good luck, and i hope you have a healthy happy birth!

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Hopefully you have your baby already since I see you posted this yesterday and presumably got induced today. But if you are still sitting around waiting I will share my experience too. 

I was induced starting at 39+3. They started with cervedil and sent me home. The next day I started the pitocin drip around 2:30 pm and continued to get just the mild cramp-like contractions I had been having since about 4 pm the day before. This continued until I went for a walk shortly after 8 pm. My water broke (dramatic movie gushing style) and then contractions immediately got real. I hadn’t had any pain killers before this due to barely feeling contractions. They checked me after my water broke and I was at 4-5 cm, they said best to wait for epidural until 6, so I tried to tough it out for a bit. I told them I wanted the epidural not too long after, and then told them that I felt like I needed to push. The moral is, my son was born (without the epidural) less than 3 hours after my water broke. It was intense and not enjoyable, but it was also quick and we both came out of it fine, so I feel good about it overall. 

Good luck if things are still underway!

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