Being invited to home-sales parties. : A rant.

posted 4 years ago in The Lounge
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    @HappySky7:  You’re not a bad person…I also HATE these kinds of things with the fury of a thousand suns…if I wanted it…I would have already found a way to purchase it, please do not blackmail me with our relationship and add the totally irrevocable memory of shopping for vibrators in your rumpus room….I don’t like ANYONE that much.

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    @HappySky7:  I have a friend who is beating down my fucking door about this.

    She asked me 2 months ago if I wanted to host a party. I said “maybe, I’ll let you know if anyone is interested.” 3 days later she’s texting  me again, asking if I picked a date. I was a little more firm this time and told her it would be june at the earliest IF I could host one at all. She has messaged me about it almost every week since then, and I again told her I didnt know if I could and that if I was able or interested *I would let her know* She wrote back a bit of a snarky text about how she’s making so much money and she figured I would be more “motivated” like her too. I *wanted* to write back something about how if I had a FI who made it possible for me not to work like she has, I would have plenty of time to help her sell trinkets…but I didnt.

    Yesterday I get another message asking if I’ve picked a date to host a party.

    I’d like to add I have not seen or heard from this friend in any capacity other than a facebook comment or like in almost 3 years. She came out of the woodwork when she started her new at-home “business.”

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    I NEVER go to these parties. It’s one of those rules I’ve made for myself, like how I never wish anyone Happy Birthday on Facebook because if I do it for ANYONE then I’ll feel like I have to start deciding which friends are worthy, and then it will spin out of control, and etc etc no effing way. Much easier to just have a blanket rule of “hell to the no.” Haha I agree with you that the products always seem crappy and you feel 1000% pressured into buying. NO. THANKS.

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    @Nona99:  +50, and I REALLY don’t like this girl that much to host a party for her to make money. She knows a I have a pretty large “acquaintance” base made up of mostly women from doing pageants, baking and makeup on the side. Like I said, have not seen or heard from this girl in YEARS but now I cant get her off of my jock. She is so transparent it’s not even fucking funny.

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    @HappySky7:  I used to work in a salon located inside a corporate cosmetics store. Every month, we would have a “salon bonding” party. One month, the girls decided to that the “salon bonding” party would be a Pure Romance party. I did not go. when asked why I did not go, I simply responded, “FH and I have no desire to use ‘marital aids’. Further, if I was going to purchase ‘marital aids’ I would do so on my own time, by myself, not in my coworkers home with my entire team of coworkers surrounding me.” Same goes for any other type of “party”. If I need candles, I’ll go to the mall and buy them. If I need food storage containers, I’ll buy the big box at Sam’s Club. 

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    I am pretty blunt, so I flat out say “no”. I say, “Any of that stuff is crap I don’t need or can get for cheaper elsewhere.”

    I know women who have tried to guilt trip me into buying shit because they’re stay at home moms trying to earn extra money, but how is that my problem? I didn’t knock them up. 

    You shouldn’t hit up your friends and try to sell them expensive junk they don’t need.

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    @HappySky7:  Yes: she is being a fucking vulture. You are not in the wrong and have no obligation to spend your money helping her “business” prosper. It’s not like you get to write her off on your taxes.


    @s2bmrscook:  THANK you.

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    I HATE THOSE!!! I don’t go to them anymore.

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    Agh I hate these kind of parties. Thankfully I am not friends with this one girl who all the freaking time had some kind of party. I do have a FB person who used to work with and havent seen in over 10 yrs keep inviting me to her parties via FB. Every single time get one not going..


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    I haven’t been invited to one of these parties since the 90’s. Are they making a come back or is it a regional thing?

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    @FauxBoho:  The Mary Kay ladies are an unstoppable army, like a pink division of panzers, they take to our street every Saturday and go door to door, knocking….its frightening

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    @HappySky7:  I completely agree.

    I have friends that do passion parties, Stella & Dot, container parties, candle parties…you know it, they sell it. While at first I found it amusing at this point it is a bit too much, especially when they bombard my FB with “opportunities” to buy. The newest craze is Herbalife and Body by Vi, everyone wants to get “you healthy” when they wouldn’t dare get their butts to a gym. Mind blown.

    About a year ago I recieved a message on FB from a very distant friend, one I hadn’t spoken to since high school (say 2001). We are acquaintenances more or less and rarely talk even on FB. She asked for my phone number and I gave it to her, I thought she was doing something high school related like a reunion. Nope. She proceeded to pitch me on some business venture she and her husband were doing where you buy various services through them; internet, phone, cable, car maintenance etc and I’m guessing they get a cut. Ugh, no thanks. It was the most awakward 20 or so mintues and I was beyond annoyed.

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