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@maxfluffy:  I’ve been terminated once in a September, I had a new job within weeks, 2 jobs by October. Just this June, I was laid off from the shop I was at because the owner’s brother was moving back and needed a job. I found a gig in September and a real job in October. It’s rough, but you can do it!!

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@maxfluffy:  I have gone through layoff announcments twice. I am praying I never have to go through another one… but you never know. Please God, prevent it.

The first time, they gave us a huge lead up to it. I managed to get myself a different position elsewhere in the company before the ax fell. Is this at all possible in your company?

The second time (same firm) I decided I’d had enough. Apparently they are notorious for doing this, it’s a multinational firm and they are constantly moving things around and sending work to India etc. I was a risk management analyst as well. I’m not sure how the clients would feel if they knew their financial data was being handled overseas, but whatever.

This was in the depths of the recession when unemployment was peaking in my state and I literally started having anxiety attacks. It was September 2010. My then-boyfriend, now husband, drove me around my town writing down the names of companies I could apply to.

I started applying and I got work right away. It was customer service-oriented work, not very fun, but I just wanted a job. And it actually came with a raise! I had done it before earlier in my career and I was willing to do it again.

It turned out this place was sort of a job mill where they burn through people quickly. I was not happy there – but I was able to find yet another job eventually, and meanwhile I didn’t have unemployment breathing down my neck.

I’m sorry this is happening to you. I hope you find work soon!!! 🙁 PM if you want to chat  for support 🙂

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@maxfluffy:  Hang in there, girl. I know almost exactly how crappy this feels. I was laid off when I was anxiously awaiting word of a promotion. My company was afraid I would leave if I weren’t promoted so instead of being caught without an employee during the busy season they just hired someone new who wouldn’t be disappointed with the lack of hours/benefits and let me go. It was absolutely devastating and I still get frustrated thinking back on how ridiculous of a reason I was left without a job.

Instead of sitting around moping (which is what I REALLY felt like doing haha) I applied to jobs like a mad woman. It helped me feel productive and take my mind off of my bad luck. 2 weeks later I was newly employed at a company that pays more with more flexible hours. I also had another job offer and an interview at the end of the week. Thakfully my previous employers were willing to give me great references. My current job still isn’t ideal career-wise, and it’s not something I see myself doing very long term, but it’s great for a transition.

Best of luck, you’ll get throught this.

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I was laid off late may, started a new job late september. The jobs are tight out there but its how you market yourself. You’ll be ok.

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There is hope! Knowing ahead of time about the layoff will help because you can start looking and applying now.

I had a new job within 3 weeks of my lay off in July. And two months after I started the new job, I got offered my dream job. It turns out that getting laid off was one of the best things that could’ve happened to me!

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Yes hang in there.  I found out Feb 2012 that our company was going under and we had about 4-6 weeks notice.  I started applying everywhere I could think of and had a few interviews in that time frame but came up dry.  On my first day of unemployment in March, I got a call about a job I applied to the day I found out about the company.  I had an interview the following week and was offered the job several days later.  And I didn’t start until April so I had mini vacation/job prep.  Things can definitely happen!

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@maxfluffy:  First of all – Are in the US or Canada? In Canada, if you get laid off you will get EI for up to a year, you can also go back to school and have it paid for by the gov.

If it’s a mass layoff, they even have a wage earners protection program (WEPP) which will reimburse you for loss vacation pay, comissions, etc. 

Anyhoo, I got laid off a while back – I was store manager for a hardwood flooring company that went bankrupt. I was working 6 days a week and I really hated it. I almost quit a few times because of how miserable I was. Getting laid off was stressful, but it was a blessing in disguise! I now have a mon-fri job with a great pay. I work for a great company and with great people. I actually don’t mind my job now!

Something better might come along for you 😉

Things really do have a way of falling into place.

Good luck!

Edit: It took me less than 2 months to find my new job. I am bilingual so that helped, market what you’ve got ! I had joined a bilingual job agency.

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Well this is my husband but he was laid off twice in 2 years.

First time he was unemployed for about a month before getting his new job. It really sucked. He put off proposing and everything because he couldn’t afford a ring. He got a new job that he liked better and we were able to carpool and meet for lunch because it was only 5 minutes from my office.

Then a few months before our wedding they closed the branch and gave him 2 weeks notice. He literally was packing up his own job in boxes because he had to help them close down. luckily one of his outside sales guys knew someone at his companies competitor and got a job there and he started the day after his old work closed so he had no gap in employment.

It always worked out – but i can’t say it worked out grandly – both new jobs came with a paycut. But we are just thankful he got back to work right away because it still pays better then unemployment. He is much more appreciated and valued at this job then he was at the past two which means a lot to him and he is up for a promotion in a few months so hopefully that will fix the income deficiancy.

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