(Closed) Being pregnant is like having a hangover 24/7

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I’m 29 weeks, and I’ve been in mope mode for awhileI’ll I’ve ever heard is that pregnancy is so wonderful, so I was not prepared to be sick all the time from 6-17 weeks. It’s also just been hard on my back and has caused anemia in my 3rd trimester. I know it will all be worth it in the end, I just wish the getting there was a little easier!

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I felt the same way! But it’s so strange, once you feel better.. You look back and say “Huh.. I guess it wasn’t too bad..” I heard that’s kinda how giving birth is!?

And the hangover description is exactly how I explained it to DH! I also started getting to the depressed point… Then it was over at about 12weeks and I went from sick 24-7 to feeling amazing!

Keep your head up!! 

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I started to feel better around 11-12 weeks, so there IS hope 🙂

Also, by describing to Darling Husband that early pregnancy feels exactly like a terrible hangover, he finally felt like he understood how I felt.  He didn’t get how I could sleep for 10 hours and STILL feel bone-tired 2 hours after getting up.  Once he understood in terms he could relate to, he was more understanding.  Silver lining I guess?

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Im feeling pretty crappy but I actually wish I could puke. I just get horrible nausea that never ends. Also, terrible headaches……..im sorry you`re having a rough time of it! Hopefully its all over by the magical 12 weeks like everyone keeps promising us. 

Right now everytime someone says to me “i loved being pregnant” i want to punch them in the eyelid

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@cora_123:  I’m so sorry!  I am the same way myself.  I was so dehydrated (since my insurance refused to pay for more than 10 days worth of the anti-nausea meds) that I ended up in the ER and had to get fluids.  Chin up.  For most ladies it starts to go away or at least be manageable by 12 weeks so only a few more weeks and you should start feeling better.

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haha a hangover without all the fun of the night before!

It does get better!!! I still get sick a few times a week and I understand how it feels to pray for vomit because you want the nausea to go away!!

As for constipation… that is awful! I started taking miralax a few times a week at night with juice at around 12 weeks and it has worked wonders for me!! Miralax was on my list of approved medications to use for constipation but you will still want to consult with your doc. Everyone’s rules are different!!

I also found that 50 mg of B6 along with my zofran worked really well for my nausea. It didnt go away completely BUT I felt like I could function. I hope you feel better soon!!

PS please feel free to whine away on the pregnancy boards!! Lots of us do it and it is a good way to vent about things that others may not understand.

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@cora_123:  I hear ya. Only it’s a hangover without the fun memories from the night before to make up for it!  Hang in there, it’ll get better.  It really wears on you to feel like total crap 24/7 though.

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Yep, it is exactly like a hang over. I’m out of the first trimester and feeling much better (I didn’t have bad MS, but constantly nauseated and gaggy), whenevery I push just a little too hard, I go right back to the hang over stage.

What has been working for my constipation is a ‘power breakfast’ of oatmeal, about 2 tablespoons of seeds (ground flax or chia), natural peanut butter, raisins and cinnamon. The oatmeal and seeds keep me comfortably regular, the other ingredients are because they taste good. Also, try to stay hydrated and exercise when you feel up to it. I swear, by minute 7 on the eliptical, I can feel my hormones/blood sugar/who knows what else leveling off and my body easing back into normal.

It gets better, and @Mewithoutyou is right, when you look back, it won’t seem as bad as it really was.

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My pregnancy only went to 4 months, but that was exactly my experience: just constant throwing up and needing to sleep. I think that’s a VERY accurate description!

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“Not to go all Kim Kardashian but I was NOT expecting it to be this hard” story of my life! I was diagnosed with hyperemesis early on and so I’ve been on nausea meds since about the 6th week or so. Heaven forbid I forget to take those pills, and I’m (TMI) violently throwing up as if the baby is gonna crawl outta my throat. Sucks balls but it’ll be worth it in the end right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!? -__-

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Team Terrible here, too.  I caved and called the Dr today for some Zofran but haven’t heard back.  I’m desperate to sleep again, and eat something besides crackers and ginger ale.  My poor husband is a trooper, he bought me my own trash can to puke in at Target this weekend so instead of running to the closest receptacle in the house, I always have my trusty can nearby!

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*don’t hate me!* I’m 10 weeks too and I haven’t thrown up once! Lucky, I know. I’ve been a bit ill feeling but no vomiting, I’ve just been super ungodly exhausted 24/7. I don’t know why I’m so lucky w MS, it might just be because I have a super good diet? Eating totally clean, non processed foods.

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oh god yes, i felt nauseous, dizzy tired and headachey till about 14 weeks. it was just like being hungover – the kind of hangover you get when you make really stupid drinking choices, like red wine and tequila. add that all to mad mood swings and complete emotional instability i was not loving first tri


now im 16 weeks…im a lot better. still tired (wheres this marvellous 2nd tri energy i keep hearing about) and i get occasional headaches…but nothing like the everyday constant headaches i had before. though i now get heartburn at night as a trade off haha. the mood swings are under control too!

@marzipanda:  i also wanted to punch anyone who said “i loved/love being pregnant”. or in fact anything positive about babies at all. everytime someone told me what a massive blessing a baby/pregnancy is i wanted to say “its a blessing that makes me suffffffer” ina  whiney voice haha

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