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(former) Fiance is the same way 6’4, 200 pounds, pretty muscular. I’m 5’0, 100 pounds and at times can out eat him at a meal.

The best thing I did was start cooking meals that I knew exact portions for (i.e., 4, 6, 8 servings). Then I would portion the meal out into said number of servings and would only take one (so if I mad a casserol I would cut it into 8 equal pieces). Fiance was free to take as many portions as he wanted. We were able to eat the same thing but he ate a lot more.

Its said, we did the calorie calculator thing and I only need like 1100 cals to keep my body running (which means I max out at about 1300-1400 cals a day w/minimal exercise). He gets to eat 2200!! cals minimum a day. Not fair πŸ™

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Oh my goodness, I have no natural self control. That is why I have to ban any junk food from the house :p

It took me forever to get used to what one portion really was. But after a while more than one portion made me feel icky because it was just too much food and I wasn’t used to it!

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Hmmm….something that a nutritionist told me in college was to slow down. If you slow down and take the time to enjoy and taste your food, you’ll feel more full and have a more pleasurable dining experience.  I know exactly what you’re talking about because I was raisied sitting next to my Dad and across from my brother at the dinner table, so I emmulated what I saw….which was them….eating a lot. It’s a hard habit to break but you can do it!

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VirginiaMarie – I’ve got the same thing going on. FH is 6’6″ and 220. I’m not petite flower myself (5’11”) and when we started dating and moved in together, eating well got a lot harder. Well, after realizing that I was going to go up yet ANOTHER pant size, I elected to eat better (I was already pretty active). So when I was cooking, we both had chicken breasts, brown rice and steamed broccoli. Of course, it helped matters when I kicked this off when FH was out of town for 3 weeks for work. Gave my new resolution time to kick in.

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@virginiamarie…I hear you! When my FH and I started dating I was at my hottest…I was in college, had my tiniest waist measurement EVER,had tons of time to work out, had the long super blonde hair that I of course perfectly styled everyday, seemed to always have a light tan or glow, and went out a lot and was very outgoing/flirty/confident!

jump ahead to now and although I’ve only gained about 10lbs it seems to be in ALL the wrong spots, can’t (no no, don’t!) make the time to work out like I used to…and although my FH is in great shape (6’1, 185 and all muscle) he eats SO much and CONSTANTLY! :X drives me crazy…especially because I remember a time when I could hoover in as much fast food, snacks, baked goods, etc as I wanted and not gain an ounce πŸ™ not to mention, my best friend and maid of honor can still do that! arrrrrghhhh

so what I’ve been doing (since my first fitting! hah!) is NOT letting us eat out, and if I do I order a chicken salad with dressing on the side and if I really need it a baked potato (NOT filled with yummyness haha) or a few of FH’s fries. I usually try to cook us meals, and sometimes cook us DIFFERENT meals. This has also helped us save money!

@virginia I don’t know how often your FH and/or you work out but my FH has really liked the times I’ve gone to the gym with him lately…plus it is helpful for me, he helps with the weights so I get the most benefit and then while he finishes up his own workout I head for the treadmill.

I also do the 30 day shred when he is at work or out and about and it SUCKS but WORKS! I’ll admit it…I am the *queen* (no no…used to be! lol) of putting it off till ” tomorrow” and watching the hallmark channel instead…but once you learn the workouts you can use your iPod/TV whatever while you do the excersises and it isn’t so bad

Good luck πŸ™‚

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@virgina I get bored SO easily which is why doing the weights first with my man then doing like 15-30 on the treadmill (and you’d better believe I am switching my iPod like a crazy, trying to find something on one of the tvs to plug into and listen to, watching the person next to me, etc)….

but I LOVE the option to watch HOW FAR and HOW MANY CALORIES….I’m always like “oooo 100 calories! 1 mile! and now I can eat an oero” haha but it helps πŸ˜‰

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I’m definitely in the same boat. While Fiance isn’t that big and doesn’t eat that much, he’s pretty… um.. not lazy… um… comfortable on the couch. A lot. So, when I started dating him, I was at the gym every day, but about six months in I gave that up for time with him on the couch.

Fast forward to after I graduated college in April. I was totally miserable, I hated it. What’s more, I was moody because I wasn’t feeling confident or healthy or anything like I used to. So, I started slow – I did the first phase of the South Beach diet, and while it’s nuts and not all that fun, it was the little bit of control over the situation that I needed to get started. I’ve lost 13 pounds since then – slow and steady, and still making weekends my “cheat days” – funny part is, for me now, a cheat day consists of a day I let myself have two suckers. I know. I’m a rebel.

I also found that working out first thing in the morning helps immensly – I still get to spend lots of time with Fiance, I have my time to myself to crank my music and work out, and what’s more, I have a ton more energy.

(I’m reading this back to myself and realizing how I would have totally not believed or disregarded everything I’m saying like a year ago… Jesus.)

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Oooooh I definitely feel you girl! My man is on this diet right now he likes to call “eat anything and everything anytime, anywhere” You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. He actually said those exact words.

He’s trying to gain muscle so he’s been eating a ton, working out a lot and he’s taking all kinds of supplements. Anyways, it’s so hard to say no when he asks me if I want something from taco bell, even though I JUST had lunch! Sometimes I catch myself eating more than he does, which is awful! He’s almost twice my size! I guess I don’t really have anything helpful to say because I’m in the same boat. I lost 5 lbs when I got my wisdom teeth out and now it’s all back plus 5 more…. which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re only 5’2” that extra 10lbs is definitely noticeable! πŸ™ boo.

I’m a 32D and I have to wear 2 sports bras. It’s the only thing that works!

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I feel the same way!  I already have my dress and it zips up, but I still want to be healthy!  My Fiance can eat a bag of chips and a 2 liter of soda after work and be fine.  Then again, he doesn’t eat during the day so he gets all his calories at night.  I however, eat a full lunch and then also eat with him at night!  Ack! 

Just looking at the calories in things helped me identify what to eat but its still hard!

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I understand! A few weeks ago, I was having one of those days where you feel great because you’ve made healthy choices, got plenty of exercise, etc. At 10:30 at night R looks at me with the puppydog face and asks, “A, can you make me brownies?  Please?” 

How do you resist that? And then, of course, we only have a 13×9 brownie pan, so there’s a big plate of brownies sitting around all week! 

One thing that helps me is that while guys may sabotage our diets, they challenge our workouts. I try to make myself be on par with what he can do when we work out together, and that helps me remember to modify my eating to my body size. Also, if I’m not sure I want the rest of my dinner (read: I’m full, but it looks good) I give it to him to polish off, that way the temptation’s gone!

Also, don’t forget to look at what you’re putting into your body. Empty calories and artificial fillers mean you won’t be satisfied, and you’re more likely to overeat… this goes for soda as well! 

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