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Honey bee
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Personally, I think you look amazing in your dress and I wouldnt worry about your figure one bit!!! But, I get that we all have our things, so when I was looking for shapewear for my wedding, i had a low back too and my seamstress actually altered my shapewear for me. Is that an option for you? I would worry that lines from physio tape would show through your dress 

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Bee Keeper
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@butfirstchampagne:  Your figure is amazing and you look absolutely flawless in that dress! I really do not see what you see at all and everyone at your wedding will be saying how stunning you look in your dress and how banging your figure is! Nobody is going to look at your stomach and think anything about it because you literally don’t even remotely have any ‘chub’ as you call it!

Specially cut Shapewear or physio tape will give you indentation lines where you don’t actually have any and show through that dress. It might make you feel mentally better to wear shapewear etc but you will be doing your amazing  and flawless figure a disservice and it will actually create bulges and lines where you have none. 

My mum a few years ago went through a trunk that she had in her garage with all her old 1960s dresses she kept from her late teens to early 20s. In that trunk she found a bustier corset type of thing that she wore as shapewear. It was literally tiny, as my mum was extremely slim at that age. My mum just burst into laughter when she saw it again so many years later. She literally turned to me and said “what the hell did think I had to shape and control at that size?”. She at the time remembers feeling insecure about her figure and thinking she had a belly but looking at past photos of her at that age, my mum literally didn’t have an inch of fat on her and a photo of her in her bathers shows not even a hint of a belly. My point with this story is to say , just because you feel or see something with your body, doesn’t actually make it true. It took my mum 40 years and an article of clothing to realise how way off her perceptions of herself was at the time.

I’m sure all the bees will chime in with the same opinion as me about how amazing you look in that dress and will confirm that your perception surrounding your stomach is way off. You’ve been on here long enough to know that the bees will tell someone seeking advice about a dress the truth, if it isn’t the greatest fit for them or make recommendations about shapewear and alterations etc. We are telling you, you look fab and that your mind is focusing on a non existent problem. Wear you dress as is and dont let the negative voices convince you of what isn’t there as truth. 

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Blushing bee

Agreed with PPs, this dress on you is basically what I’d expect the model to look like. You look great!

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Helper bee

I couldn’t put it any better than the previous poster if I tried- but I do want to acknowledge your feelings too, OP.

I understand that you are self conscious about this – everyone has things like this they would like to change, and the reality is that the more we fixate on it, the bigger of a problem it becomes in our heads. For what it’s worth: You look absolutely stunning. My body is built like yours; no amount of dieting ever made that womanly curve of my belly completely disappear. The photos I have from my first wedding show me in funny positions trying to hide it with my hands… I wish I could have seen those before the big day – I would have stood up straight ans just enjoyed myself, and looked natural and happy!!   it’s easier said than done, but the flaw is only in your mind’s eye. Don’t let that rob you of enjoying your day and feeling as beautiful as you are!! 

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Honey bee

I’m so happy you found such a great elopement dress! You look gorgeous in it!

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I agree that your dress looks absolutely perfect on you as is! One other thing to consider is if you’ll be holding flowers, etc. I was also pretty self-conscious about my midsection and tried a bunch of shapewear types with my dress. They almost all created more lines and bulges. In the end it didn’t make much difference, and due to holding a bouquet most of the day, there were actually only a couple photos out of about 200 total where my waist was uncovered and visible. And the angles and lighting are much more forgiving than dress shop / alterations photos make you believe. Good luck!

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Bumble Beekeeper

You look gorgeous in that dress, Bee. 

I have to believe that you’d be trading any tiny benefit you may see with tape (not sure how that would work?) or shapewear for discomfort. 

Drink a lot of water and watch what you eat to avoid bloat for the next few days and enjoy your day. You are going to be a beautiful bride. 

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Bee Keeper

Please, please believe me that you look fabulous. Taping sounds uncomfortable and given the way you look, completely unnecessary. Just wear your dress and be happy – not sticky!

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Busy bee

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@butfirstchampagne:  To me, you look absolutely perfect and I am honestly confused as to what you are considering taping.

I don’t mean to diminish your feelings, but your belly to me looks basically flat as can be. It’s normal and natural for flat bellies to look like this.

Keep in mind that real life isn’t the photoshopped or filtered stuff you see on social media, which is unfortunately warping people’s perceptions of what bodies look like in real life. Celebrities and influencers on social media don’t even look like what they are posting.

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Helper bee

You look absolutely beautiful in that photo and need no taping or shape wear. A friend of mine attended a wedding as a guest and taped her lower belly to flatten it. She didn’t need to but in her head she thought her lower belly was protruding. During the evening it worked its way free and ended up bunching at her lower back and was visible in quite a few photos until she managed with difficulty to remove it. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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You. Look. Amazing. Full stop, no tape needed.

That said, I absolutely understand your thinking. We as women seem to think our bodies should be perfectly straight where we want them to be and perfectly curved where we don’t, but that’s a result of photoshopped images. I recently was getting dressed for dinner out with Dh, and I turned sideways in the mirror and scowled. My daughter saw me (I’ve tried never to portray body negativity to her, but every once in a while, it happens to the best of us) and laughed. She said, “Mum, NO ONE has a perfectly flat lower tummy! Almost all women curve there because, hello? Curvy!” as she moved her hands over her own body. She has the body confidence I wish I had!

But since my daughter isn’t here right now, let me be part of your cheering section. You look flawless and gorgeous in that dress. Do NOT tape yourself up to try to get rid of your imaginary tummy bulge!

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Bumble bee

Oh Bee you are focusing on a thing that literally no one else can see! You look incredible! Retrain your focus on the parts you see that you like and don’t let your worry control how you feel.

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Sugar Beekeeper

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l don’t wish to dismiss yours or anyone’s worries , but yours OP , are really based on well, nothing. I think anxiety is throwing your perception off. There is nothing, nothing to flatten or hide or tape and you look wonderful in that dress. 

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Honey bee

As everyone else has said, you have a banging figure and You look fabulous! I can guarantee you that physio tape is going to show through and you will be dealing with it all night, which will actually make your self-consciousness about it even worse. Shapewear *might* work, but then you are going to be uncomfortable. You do not want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day!

I’ll never forget the time I wore shapewear under a dress and while it helped minimize my tiny belly which was much like yours and nothing to worry about, about 30 minutes into the event I went into the bathroom and took it off because it was so uncomfortable. Unfortunately I had a tiny purse with me so it was really hard to jam it in there 😂

But seriously, you look gorgeous and do not need to worry.

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