(Closed) Bellybotton ring and pregnancy

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Sugar bee
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I took mine out at about 3-4 months. I wasn’t ‘showing’ yet, but I didn’t want the piercing to ‘get shallow’ or stretch around the ring.

My piercing basically stretched flat, and my belly button which was previously an ‘inny’ became one with the bump, not an out-y, but not there either.

My friend (tat artist & licensed body piercer) said that some* piercings can be re-done (if they grow over) & some are fine & just need time to ‘relax’ (shrink) after pregnancy, it depends on the person.

Mine scarred over, and I actually got this nasty forked stretch mark that extends up from the piercing, caused because of the existing scar tissue from the piercing (basically scar tissue isn’t as elastic as regular skin, so i got screwed with a yucky stretch mark because of a lack of elasticiaty). Hope This Helps.

*sometimes due to excess scarring the piercings cannot be re-done, but it is a case by case basis.


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Helper bee
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I haven’t personally, but I’ll speak on behalf of my step sister, really good friend of the family, and a childhood friend…

Step-sister:  took it out the moment that she found out she was prego and she was healed by the time she was showing so she didn’t have the typical stretch marks from the piercing…

Family Friend: left it in until she had the half vollyball belly going on, and she scared pretty bad once she stretched out…

Childhood friend: left it in the whole time, she got rather on the large side (gained like 50 pounds) and she was still good.  Of course when she started losing the weight the hole was much bigger so she has to use larger gage things now…

I think it will really depend on how well you heal naturally from scarring and how long you’ve had it  🙂

Good Luck!

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Busy bee
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I took mine out when I was about 6 weeks pregnant and my hole is just a little tiny slit. IMO when you leave it in the whole time.. by the time your 9 months your belly is rather large- ya know bc theres a baby growing in there- and you can see the peircing through your shirt. I think it looks kinda funny lol

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Helper bee
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I took mine out at around 4 months and I’m at 7 months now.  I had the belly button ring in for nearly 10 years so there is definitely still a shallow hole and the skin around it is a little darker.  But it’s not all that noticeable and doesn’t bother me at all…if/when I am able to show off my belly button again to the world, that will be good enough for me!

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Helper bee

I think I saw these on 16 & Pregnant once (I’m addicted to that show lol) If you don’t want to take it out, you can always by a specialized belly ring. They are made to be flexible.

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Sugar bee
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I wish I had taken mine out earier because it interferred with our last ultrasound of Moose which was around 20 weeks, so I say take it out early so as it doesn’t interfer with pictures of your baby. The hole didn’t strech or look weird, but I never got really big.

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Bee Keeper
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My sister had one and actually took it out a year before she conceived and that hole from the piercing gave her an incredible amount of pain during her pregnancy as it kept stretching.  She said that she wishes she never pierced it to begin with.  I told her that I’m just glad I have my nose and not belly button pierced after she told me that.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I took mine out right away.  It healed over really quickly (and then darkened as the pregnancy progressed).  My scar still looks a little stretchy, like a line instead of a dot.

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Bee Keeper

I never had to take mine out.  I have a little stretch mark between the hole and the belly button, but it’s not really visible.

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Bee Keeper
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I took out my belly ring in May 2009 (I had it for 4-5 years) and got pregnant August 2010…I still have a small indent and dark spot from the ring but was wondering what would happen, if anything, as my pregnancy progresses. It seems like, from this thread, it varies a lot!

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Sugar bee
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so many of us with belly button rings!

I left mine in until it started showing through my clothes, I think around 6 months but not really sure….I have had it for a good 12 years.  It looks the way I would expect a hole to look that has been in my body for so long 0  I don’t think pregnancy did anything to it….although I do wish now I hadn’t had it done so I didn’t have this hole in my stomach!

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Sugar bee
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I’ve wondered about that myself. I took mine out about two years ago and it still isn’t grown up.  I wonder what a baby will do to it!

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Sugar bee
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Oh boy…I didn’t even think of this.  I wonder if I should take mine out now before I get pregnant.  Thanks for the info, everyone.  And great question!

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Busy bee

This was a good question! Thanks for the info. Did anyone use a scar treatment on the hole after they took it out?

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