(Closed) Benefits of Having a Passport If He's Not Planning to Travel?

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I don’t think it’s a big deal. I renewed mine when it expired without thinking about it. What if something came up last minute and I wanted to leave the country but couldn’t? Darling Husband and I planned a long weekend to Bermuda when they ran a special on airplane tickets. My friend and her SO also wanted to come but didn’t have a passport and couldn’t get one in time. Bummer. It can take a while to process so it’s best not to let it lapse. Why don’t you get one, too?

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Passports are great to have when you’re getting your drivers license renewed and wont have photo ID for a while. Not that I ever get carded anymore…

Now that you’re getting married, your fiances family will also to a degree, be your family! I would not be surprised if they didn’t start inviting you on their trips too, so a passport will be very handy. 

Sure, you wont be able to afford travel any time in your immediate future – but this morning I had zero plans to take a heli tour through the rockies on my wedding, and out of no where my FIs parents called us and asked if we’d like to take one on their dollar, and they sure as heck aren’t rich either.

Don’t let something as inane as a passport make you unable to accept amazing unexpected gifts. 

We travel very infrequently, just taking the time off is expensive enough, but I sure do like having that one less thing I need to do to get ready. And getting your passport can be a real pain in the ass with great potential to hit snags during the process, so it’s way less stressful to get it out of the way before you even think about going anywhere. 

It’s all about keeping your options open! Plus what if you guys ever receive an unexpected windfall and find a great deal on a last minute vacation you’ve been dreaming of? Having to pass that up because you don’t have your passport yet would be a real bummer. I’m sure you’re thinking this is unlikely, but what if I just jinxed you? Go get your passports, both of you! 😛 

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Buzzing bee

Agree with others that keeping a passport updated is much easier than waiting til you need one and applying for a new one. 

When my FI’s grandmother fell ill and he was called to see her before she passed, he had to drive almost 4 hours to the nearest passport agency so he could get an expedited “emergency” passport. It also cost an extra fee on top of the normal passport fees. 

Hes kept his passport up to date since that experience, and I have even gotten one myself. We dont have plans to go abroad any time soon, but its just good to have. I mean, the things last for 10 years, why NOT re-up?

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coachhw:  my family also likes to keep them up to date. im not planning on it but it takes 6 months or more to get it some times. Im already getting my passport of the US in my married name and a passport from brazil just cuz well i guess i like it all up to date. you never know when you might want to leave the country. ive always had an updated passport my whole life! if i loose my ID for whatever reason i can use my passport too. i did it when i lost it at age 21. its just a nice thing to have in your back pocket.

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Sugar bee

You definitely need to get a passport and a trip abroad.  Put a little money aside for this.  Do a little bit of advance planning.  Go with a friend and stay in cheap accommodation.  Buy local food and just enjoy the ambience.

If you are in a remote part of the US then travel to a major airport by cheap internal flight or by Greyhound bus.  Then step on the big plane and go!

Flights to different places tend to be cheaper on the internet.  I recommend London for a first timer as there isn’t a language barrier and there’s lots of things to see and do.

 Sometimes Florida to London flights are cheap because of all the British people returning from Disneyland. Flights are cheaper outside school term time and at unpopular times of year.  If you book flights a few months in advance they are cheaper.  Sometimes indirect flights are cheaper.  I flew Manchester to Tampa via Chicago and it was cheaper than Manchester to Tampa direct.

If you want something a little different there are volunteer schemes where you go to somewhere remote.  You pay for flights but live with local people and help in schools, in orphanages, building programmes, etc.

My 17 year old has worked amazingly hard all summer so that she can pay to spend 5 weeks in summer 2015 working on a volunteer project in Fiji.  (I’m sure that when the time comes for her to go on her trip I’ll be one nervous mother!)

Flights don’t have to be long haul.  You could fly to the Caribbean.  

Once you have the passport you can even go with your Fiance and his family on their trips.  If you are both working for your future I don’t see why he gets to go and you don’t.

I’m sure that some of the American Bees can give you even better ideas.

Don’t leave it too long.  You never know what life will throw at you so make the most of being young and healthy and adventurous.


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Sugar bee

Okay, here’s my other (mostly) non-passport advice.  

Just because your Fiance is bought a plane ticket doesn’t mean he has to take it.  If you both feel he is being manipulated by his family then refusals are probably the best idea.

Another possibility is that you go too.  He gets the free ticket but you split the cost of your ticket between the two of you. This is an important point because you are engaged to be married.  You are not married yet but some financial sharing of good fortune (ie fee ticket) might be reasonable, especially as when you are married you will be the major breadwinner when he goes through law school. You don’t have to talk about your finances with your future ILs and about the splitting of the price of a ticket, but you will need a PASSPORT.

If you are not finding out about these trips until the last minute, possibly because your Fiance doesn’t like upsetting you, then you urgently need to talk about this.  Avoidance of upset is not a good long term strategy for relationships.  It just encourages secrecy and lack of trust.

You are a not dissimilar age to my daughter.  This is what I would probably say to her.  You have met a lovely man and that is very good.  But you need to do something a little special for yourself.  If your FH is going through law school and you’re supporting him then for the next few years life will be financially tough.  Take a short break now.  Have a cheap holiday abroad.  Go with a friend.  Have a little bit of carefree fun.    


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Sugar bee
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coachhw:  Get yourself a passport!! Then you can be ready to join any secert trips. 😉

But seriously, why not get one? You might want to take a honeymoon, no?

ETA: just saw your updates about financial “luxuries.” My family grew up “poor,” but my mom always managed to scrimp and save in order to get us to Europe to see her family. It was a priority, not a luxury. Don’t put yourself in a category of “CAN’T” just b/c international travel isn’t normal for your community. You can be in any category you want, if you make it a priority. Just something to think about.

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I think it must be a European thing but I don’t know any adult that doesn’t have a passport and wouldn’t automatically renew it when theirs expired! They are about £90 to renew here from what I can remember, but that’s less than £10 a year! Not a lot of money. Its sounds they cost similar in the US.

Its a bit irresponsible in my opinion not to have a passport when you have relatives that travel abroad frequently. A friend of mines in-laws were in a terrible car accident in Greece two years ago (we live in Scotland) and both died. Imagine if my friend and his wife couldn’t have got to go over and bring their bodies home becasue they didn’t have a passport? I know that is an extreme example but if your in-laws travel a lot then really, you should be prepared that one of them could take ill or whatever, even if you are not planning to travel yourself.

On another note, why is your Fiance taking family trips without you? Or why would he be thinking of doing so? My Fiance would never do this…. We are a unit and I would always be included in any family vacation. He certainly wouldn’t be planning one behind my back – which is what it sounds like you are worrying about. My advice? Talk to your Fiance about this and get yourself a passport.

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If he gets a new job, a passport is the most official way to verify that you are a citizen with a legal right to work for any employer. 

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Glad to hear it all worked out OP! Hope you get your passport soon!

I just renewed mine, it expired two weeks after we got married so I waited until my name change went through and then renewed it/changed my name at the same time. I get asked for mine a lot because even though I am a citizen I was born abroad and usually a passport is the easiest way for me to prove citizenship. I’ve had a passport my entire life.

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I wouldn’t ever let my passport lapse simply because even if you’re not intending to do international travel for the foreseeable future, it acts like a legal form of identification in case your license gets lost. Having a passport even on US trips is a good back up plan to have in case a wallet gets stolen.

And I mean a full passport, not just the little passport cards that you need to go on a cruise to Cozumel.

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