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Great topic!  I’m following to see what some recent brides have to say!  I’m under two months away and trying very hard to not get stressed out!

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This isn’t going to help you too much at this point – but I think the single most important thing you can do is hire a great team of vendors. If you’re got an amazing team around you, your day is gonna go smoothly because they’re gonna catch things before you even knew they happened.

After that – plan plan plan leading up to the wedding, and then – Let it all go. Whenever you decide it’s time, just sit back and enjoy the ride. You’ve done all you can. You’ve probably told people things 3 times and if they can’t remember that’s just how it was gonna be. Five times would not have helped, so just don’t waste your energy. And no matter how much you plan, things can still go wrong. Don’t sweat it – just make do with whatever you have. It’s still going to be a magical day.

Focus on your groom. That’s what the day is all about! So don’t let guests separate the two of you. Share everything together. Yes – still be sure to hang out with family & friends, but do it together. (I suppose sharing this strategy with him is also a good idea.) I think that’s the best way to have a great day at your wedding. Just stay focused on each other. All the love you have for him will certainly drown out the “disaster” that they put out the wrong color napkins. 🙂

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No one will GAF if your flowers aren’t the *exact* shade of pink as your Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses, or your centrepieces have one less candle than you thought….all anyone wants is to enjoy a fun night with good food, and to see two people they care about get married.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy your day. No one but me noticed a single thing that “went wrong” on the day.

Also, make sure you are present. Take some time to just stop on the day and appreciate all these people coming together for YOU and your husband. And just ENJOY THAT.

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Busy bee
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Assign any remaining duties that need to be done on the day of to other people.  You do not need to have anything like that on your mind, the day of should be about enjoying.

Relax… something won’t go exactly as planned but as long as you roll with it, everything will be fine.  One of our groomsmen went home to walk his dog (don’t ask me) and wasn’t back in time for the grand entrance.  Solution, another groomsman got to walk in with a lady on either side.  He got to feel like a pimp and nobody was the wiser!

Remember that people don’t know what you had planned, so they won’t know if things aren’t perfect. 

Focus instead on how this entire day is devoted to the love you and your FI/DH share and that these people are here with you to celebrate it.  It’s pretty surreal and hopefully the only day this will ever happen, so enjoy it! 🙂



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Have a day of coordinator (or designated family member/friend) and leave everything to them! I gave myself the morning to do last minute planning stuff but once I went to go get my hair done, I was done with wedding planning and only enjoying my wedding. Don’t worry abotu what’s happening or if you’re on schedule or if everyone remembered to do everything that they were supposed to do or if your lipstick is still on. Just focus on enjoying your day. Try to take a few minutes throughout the day the really soak it all in. It goes by so fast!

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stefano101:  As a bride, we definitely had several hiccups to our wedding day but at the end of the day – the most important thing is that you’re married! As a wedding photographer, there are a few things that really help to make the day go well. My top ones:

  • Have DOC/Planner : I always say a planner or DOC is the best gift a bride can give herself. The amount of fires my DOC put out on my wedding day (and prior to) makes her worth her weight in gold. It’s my expereince as a wedding vendor that family and friends are never a good person for this job. Your hired DOC is going to have gone over EVERYTHING with you. She knows all of your wishes, backup plan, vendor contacts, etc. When something happens, she’s going to make the best possible decision, and the day will keep rolling – you’ll never be the wiser. Friends and family are always too worried about “making the wrong decision” and I see it time and again – when something goes wrong instead of just handling it they run to the bride to get her approval….making her upset/worried.
  • Relax : The bride & groom set the tone for the day. If you’re stressed and on edge, everyone else will be to. Everything surrounding the wedding day seems like the biggest deal, because we’ve put SO much time into planning. Like someone else mentioned, it’s soooo not the end of the world if the cake topper goes missing, or you can’t find your personalized napkins. Yes, it sucks to spend the money on it…but it’s not going to make or break the experience.
  • Have a first look : Some might disagree, but as a wedding photographer, I’ve never had a single couple regret it. I watch the stress and anxiety melt away from almost every couple who does it – and the rest of the day is always so relaxed and fun because they’ve eased all their anxiety and had a nice private moment together. Plus, it’s a huge bonus to your timeline and allows you to either have a little downtime to regroup before your reception, or to join part of cocktail hour if you wish. 
  • Hire great vendors : Someone else mentioned this, but seriously pay attention to who you’re hiring. Get referrals, get reviews, etc. Hire vendors you love and trust, them let them do their job. If they come to you with a suggestion, it’s not because they are trying to ruin your plans – it’s because they honestly think it will be better and they have hundreds of events under their belt! Listen to them!! 
  • Greet guests during dinner!!! : This is a huge one to me. Receiving lines are a huge time suck, unless you do a first look – then it’s a great idea, so do your best to eat and then start greeting guests at their tables right away. That way you actually get to enjoy your reception. I see way too many couples never make it out onto the dance floor or have any fun because they’re too busy making sure they got to everyone. 
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Honey bee
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Truthfully nothing went wrong at our wedding.. We kept things simple, our guest list small, and hired great vendors.. By the time I woke up on our wedding day I felt relaxed, well-rested, and excited.

Grab a coffee, make sure you eat, drink enough water, and just chill.. Enjoy the day. It does help to get ready alone if you can (I got ready with just my mom), we ate lunch.. Drank champagne and got our makeup done.. All with time to spare.

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Don’t get caught up in the small stuff. Things are going to happen that are not in your plan. Just focus on the main thing – being with family and friends and enjoy having everyone with you. That’s the important thing.

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Busy bee
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We had several hiccups at our wedding. The bigger two were the limo not starting after the ceremony and the decor vendor messing up our centrepieces. Keep all copies of any paperwork from vendors with you on the day, it was our only saving grace with the centrepieces. Make sure you also leave enough time from ceremony – photos – reception (unless it’s all at one location then nothing to worry about there). Since we had a lot of time after the photos and we got to the reception early we were able to notice the centrepieces and have them changed in time before the guests arrived (but we did have to show our paperwork). The limo company quickly (30 minutes or so) resolved the situation and they left the limo running during photos to keep it from happening again. We didn’t have anyone to coordinate or plan our wedding, we just made sure we had extra time incase problems did arise. Likely hood is no matter how much you plan there will be hiccups and you just have to remember 1) the day flys by so just enjoy it 2) it’s about you and your hubby so don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day you and your hubby will be married, everything else is just the icing on the cake. 

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stefano101:  The best advice I have for the actual day (that was passed on to me by many other brides) is to take a moment with your new spouse to sit back and take in the entire room and all of your guests. Watch everyone laughing and enjoying themselves and think about how amazing it is to have all of your loved ones together to celebrate such a momentous occasion!

Also, while we hosted a full open bar, Fiance and I decided not to drink much more than the champagne toast at the reception. We really wanted to remember the night and I’m so glad we decided to take it easy on the drinks. I remember everything!

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stefano101:  1st congrats to your up & coming wedding day.  My wedding day was perfect and everything was great.  However, we had snow storm the night before my wedding.  I didn’t panic, because I knew my wedding was in the evening & most guests that could, would show.  During my wedding planning journey, my son’s fiancee assist me.  She knew what I wanted and how I wanted it on my wedding day. So I put her in charge, she was the “good to person” on my wedding day.  If there were any problems she handled them.  I told all of my vendors to go to her and the venue had a “Host” that assist her too.  Put someone close to you & knows what you want in charge. Tell her or him; to make all of the decisions and not to inform you.  I had my Glam Squad meet me 3 hours before the limo was to pick me up at the hotel.  Also, I had an emergency bag packed for any hidden problems, example; needle & thread, pain pills, slippers, tic tac, gum, extra pair of thigh highs, etc.  Enjoy your wedding day and try to take it in; it will go by fast.  good luck & congrats

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