(Closed) Best and Worst Weddings you have been to?

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: February 2014

Best: University friend 

The first wedding I had been to as an adult. All of my friends from school were there, it was a couple months after graduation so some people we hadn’t seen in a while due to moving to separate cities, and it was an absolute blast. The ceremony was at about 1pm and then there was a 3 hour or so gap before the cocktails/reception. It was a beautiful summer day, all of us friends went to a pub for applies and drinks in between which was a great time, then headed to the reception for more fun. We were all seated together so dinner was fun, drinking was fun, and dancing was fun. We stayed to the very end when it was shutting down. One of the funnest times I’ve had with those friends. 

Worst: Another friend 

This was a wedding located about 8 hours away in the middle of nowhere basically at a farm. The closest decent town with hotel was over an hour away. So the choices were to drive there and back, or set up a tent and camp. I don’t camp! So I stayed sober and sat through the most weirdly preachy ceremony ever, sat around for 3.5 hours for the picture gap at this tiny community hall (there was literally nothing else nearby) with filthy bathrooms (and then outhouses when the bathrooms eventually broke). The food was ok but after dinner we had to sit through at least an hour of all the cousins dressing up in costumes and lip syncing songs. As a dead sober observer, it was super awkward. We left shortly after. It was nothing like what I would want my wedding to be but I love the bride and groom and they were happy so that’s all that’s important!

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  • Wedding: May 2014

Best:  I honestly cannot name a ‘best’ wedding.  I will say that all of my top picks shared the same ‘ideas’:  a room full of laughter of love, a bride and groom (whom although may have been stressed to the max) looked calm and smiled thru the entire day, a great dj/band, booze certainly helped, a GOOD FLOW to the evening (so important!), and lastly I have shared the evenings with friends, or family.

Worst:  To date, I have a worst pick (which makes me feel so guilty for pointing them out!!), but her goes…the bride rarely smiled.  Whether it was stress, or what not, it made me uncomfortable.  The reception started at 6pm, but nothing started at the reception until 830 or 9p (NO flow…grrrrr).  And then, after we ate, hours after the reception started – the bride and groom spent the rest of their wedding outside smoking.  It was rude. 

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Busy bee

As a pro photographer, MY best weddings I’ve photographed, well, my most favorite and worst…… 


Best Weddings:

Non Traditional, small intimate weddings. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions or barn receptions. These are SO much fun! 


Worst Weddings:

Traditional, catholic church weddings that last over a 1/2 hour to 2 hours long, yes, I’ve had some that lasted 2 hours long!  Traditional/typical wedding receptions.  I like wedding receptions where the bride and groom only do the first dance and cake cuttings then have fun the rest of the night. 

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Bumble bee

I don’t exactly have a best wedding. I’ve only been to two, and they were both very forced affairs for my sister or a friend of hers.
It was pretty obvious the parents paid for everything, and I found them too traditional for the circumstances.

Both of these weddings involved brides with children (for the first wedding, the little girl was the daughter of the bride and the groom, and for the second, my niece was the bride’s daughter from a prior relationship). While they could have done whatever they wanted, I thought that the children could have been involved in the ceremony in better ways. My niece was a flower girl, but there could have been another ceremony activity to highlight how it was a family joining forever, not just a couple…a sand ceremony would have worked.

Although I’m not sure how long the marriage behind wedding #1 lasted (it was under two years for sure), my sister was married in September, separated by June, and divorced (with all the paperwork gone through) by what would have been her first anniversary. To be fair, she cried while she was getting ready with my mom and I, and neither of us were sure why. Now it’s pretty clear that she didn’t want to go through with it. :/

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  • Wedding: April 2012

Hmm… I’m not going to cop out and say ours was the best (although I think it’s up there amongst the weddings I’ve been to).


My Scottish-Jewish friend married an Indian girl and had the most amazing wedding. It was seven days in her home town of Patna in India. There were four days of formal ceremonies and another three days of family hospitality. It wasn’t just that it was lush, but the family went out of their way to make us all feel welcome. The mother even worked with the caterers so that everything was done to her home recipes!

Not only that, but when we got home there was another reception in Glasgow with lots of dancing and more amazing Indian food.


Erm… It was actually a wedding I went to as a vendor. The bride and groom were lovely but no one was dancing. The guests were just plain awful even though there was a decent DJ and the food was good. They sat at tables, scowled a lot and the place was all but empty by 11pm.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2012

@jmaze:  Yikes, well I guess my wedding was definitely a “worst” on your list.  Long, traditional, Catholic wedding.  Oh well, we loved it.  🙂

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  • Wedding: March 2014

@jmaze:  But for some (actually a lot) of people, the “traditional Catholic (or other religious) ceremony” is the whole POINT. Without that, there really isn’t a marriage at all, no matter how good the party afterwards is.

If you’re Catholic and practicing, then how long the ceremony is isn’t really up to the bride and groom to decide. It’s up to the church.

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  • Wedding: February 2013

Worst: My first wedding. My mom & the groom’s mom were in a contest to see who could spend the least amount of time, energy & money. I was young & absolutely stupid & clueless about how to make a wedding nice. The photographer took forever after the ceremony so some guests had left before we even got there. We completely forgot music for the reception. The food was some meat trays from the grocery store cake and punch. The groom’s mother BROKE one of the toasting glasses that were his grandmother’s, who was there at the time. They hid this from grandmother and his brother ran out and bought new one’s at the mall, so the grandmother got really hurt feelings that we didn’t use hers and no one ever told her why so she always resented me after that. The same brother in law threw RADISHES at me on the way out, not rice. One hit me right in the face. 


Beautiful setting, plenty of food (appetizers before and after the ceremony as well as later a buffett and a white chocolate dessert bar with to go containers), entertainment (photo booth, dj, groom and his men put on a dance, etc)  well planned so there was always something happening and the bride and groom spent a ton of time mingling with their guests.


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

Worst – Was a couple my husband knew from his childhood. There were SO many people – maybe 200. It was held in a gym, so with all those people and the echos of their voices it was incredibly loud. My husband was a groomsmen and had to sit at a head table. Since there was no seating chart and SO many people I had an awkward time trying to find some place to sit, since I didn’t know anyone. Also the food was cold and the bride and groom didn’t really talk much to their guests.

Best – Was an older couple both my husband and I are friends with. It was smaller, maybe 25-30 guests. It was more of a cocktail party than a “real” wedding. She wore a lovely burgundy gown, it was in the middle of winter on the top of a hotel with windows everywhere so we got to see the snowfall over the city, there was a lot of mingling and an AMAZING dinner and bar. The couple paid a lot of attention to their guests. It was just a relaxing and sophisticated event.

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Bumble bee

@DomesticDiva:  Yep…it was certainly better than her then BFF’s wedding (which had cake that everyone still remembers as awful), but that part was pretty rough. Also, I didn’t mention how my family was astounded how no one would dance. It’s likely that this was because the groom’s family was very Appalachian, but it struck my family as party-pooperish. 🙁

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  • Wedding: May 2013

I’ve been to a lot of great weddings… but only one “bad” wedding.  It was a lovely outdoor wedding right outside of a old stone church.  Absolutely beautiful scenery… but then, the neighbor of the church decided to start mowing his lawn.  It was so loud.  I felt sooo bad for the bride and groom.  Otherwise the wedding was great… but I just remember how upset I wouldve been if that happened to me.

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@Miss Leopard

I stated my opinion. I like non traditional weddings vs traditional ones. I’ve shoot at least 3-4 weddings a month from April through November for the past 8-9 years.  No  need to turn it into a religious battle. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My personal preference is non-traditional. My first wedding was traditional, my second one, however, will not be, and I will not get married in a church.

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  • Wedding: April 2013

Best: My friends wedding from this past June. It was such a fun wedding!! All of my friends were there and you could feel the love in the room between the bride and the groom. The DJ was amazing..he was so fun and energetic and even got my friends grumpy father on the dance floor!!! The food was good and there was an amazing dessert/candy bar at the end of the night

Worst: This girl I used to work with. Went to the wedding a few years ago.Her wedding was huge and very impersonal..the groom side was on one side and the brides side on the other and no one mingled at all. The food was AWFUL and at the end of the night everyone was gone by 11pm except for one really drunk girl that spent the whole night spilling drinks all over the dance floor!!

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