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What are you eating?  At least at first, you should really concentrate on having a high protein, high fiber diet.  These will full you up and keep you full.  Another suggestion is to add fats (I know, this isn’t medical advice, don’t jump on me here.)  Our bodies recognize fats like olive oil and organic milk products and stop being hungry when we eat them.  So if you buy hummus, buy the stuff with the oil sitting at the top.  If you feel hungry, have a glass of full-fat grass-fed organic milk.  New research is showing that it is a lot better for you than we have been thinking, and it really will make you feel full.

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I think you should eat if you are hungry, but I would focus on high protein foods and lots of veggies.

Have you ever had Kombucha?  It can help kick the hungries.

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Phentermine aka Adipex. You will have to get an Rx for it though. I lost 20 lbs in the first two months of taking it. My issues was portion control more-so than what I was eating. You have to stop it after a couple of months though to give your body a break. It stopped working for me after that too so I waited a few months and then went back on it.

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The best thing for me is lots of water and fiber and protein filled foods.  I have never had luck with supplements.

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I suggest just adding something crunchy and or super chewy to some of your meals or snacks. My brain doesn’t get the message that I just ate if I eat a lot of soft food. I find that I am not as hungry if eating required some real chewing effort. Are you only eating cooked veggies? If you eat the spinach raw it will look like more food, 3 cups raw is a serving and you will get a little crunch with it. So much of eating right is tricking your brain!


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Lemon water, make it as tart as you like it, fresh lemons are the best. The sour taste curbs down cravings and extra water fills you up. Hunger pains usually occur when there is a sudden high and then drop in blood sugar levels, make sure your meals have a combination of carbs/protein/fat to slow down digestion and prevent the ups and downs of blood sugar spikes. Eat more for breakfast, it will carry you through the day…eggs are excellent! Also, add more fiber- beans, legumes, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potato. If you’re trying to do a lower carb diet, add more veggies, 2 cups of veggies per day is not enough.

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I’m not a diet expert at all, but I have that problem too where I get hungry a lot. I have found that almonds fill me up like crazy, it’s so weird, everyone always said they would but I never believed it till I tried. Maybe toss them into your snacks when you normally get the most hungry.

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@pharmy:  Looking at your daily eats, obviously you are eating very healthily, but the one thing that is missing is FATS. They get such a bad reputation, but your body needs them. I have noticed that as I stay away from fat free dairy and such, I am WAY less hungry. Also nuts, almonds, virgin olive oil, etc. would really help.   

You are on such a great path, keep going. But don’t forget about fats 🙂

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Try adding a hard boiled egg for protein in the morning. One of my favorite snacks is a handful of walnuts or almonds with dried cherries. The nuts also give you protein which will help curb your hunger.

Ants on a Log (celery with peanut butter and raisins) is another great snack (if you’re into raisins and celery, which a lot of people aren’t). I like it because it’s crunchy and I have to take time to chew it, which somehow satisfies my hunger so much more than eating something that I barely have to chew like yogurt. I know it’s completely psychological, but it works for me.

And I hate to say it, but coffee really helps curb my appetite. I don’t drink it anymore, but I really miss it for that reason.

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It looks like you’re eating super healthy, kudos to you! 🙂

I agree with the PP about FATS. You do need some. Also, eat something else with the fruit so its not a pure sugar rush. What I do is eat the morning snack (fruit) with the baby bell, and eat the afternoon yogurt with a handful of almonds or walnuts. I think you’ll find a big difference.

When I get the hungries I definitely find green tea, peppermint tea (ok any tea really) and coffee helps. Also, take some cucumber, celery and green pepper to snack on, they’re pretty much “freebies” in terms of calories and are filling.

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You’re eating a decent amount of protein, but you’re also not eating ANY complex carbs based on this.  I have to tell ppl this all the time when they see me eat a sweet potatoe or something.  Low carb isn’t NO carb.  You’re probably hungry b/c of that, and you’re energy levels are probably lower than I should be.  I suggest tracking your Protein/Carb/Fat macros and make it a high protein low carb diet.  Try a 40/35/25 split and then play around maybe you  feel best at 40/40/25 or even 50/30/20 (which is kind of rough).  That way you are making sure you are getting enough fat and carbs but still keeping a high protien diet.  It should help!  Also, try to stick with low GI foods and HIGHLY nutritionious foods that will help you stay full longer, as you’re body is getting what it needs. 

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Once your body adjusts to eating less you will not be so hungry. If you were eating lots of calories before your stomach was use to consuming a lot. Now it’s like WTF. It will adapt soon though!! Good for you for changing your diet! Keep up the good work!

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