(Closed) Best area to compromise on the 4 c's?

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  • poll: Where do you think the best area of diamond quality to compromise on is?




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    We compromised on color and carat, too. we had a relatively modest budget (at least comperatively, I guess), ~$3,000, and I wanted something as brilliant and sparkley and as big as I could get within reason. 

    We bought through Blue Nile, ended up with a .77 carat, ideal cut, VS1, J color with a medium-blue florescence. It’s beautiful and white, although sometimes a bit warm. That doesn’t bother me.

    I prefered a very well cut stone with few inclusions as opposed to say, a 1 carat I-I2 stone.

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    Why is there no option for carat? I wanted the best of all the other three, so I got something smaller. 

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    I would sacrifice carat weight to get the stats I wanted. The ring DH proposed with is a .46/E/VS2 round Leo and my upgrade is a 1.22/L/SI1 cushion. I think most would consider L a low color grade, but it’s exactly what I wanted for that ring. Likewise, my DH picked my Leo because he wanted to give me a ring with the best stats that he could afford. He picked it out on his own and I still love it nearly 9 (!) years later. 

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    @pineapplez17:  Thanks for the disingenuous explanation, but I understand the diamond grading scale. I’ve been given many pieces of fine diamond jewelry as gifts and have been fascinated by them for some time. I understand that natural gemstones are graded on a similar but modified system, but I don’t think it’s accurate for moissanite to be graded using the same standards for a diamond if it’s a unique gem that’s not like a diamond. Moissanites have color tinges that colorless and near colorless diamonds in the D-J range do not. As everyone says here, it’s a totally different stone from a diamond, so why grade it exactly the same way? JMO.

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    @SomedayHisBride:  At least she has a ring. Not sure you can apply any grading scales to a figment of your imagination.


    Admittedly, this is needlessly snarky, but wow, your spoiled and entitled responses to these threads are annoying.


    And we all think it’s creepy to plan a wedding to someone you aren’t engaged to. After all, what happens if the ring isn’t from Tiffany? You said you’d have to say no.

    signed, slumming it with my 2ct M color.

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    @msrmz:  I hope you can find a way to heal the pain in your heart. Namaste.

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    @SomedayHisBride:  unless you’re in charge of the GIA, it doesn’t really matter whether you think moissanites should be graded on the same scale or not. And you are aware that there are different shades of color even diamonds can possess, right? Your comments are unnecessary and borderline disparaging of others choices. No one was talking on down on diamonds, but you made it very clear that you don’t find moissanite up to par with diamonds, and that’s pretty offensive in a setting where your opinion on the matter wasn’t asked for. 

    ETA: OP, for me the easiest way to bring price down was color. I found a lot of H and I diamonds that looked great to me, and occasionally even some really white looking Js. I wanted an EC, so cutting back on clarity wasn’t really an option, but I think eye clean in every case is good enough. Cut is most important to me, and what I don’t think you should compromise. Going up or down a little bit in carat to save some money is always a good idea too, especially if visually it won’t make that big of a difference. 

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    @atacrossroads:  Hahahaha. +10000


    Moissanite does not have its own rating scale currently, and since it possesses many similar characteristics to a diamond, it is understood that the same rating tools are used descriptively. 

    I can never understand why anyone would think it’s okay to call someone out like that so rudely. Sure, occassionally diamond gets talked down, but moissanite is subjected to much more criticism and really, what the hell does it matter? They’re bloody sparkly stones that do nothing for us but appeal to our magpie-like love of shimmer. 

    It’s simply ludicrous to tout your exceedingly high, somwehat unrealistic standards for a ring/diamond, state that it is your decision and does not affect others when they state their dislike of such an attitude and THEN, switch that logic around and question what other people have on their fingers. The mind boggles.

    *hops off soapbox* Sorry Bees. I just don’t understand some people.


    P.S. I want a diamond so I’m not a moissanite owner. I have no horse in this race but I hate when snobbish attitudes lead to innocent posters, like Mrs.SkeletonKey, being subjected to such uncalled-for snark.

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    @bellaluna:  I was going to say carat, but you have already decided that. In that case, I would say clarity. Like PPs said, as long as it is eye clean, there really isn’t anything to worry about. 

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    @atacrossroads:  Haha! This is one of my favorite memes and works so well here. 

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    It depends on your personal preference. Some people are more color sensitive that others, so they will be bothered by a warmer diamond.

    Also preference changes. I used to LOVE colorless diamonds. Now i like warmer diamonds with more fire.

    I would look at warmer diamonds and see if you like them. If you dont then move to more colorless stones and sacrifice clarity. If you do your homework you can get an SI1 or 2 with no visible flaws on the table of the diamond.

    That way you can keep you carat weight and not sacrifice cut (sparkle).

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    I didn’t know anything about diamonds before I got engaged so I didn’t even think about any of these! If I had to choose now though I would probably choose color- I love the look of warmer stones.

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    What each person can compromise on is very personal. Some people prefer warmer stones, meaning that buying below an H wouldn’t be a compromise for them at all. Many people can work in the SI clarities provided the stone still had excellent light performance. Cut, at least in a round brilliant, is less negotiable IMO because a steep deep can cause light to reflect out the side of the stone, leading to a dull looking diamond. But in fancy cuts, much of it comes down to personal preference as to whether one prefers “fat” ovals or marquise cuts or cleanly faceted vs the crushed ice look. 

    The main thing is to look at lots and lots of stones. It is impossible to say where each person’s “sweet spot” is unless they look enough to realize their preferences. After seeing a number of diamonds, it becomes pretty clear to a person what bothers them the most or what they are consistently drawn to. And once you find a stone you love, regardless of the flaws noted on its cert, it isn’t a compromise at all. 


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    @bellaluna:  Color and cut were most important to me as I didn’t mind inclusions depending on the type and location.  We went with an SI2, excellent cut and D color H&A RB.  The inclusions are 2 extremely small carbon spots that are not noticeable unless you know to look.  My diamond is extremely sparkly and has the nice icy white color I love.  I don’t mind the inclusions at all and actually think they’re fascinating as they tell the story of how my diamond was formed.  We also had a 5th C that was important – Canadian.

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