(Closed) Best Birth Control Option for an Absentminded Gal? :)

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Buzzing bee

I use the Nuvaring and loooove it.  I don’t have any side effects from it like I did with various pills before, and it’s so convenient.  I could never remember to take the pill at the same time everyday.  But everyone reacts differently to hormones, so you may just have to try a few things out before you find one that fits with your body chemistry.  I was never on Depo, but I hear one of the more common side effects is weight gain.

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Honey bee
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I use mirena and love it my period is EXTREMELY light now and I hear it sometimes stops it completely. You can haveit for up to 5 years but can have it taken out at any time and I hear you can get pregnant basically right after having it removed. I have had no side effects other than the light period.

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Blushing bee

I’ve been on NuvaRing for over 6 years now. I rarely have a period, which is wonderful. It is the lowest hormone dosage of any birth control, another plus. And I only have to remember to change it once a month, which I set a reminder on my phone for. 

I love NuvaRing and recommend it as much as I can. It’s simple and works!

If I could, I would go with an IUD. I may switch to that when I’m married. It sounds really nice. I do worry about the giant hitting it when we’re intimate.


@cyndistar3: Have you experienced any discomfort while being intimate with your SO?

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Helper bee
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I have used Nuvaring in the past and LOVED it.  I later had an IUD inserted.  It was hands down the most painful thing i have ever experienced.  (i have to add, i’ve never had a child.) 

After about 2 years i started to have sharp shooting pains.  My periods were ridiculously painful and long.  The pains also got to the point where they would wake me up at night.  Needless to say, I had the IUD removed. 

I then tried going back to the ring since, like you, i dont want to only use condoms.  Well…my libido plunged immediately, breasts were so tender i couldnt sleep on my tummy.  After 3 weeks, i gave up and took it out.  I refuse to feel miserable so I told Fiance we are going back to condoms. 

I am going back to the doctor this week to hopefully figure out another option. 

I wish you the best of luck!!!!  I wish i could post these 3 brand new nuvarings on craigslist and sell the damn things!!!

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Honey bee
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@SeattleMolly: no not at all. he says he has felt the little string thing in there but it doesn’t hurt or anything.

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Bumble bee
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I second the Mirena IUD! I’ve had mine since October 2008, and I love it! I have had no side effects other than not getting any periods. Its fantastic, I’ve had light spotting maybe 3-4 times in 28 months. Plus it doesn’t mess with your ovulation, so you can start trying for a baby as soon as its removed. I definately reccomend it. And Fiance has never been able to feel any strings or anything.

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Sugar bee
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I’m on the patch and haven’t had any issues with it.
Sometimes it irritates my skin but that goes away with time.

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Bee Keeper

I have Mierna too. I will add though that I’ve gained 15 lbs on it. 

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Busy bee
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I third loving my Mirena IUD!  I also don’t get my period anymore, which is AWESOME!  But, OP, if you are a virgin, you might want to waiting for an IUD – my Mirena hurt like crazy when it was inserted (I have never had kids).   

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Bumble bee
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I’m a Pill user, and I’m pretty absent-minded, too.  I just set my cell phone’s alarm to go off at the same time each day at a time I’m usually free, mid-evening for me, so I can’t sleep through it or be involved at work, and I haven’t missed a dose in the 6 years I’ve been on the Pill.

With the Pill you have to see what brand/hormone mix will work best for you – I reccommend one of the low-dose pills like LoEstrin FE 24 – you take 24 days of active pills and only have a 3 day period – and if needed, you can just skip your period now and then when on a trip or when it’ll interferre with a special occassion, and then go right back to your regular schadule.  I tried a 21-active pill pack a year ago and gained 20lbs that would not budge, but once I got off it and back to LoEstrin, 10lbs came off right away, without exercise.  It all depends on your persnoal body chemistry.

It’s been good for me, becuse it made my increasingly irregular period predictable, and has taken my cramps which used to be incapacitating and made them manageable, and I can choose whether to even have a period each month, based on what’s going on in my life.  Just slip your pack into something you never leave home without, like a purse or even a small wallet, set your phone alarm to repeat every day an you should be good.

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Sugar bee

Flip side for me on Mirena, while I had no periods, it was the devil. The hormones made me homicidal and suicidal. I looked 3 months pregnant and it hurt SO much getting it in.

I vote for the non hormonal IUD. 


That is great if that is the case for you but it is the exact opposite for many.  My SOs ex wife didn’t conceive for months after taking it out and then when she did she miscarried, and has since not had a baby. I didn’t get my period for months after only having it in for about 6 weeks. So it really messed with my fertility.

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