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  • poll: Experiences with different birth control methods
    I have used the pill and had no side effects : (48 votes)
    21 %
    I have used the pill and had minor side effects : (85 votes)
    38 %
    I have used the pill and had major side effects : (36 votes)
    16 %
    I have used the mini pill and had no side effects : (3 votes)
    1 %
    I have used the mini pill and had minor side effects : (9 votes)
    4 %
    I have used the mini pill and had major side effects : (7 votes)
    3 %
    I have used Nuvaring (or similar) and had no side effects : (18 votes)
    8 %
    I have used Nuvaring (or similar) and had minor side effects : (14 votes)
    6 %
    I have used Nuvaring (or similar) and had major side effects : (6 votes)
    3 %
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    I was on pills for about three months but they made me very nauseous. In hindsight I’m probably lucky I didn’t get pregnant as I ended up vomiting after taking them a couple of times a week.

    I’ve been using the Nuvaring now for three years without any issues. 

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    I don’t think there’s any one best birth control. Everyone reacts so differently! I’ve been on a regular monthly BC for 14 years and am switching to Seasonique this month, which makes me a bit nervous. There’s nothing you can do but try though.

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    @outofideas:  I have an IUD and have not had children.  That is an old cautioning that is out of date.  It’s the BEST!!! Granted, it hurt like a bitch for a couple minutes, but that’s a small price to pay for 10 years of hormone-free, hassle-free, maintenance-free birth control. Female obgyns use IUDs at something like 3-4x the rate of regular women, which I think says a lot about how great they are. 

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    The whole “best if you haven’t had kids” thing for IUDs is crap. Many many women who haven’t had kids yet have them. They are my vote by a million even though you didn’t include them. 

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    + 1 I agree with both of you.

    @outofideas:  I have not had children, but I have had the Mirena IUD for 7 years now. And I LOVE IT! The best birth control for me is one that I don’t have to ever think about!

    I have used the patch (horrible experience, it never stayed on), the Nuvaring (it was ok, just not ideal) and Mirena. 

    I haven’t had any trouble with Mirena, only minor cramping at the beginning and my period is either light or nonexistent each month.

    Not going to lie though, the insertion process hurt like a B*TCH…for about 30 seconds.

    Other than that, I don’t have to think about birth control for 5 years at a time. I would definitely recommend it, even if you haven’t had children. It used to be more for women who had children, but my OBGYN said that more and more women who haven’t had children use it.

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    I’ve been using Alesse for almost a year with little to no side affects.  It was the lowest dosage possible.  When I first started it, I got mild headaches for a bit, but nothing overbearing that I had to stop.

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    I have used two different brands of the pill.

    Ortho Tri Cyclin gave me major side effects (Bruising the size of plates all over my body).

    I’m now on Cryselle (Generic of Lo’Ovral) with zero side effects. 

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    I have mirena and like it, it’s the only bc I’ve used besides condoms and the pull out method. I am taking it out as soon as my university health plan kicks in because my SO and I want to try to exclusively use the pull out method and have some plan b on hand just in case. This haa more to do with my ladybits’ ph being very acidic and unfavorable reactions to semen, which means he pulls out every time anyway.

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    I was on the depo shot, and wound up pregnant but lost the baby back in 2010. Then I was on pills for about 2 years and now I’m 21 weeks pregnant. I was INCREDIBLY adamant about taking my pill, so I guess you just can’t fight fate! I loved the pill I was on. I was on microgestin and absolutely loved everything about it. 


    During that 2 year period I did also try Nuvaring. For 5 days after I was vomiting, had diarrhea, and could hardly do anything. It was awful! As soon as I took it out, I was totally fine the next day.


    However, results aren’t the same with everyone! How one type of birth control affects me doesn’t mean you’re going to experience the same thing. The best thing you can do is try different things out until you find one you like. Even if it does suck sometimes.


    Good luck! 


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    I don’t have children and have the Mirena IUD, which is the hormonal version that has to be replaced every 5 years. There’s also the Paraguard which is the non hormonal copper IUD, and that lasts for 10 years. I think the notion that childless women + IUD’s is better for women who’ve been pregnant is nonsense! Insertion isn’t bad at all, maybe like 20-30 seconds of pressure during the process, but honestly, it’s so worth it.

    @PacificMrs:  Your due date is my birthday 🙂

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    @musical-lady:  LOL that’s so funny! We’ll see if this little girl decides to make her debut on that date or make me wait. 😉

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    @outofideas: I used the pill, but that wansn’t great for me because my schedule is crazy while I’m in school and I’m very forgetful. Then I got a new gyno who took me off the pill immediatly. I get severe migraines and apparently the pill increases my risk of stroke? Well that is what she said and since I wasn’t great about taking my pill we used condoms all the time. Now we just stick with condoms. 

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    I’ve been on Depo 6 years andLOVE it! I get no period and have had a bone scan thing to make sure it wasn’t giving me issues because bone density can be a long term side effect in some people. Getting pregnant on it if you take it on time is extremely rare. my ob/gyn said in his career he’s had one patient get pregnant on it and it was because she had unprotected sex the day after she got her shot and it’s not effective yet and they even tell you you need back up birth control until the safe period of its effectiveness has passed. He said he’s never had someone pregnant who has taken it regularly and on time 

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