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yesterday i spent a bit of time looking up bullmastiffs and rhodesian ridgebacks…. they seem like great breeds.

leaving the rhodesian alone for that lenght of time might be a problem but if you raise them to enjoy independant play they should be ok

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I have an English mastiff and he’s the sweetest dog imagineable.  My son used to pull his ears and ride him when he was 2 yrs old and my big fella just let him do whatever and is loving and sweet.

I also have an awesome medium sized dog, who is a boston terrier.  He’s sweet and smartest darn dog ever (well the mastiff is super smart too).  Both are adorable guys and can do fine in or outdoors.

I adopted my fluffy pup 2 years ago and his birthday is in august along with my son.  We didn’t plan to have him.  He’s my little "accident" and he’s a havanese!  About 13 pounds and happy, loving, and lively and an indoor dude.

My son has had asthma in the past (he’s growing out of it) but these dogs never caused any sneezing or wheezing at all. 


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since you live on a lake, what about a water loving dog like a retriever or portuguese water dog like the obamas?

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My mastiff loves water.  So does the havanese (little fluffball above) and the boston terrier.

All 3 of my boys would run and jump in a lake!  Simon the mastiff has done so and even in a shallow river once!

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Look into a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier!

My finance and I purchased a puppy last year – at the time we knew little about the breed but after doing our research we fell in love. They fit into your critera and are the CUTEST puppies ever. 

Medium Sized – 30-35lbs, Allergy-friendly (for visitors who can’t deal with pets), super social with other dogs and people, incredibly smart and energetic (loves going for decent walks), and they don’t shed (bonus). We crate trained her (in our 1000sq apt) since we both work all day and have had few issues. One thing to look out for is their breed typically does not like cats, but our dog has been around them since she was little so has had no probs! 

Since they are allergy-friendly dogs they come with a bit if a price tag if you buy them from a breeder or a pet store, they do have rescues in different areas, you may just have to be patient!  

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We used to have an English mastiff, and I think they would fit in perfectly in that sort of setting!  We had two (a boy and a girl) and they played really well with my sister and me (I was 4 or 5 when we got them).   My FH and I currently have an English bulldog, whom is the SWEETEST baby you will ever meet.  They aren’t mean at all and are very good with children.  If you live near a lake though, you might want to keep an eye on one as they don’t swim.  I might also recommend a Newfoundland.  They’re waterdogs and very very child friendly.  I was a toddler when we had one and he was one of my favorite dogs of all time.  My family currently also has three Scottish Terriers (brindle, black, and wheaten) and they get on pretty well by themselves during the day when they’re alone.  

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Sugar bee

I have a poodle so I am biased (but know you dont want a toy or teacup dog) but my aunt has Labradoodles and they are awesome!  Great with kids and other dogs, very friendly, doesnt shed and hypo-allergenic.  They have different sizes so a standard dog is huge but a smaller one is around 15-20 lbs.  Their large one is probably like 75 lbs and looks Bear in the Big Blue House 🙂

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Get a shelter mixed breed dog!  There are so many loving puppies and adult dogs that need homes, and they are just as wonderful as pure-bred dogs.  I have two pitbull mixes that are the loves of my life (besides my future husband of course 🙂 

Mixed breed dogs are less likely to have genetic problems too!  If you do set your mind on a certain breed, many shelters and rescue organizations have pure-bred dogs.   

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There are many english mastiff rescues nationwide too.

Many people don’t realize these little cute wrinkly faced pups grow up to be the sweetest gentle giants in the world!

Here’s one like my big huggy bear, Simon:


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I think you should go to a shelter and check them out. We got our pitbull from one and he is the best dog! No seriously, when we took him, one of the girls cried and the mail lady was there and said if something ends up happening where we can’t take care of him to call her and she will take him. I agree that there are so many dogs who would make amazing pets and they are stuck there.

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Based on your description, I would recommend a Newfoundland. Although the large size may scare you away from this breed, it is one that is worth looking into. Newfies are good tempered and are great with kids and meeting new people. They are probably the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. They are water loving dogs (almost too much). The main reason I recommend a newfy for you is that their activity level will probably fit your lifestyle. Unlike many smaller dogs that can be hyper all day long. Newfies are content as long as they get some activity on a regular basis. As a working dog they were bred to wait until instructed to do their job. So your newfy will lay around all day and be ready for a walk or swim when you get home. They are very smart and aren’t prone to anxiety, so with normal training to get through the puppy phase a newfy won’t eat all your furniture while you are at work. You may also want to look into bermese mountain dogs.


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Blushing bee

I don’t know how to post a picture but I know the pefect dog for your situation.  Google Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We rescued Berrigan over 2 years ago..he was a stud dog.  He is the smartest dog you’d ever meet and he is easy to live with. Literally, he was housebroken in 24 hours.  Also, he is happy to walk on a lead…would never bite or nip and if children get too much for him he just goes away.  Plus..he is beautiful.  It’s an expensive breed so I’d consider rescue but I promise you won’t be disappointed.  He’s not big at all but not a toy or mini breed…Oh and he travels really well.

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I would really caution anyone considering a newfoundland dog.

I own one and love him more than anything, but they are DEFINITELY not for everyone.

They do love kids, they are extremely gentle and kind when trained properly, and they are very loveable and cuddly. But you need to put a ton of time and effort into training.

Training classes 2x a week for the first 3+ months are a must, because your puppy will soon be 100+ pounds and incredibly strong – even my very well trained dog has knocked me on my butt because he was excited and wound up.

They are more expensive than your average dog. I have him professionally groomed every 4 weeks (around 100 dollars) as well as a thorough brushing every 2 days. He needs special food that runs me 120 dollars a month. Plus due to his weight (140 lbs) any vet treatments are very expensive (he got a skin infection and the treatment was over 300 dollars).

They drool (and anyone advertising a dry mouthed newf is lying through their teeth). I have to wipe his mouth a lot.

They shed a lot … like hair tumbleweeds floating around! 

I vacuum at least 2x a week, then during the "high shedding seasons" – spring and fall – it can be as much as every day. 

I would look into a labrador or golden retriever … they are very popular for a reason! 

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Somebody page Doctorgirl into the house on this one!! I think she has a Bernese!

Those are so cute!  But a boston terrier puppy is adorable too!  Look at this wittle face!  And this little (he’s brindle like my boston, Ringo) fella too!



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