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Sugar bee
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Well the good news is you have plenty of time to lose 25lbs! Honestly what worked for me was eating LESS.

I eat a healthy breakfast (1 cup of cottage cheese with some black berries or greek yogurt with blackberries or grapefruit) Then a salad for lunch, and for dinner I will have a protetin and a veggie.

I indulge in a glass of wine twice a week and I have ice cream once every two weeks because those are things I know I cant live without lol.

I have lost 15lbs since february just by cutting out things that I know are bad for me and make me FEEL bad after I eat them anyways. My problem is stepping up the workouts. I hate working out and I do it maybe twice a week. 

I use sparkpeople and “loseit” iPhone app. The app reminds you that you need to log a meal or workout. Its awesome!

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Busy bee
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I don’t know of any websites but..

I’ve done weight watchers – I found that yes, I was counting the points for what I was eating, but I was learning portion control and not to stuff myself with crap which I have a tendency to do.  I never went to the meetings or anything, I disciplined myself to stick to it and it worked.  My mother on the other hand did the meetings and found they were great for inspiration, motivation and dealing with a letdown on a week where you didn’t lose anything but was still trying.

One big thing I found – alcohol is a kicker.  I cut out any alcoholic drinks unless I was at a function, and I was careful to bank extra points when I knew it was coming.

No matter what way you choose to diet remember that you don’t want to cut food groups out – your body needs a little bit of everything.  Moderation and portion control are big. Don’t forget to treat yourself though so you don’t fall off the wagon.  I gave myself one day a week to eat what I wanted to eat without being too sticky.

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I use the website myplate.com to track my calories.  It’s a great website, they also have a blackberry app for $3. 

I’ve heard weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise, so it’s very important to keep track of your diet..

I’d LOVE to lose 10 more pounds by my wedding in October.. working hard at it.  Good luck!

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Busy bee
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I use http://caloriecount.about.com – it has like every dish imaginable on there, so it’s really convenient.  You can also add your own recipes and it’ll calculate the calories per serving based on the ingredients you use.  It’s been invaluable to me!

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Bumble bee
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I’m a big fan of Sparkpeople.com.  I use it to track everything I eat.  It has a lot of things already in there, so say if I eat an apple, I can just look that up and it will enter the nutrition info without me having to know it.  It does that with a lot of unusual name brand stuff too, and if it’s not in the database you can add it in manually and save that info.  For me, it automatically tracks calories, fat, carbs, and protein and then I set it to track iron and calcium too. 

You can also tell it “I currently weigh xxx and I want to weigh yyy by _____ date” and it will calculate how many calories you should have each day, with a min and max.  It is seriously  the best thing ever, and it’s how I got over a 3 month long hump and started losing weight again (and reached my goal, woo hoo!)  Now I have it set to maintain so I don’t have to worry about losing or gaining any weight after my final dress fitting.

There’s also a place to enter in your fitness.  You can track measurements, track your cardio minutes, and if you run or bike outside, you can use this thing they have set up through google maps to get an accurate mileage for your routes.

Can you tell I love it? 😉

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Helper bee
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Dailyplate is great for calorie counting. They work in conjunction with Livestrong and they have a lot of restaurants and fast food places that can’t even be found on weight watchers.  

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Busy bee
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I use livestrong.com they have a section on there called myplate so I’m not sure if it’s the same things others were talking about, but it keeps track of everything and you can put in what you did for exercise that day. 

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Another vote for Sparkpeople.com . Their website is fantastic and so is their iphone app. I find it really easy to navigate, find food, add recipes etc and I love all the little graphs that show how much you’ve eaten vs how much you’ve exercised. 

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Helper bee
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Im voting a million times for sparkpeople. Website is great. TONS of info and help on nutrition and fitness. You can track anything too! I log in numerous times a day it helps keep my diet and excersize in my mind. oh and its FREE!

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Sugar bee
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I love peertrainer.com along with fitday.com

(I lost 20 pounds!)

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Busy bee
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I like

http://www.caloriesperhour.com and


The first has tools to help you figure how many calories you need in a day, burn in a day etc. The second is great because they have nutrition information for almost everything including restaurants. Just some advice:

You will need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound.

Many things can affect the scale so don’t get discouraged if you gain a few lbs when you thought you did good that day/week.

Make sure you have enough protein! If you don’t losing weight can be harder.

Make sure you are eating enough calories to maintain your body’s functions. NEVER eat less than 1000/day.

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