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Honey bee

I would not worry about getting bigger. Women have to workout very hard, supplement and even then they will have a hard time building bulk.

Lifting weights, opposite of what many think, is a great way to lose weight because a heavy liftin session increases your metabolism for many hours to come as well as building muscle. The muscle you build takes up less space than fat on a per lb basis.  In addition, the added muscle helps you burn more calories at rest (IE while typing on wedding bee!)

That being said some of the best exercises you can do is functional training. Workouts that use all your body as well as HIIT cardio workouts (much better and more efficient than steady state cardio).


IE, run a lap, then do some burpees, a few squats, sit ups and repeat a few times. 

There are many variations of functional training and a lot of information on the web. a popular name brand of functional training is Cross Fit.  




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Helper bee
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The ArcTrainer…. burns a lot more calories then most cardio machines.

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Bumble bee
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@lefeymw: I agree! Lifting as heavy as you can while maintaining proper form is the best. That, combined with running on the treadmill (and outdoors) has worked wonders for me.

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Bumble bee
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I second everything @lefeymw: and@Theresa90405: have said.

Contrary to popular belief, women can’t really bulk up unless they’re supplementing and eating a very specific high-protein diet- we just don’t have enough testosterone

I combine heavy lifting and HIIT and have seen great results over the past year or so that I’ve been lifting heavy.

I second the recommendation the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I am on my second go-round through the program and I love it. I love lifting big weights with the men, but seeing my body get smaller and my muscles more defined.

The bottomline is calories in vs. calories out, but heavy lifting and HIIT have the advantage of ensuring that you continue to burn calories long after you finish your workout, whereas with steady state cardio your burn ends the moment you step off the treadmill/elliptical etc.

Having said all that, you ask what the best exercise is, and the answer is “the exercise that you enjoy,” because it’s only effective so long as you will actually do it consistently, and to do that you have to enjoy it. Good luck finding the right workout for you!

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Bumble bee
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Actually the bike is a great workout to do in between running. It’s less jarring on your joints. I actually felt my muscles would get leaner and less bulky on the bike compared to the elliptical, but maybe that is just me. 

Here is a spin workout you can do on a stationary bike.. trust me it is awesome! You can burn up to 450 calories and im usually drenched after i finish. 

Time What to do RPM RPE (1-10)

0-5 Warm up at a moderate pace 80 4

5-9 Increase resistance every minute 60 7-9

9-11 spin easy to recover 80 5

11-12 Increase pace and resistance 100-120 7-8

12-13 spin easy to recover 8 05
13-17 Repeat minutes 11-13 twice 80-120 5-8

17-29 Repeat minutes 5-17 once 60-120 5-9

29-30 Cool down easy or do the bonus workout 60 4

30-31 Increase resistance 60 8

31-32 Decrease resistance, increase space 100 8-9

32-33 spin easy to recover 80 5

33-39 Repeat minutes 30-33 twice 60-100 5-9

39-40 Cool down easy 80 4



EDIT: SOrry it was in an excel format so it got kinda confusing when posted! Message me if you want an easier copy!

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Honey Beekeeper
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For me the best thing was a personal trainer.  If you can’t afford that, I think that group classes are your best option because you don’t have to think about it and they work all parts of your body.  I would try spinning because you can control your own intensity and pilates which is low impact and great for toning.

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Busy bee
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Doing any kind of cardio will NOT make you hippy. In fact the bike will burn the fat that may be stored there as it is. Cardio is sooo very important for weight loss. Theres many different options, elliptical, rowing, biking, treadmill (walking, jogging, incline, etc), swimming. You also must add strength training because muscle is what is burning those calories, both exercising and at rest. So the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. The key is to find something you like doing. I lost weight by basically always doing some kind of exercise. I walked to school, came home and ran on my treadmill, then took my dog for a walk. On top of that I also restricted my diet bigtime. The weight literally fell off but I was very determined.

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