(Closed) Best food storage for freezing and reheating? (tupperware etc) + recipe request

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  • poll: What kind of container do you use to freeze and reheat meals?
    Tupperware or name brand containers : (3 votes)
    17 %
    glass or pyrex containers : (8 votes)
    44 %
    disposable options are fine (ziploc, rubbermade) : (5 votes)
    28 %
    other, please describe in comments : (2 votes)
    11 %
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    Bumble bee

    i love my pyrex sets! but not sure if you can put them in the freezer

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    We freeze a lot of food. Normally every time we cook we freeze half!

    Our favorite way to freeze is actually in Ziploc baggies. We use them for everything except soups (which go in glass pyrex dishes). When it’s time to reheat the food, we rip the bag open and put it on a plate to microwave. Food doesn’t ever taste frost bitten or anything.

    For casseroles, we freeze in glass containers, then we defrost them for a day in the fridge. Then they go straight into the oven.

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    You can freeze and reheat in both the plastic and glass storage containers; however, plastic supposedly emits chemicals and such when it’s heated up. I’m slowly replacing all my plastic with glass for this reason!

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    The only problem with freezing in plastic tupperware is that you cannot put that in the microwave (plastic melts, bpa, etc). You’d have to defrost is completely then transfer it to something else to go into the oven or freezer.

    @MrsJVP PS glass pyrex dishes are perfect in the freezer.

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    I’ve used everything in the freezer, pyrex, disposable and non-disposable plastics. If I use plastic, I try to remember to take it out to thaw in the morning so I don’t have to heat it to get it out of the container. But I have microwaved plastic containers too (though I check to see if it’s microwave safe before I do it). Glass is a better option, but then you have to be careful if you overstuff the fridge like me that if it falls out it doesn’t break!

    I also use ziploc bags for things too, can just rip them off easily.

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    I use freezer bags for just about everything, it didn’t even occur to me to use a plastic or glass container until very recently!  I’ve ladled soup, sauces, etc. Into bags and it’s always been fine…just thaw it out and pour it into whatever. I love cooking big batches of meatballs and sauce on a Sunday and freezing the rest!

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    We invested in a vacuum machine and it is the best! I can keep things like soups, pastas, veggies, and baked goods for months. If we find a good deal on meat I can also buy in bulk and freeze it for up to a year. I pre-freeze liquids in tupperwares and then put the bricks in the vacuum bags. I take the food out of the bags before re-heating.

    Considering how many gladwares we would have had to buy to store the quantity of food I’ve put away, the machine paid back pretty quickly and I’ve used way less space in my freezer…not to mention space in my cabinets once I defrost the food 🙂

    If you do use plastic tupperware/gladware, one tip that I had to learn from the whole food brick making thing is that you can turn on the hot water and run it over the sides of the container for a few seconds. It will thaw the outer layer of the food and you can pop it right out for reheating.

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    Sorry didn’t vote, because you didn’t really have that option


    There are lot of plastic food storage products on the market… Rubbermaid, Ziploc, Glad and Tupperware are the big names in this biz.  All make products that can go in the microwave… although like other Bees I try to do this as little as possible, now that we know so much more about BPAs.

    BUT the advantage of plastic over glass containers for this purpose is the initial investment upfront is less (plastic is cheap)… you don’t have to worry about breakage (things can get shoved around in your freezer, and breaking glass in your Freezer, Fridge, Microwave, Oven or on the Stovetop ALWAYS sucks).  Plastic containers are easy to pack and go (say to work, school or for a friend)… because they are cheap, you don’t have to worry so much about giving them away or misplacing them.

    Tupperware costs more than the ones you can buy in any store… BUT Tupperware is guaranteed for life.  If you crack something etc, they’ll replace it for FREE.  If you lose a lid, you can buy a new one etc.  Tupperware also pretty much out performs the other products when it comes to food storage (so less food wasteage… less freezer burn, and veggies etc last longer in their containers).  Tupperware has kept up with the times and they offer some really really pretty pieces for the Fridge, Freezer & Pantry… this is NOT YOUR MOTHER’S TUPPERWARE.

    Ziploc Bags are also great.  Especially if you want to freeze small individual quantities… such as buying a value package of chicken breasts (ie 8 in a pack works out to be usually cheaper than 2 in a pack per breast).  Then bring them home and just ziploc each breast seperately.  Same for steaks, chops, etc.

    We also have bigger heavier quality Ziploc Bags that if the Butcher should do a sloppy job of wrapping in Butcher Paper (the reddish paper) I can always toss the package into a Ziploc bag to ensure that the food stays fresh.

    Ziploc Bags are also handy in the Pantry.  Open a box of crackers, and wrap the remains in a ziploc bag, so they’ll be just as fresh the next time you reach for them (I just tuck the stack back into the box from which they came).

    As for recipes…

    The Beginners List I would say would have to include…

    Spaghetti Sauce – Chili – and Soup.

    All 3 of these are easy enough to muddle thru… and pretty healthy when homemade.  Mr TTR and I make Chili a couple times a year, a double batch… it nets us aprox 24 Cups or about 6 Medium Sized 4 Cup Freezer Containers.  So at 2 Cups per serving, about 12 Servings (another one 4 Cup container feeds the 2 of us for Lunch as is, or for Dinner with a Side).  Like another Bee said we just take it out of the Freezer to defrost ahead of time in the fridge… or a quick spin in the microwave / swish in hot water, to release the sides, and then plop it in either a microwave safe bowl / container, or reheat it on the stove.  Quick and easy.  Lol, sadly tho, I find that the chili is sooo good that it doesn’t last long… and before you know it I gotta make another batch)

    Hope this helps,

    PS… As for Recipes… I cannot emphasis enough how great The Joy Of Cooking is… this is an investment book that will last you a lifetime.  TONS of great info for Beginner Cooks right up to advanced stuff.  Info on Equivalents – Cuts of Meat – Food Prep – Food Storage – Fruits & Pastas – Grains – Entertaining – Drink Recipes – Stocking a Kitchen – Stocking a Pantry… LOTS and LOTS of great stuff, including easy to follow Recipes that can make anyone a much much better cook.  Pretty much the last Cookbook you’ll ever have to buy !!


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    I’ve read so much stuff about plastic and my mom made me terrified of using plastic because of the all of the crap that she read about it emitting cancer causing toxins, so I’ve strictly registered for Pyrex dishes.

    If you do get them, I recommend getting the ones with the no-leak lids. They are a lot better than the regular old pyrex. But you can microwave, freeze, etc. the Pyrex dishes. We’ve been using them for years. 

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    We use Frigoverre Fun by Bormioli. It’s an Italian glassware company that makes glass storage containers with heavy duty plastic lids. They have them at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls (but we’ve had to stop in regularly to grab the few they have each time and build up our collection). I love them because they are incredibly durable, easy to use for freezing and microwaving, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are surprisingly cheap (if you buy them at the stores I suggested). The smaller ones are usually 5 dollars and the bigger ones are about 7 dollars. They are cute too! 🙂


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