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I highly reccomend reading the book : Taking Charge of your Fertility

Get to know your cycles. You could use natural family planning as a non hormonal way to control pregnancy and also couple the efforts with condoms ( or spermicide , sponge) during your fertile and non fertile times to be on the safe side ( assuming you are not wanting babies right now).

Alot of the popular methods do contain hormones wehether they are oral or vaginal.

Best of luck! I was a virgin until marriage, and all is well 🙂 We have used Natural family planning with condoms and have also used birth control pills.


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Not a doctor here, but I believe Mirena is generally recommended for women who already have children.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t had any side effects from hormonal brith control pills, well, except bigger boobs and better skin, but that’s not a problem! So I wouldn’t be scared off by other people’s bad experiences unless you have a particular reason to think it would be bad for you, like being a smoker or having heart issues.

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Many doctors won’t put in Mirena until after you have had a baby because it is the changes in the cervix (since Mirena goes all the way into the uterus) that is more important. I LOVE my NuvaRing, I have had no side effects that I have noticed and don’t have to remember take it everyday. If you are totally against hormones, Natural Family planning is an option, but it takes work more than popping a pill or whatever. From what I have read, it is mostly affective, but you have to actually follow it, if you just half way do it, you better be ready for a baby. Then again, that is a chance if you don’t correctly use any form of BC, it is just more involved. There is a book called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” I believe, lots of other Bees reccomend it. 

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Also… whether or not you are planning to have children and when you are would factor in to the decision as well. Would you be okay with a method where you are 90% protected or would you want to be 99% protected?


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I never had any problems with the pill, FWIW. Good luck finding the one that’s right for you!

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Try out the minipill. Most horror stories are caused by the estrogen in the reg pill. The minipill is estrogen-less

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I think Mirena is only available to women who have already had a baby.  There are other IUD options for those who have not.  I have been on various hormonal birth control pills, patches, and shots for the past 12 years.  I have never had any ill side effects on any form of hormones.  Many people do have issues, so it might be best to talk to your gyn/women’s health provider to get more guidance on what might be best for you.

I am currently off birth control, and we use condoms as our main method of pregnancy prevention.  I had no issues coming off the pill, and my cycles regulated within about 3 months.  No matter what type of b.c. you end up using, I highly reccommend using condoms in addition (it seems a bit overkill, but that’s what I have always done- it makes him “last longer” if you know what I mean!!)  If you’re not ready for babies, it’s better safe than sorry!  Wrap it before you tap it!  Bag it before you tag it!  Put on a slicker before you stick her!  Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!  Hahaha, jk 😛

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I wouldn’t be too scared of birth control pills.  I’ve taken them for 11 years and never had a side effect.  Same with my sister and many of my friends.  Your doctor can try to recommend the best one for you/your body.  For example, I didn’t want a progesterone-based one because I was worried about gaining weight.

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I LOVE The NuvaRing! If you dont want to be taking a pill everyday I recommend it. I have taken LOTS of different kinds of BC pills, and some are fine and some just made me have different reactions. The NuvaRing for me is by far the best option! 

Every BC pill is different for different people! You just have to try them out, know yourself and be truthful with your dr.  

Ya I wanted to get the IUD about 2 years ago, I even scheduled an appointment. Then my Fiance had mentioned it at work and all his co-workers had shared horror stories, so he begged me not to get it. This is when I tried the NuvaRing and I am glad I did. my favorite so far!  one more year of BC then we will start having kids! YAY just have to wait until we are married.

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Many doctors WILL let you get Mirena or Paraguard even if you haven’t had children.  Many nulliparous women have an IUD.  Would your husband-to-be be willing to use condoms for a short time until you feel ready to go through with a full pelvic exam and IUD insertion?

As previous posters have said, NuvaRing is also an option, though getting it in place could be tricky if you’re not used to having things in that area.

Personally, I use the pill and I’m very happy with it.   

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I have had close to no side effects from hormonal birth control. I also waited till marriage, and while I initially started the pill to help with my cycle, it was great going into marriage already regulated and protected. 🙂

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Natural Family Planning and Charting is def a great place to start but you have to be dedicated to it and i would give it a few cycles before you actually use it as a form of birth control. It def takes time to learn your cycles and when or when not to have sex.

As far as the pill or IUD goes..so many women use those and have no problems and you really will never know until you try and figure out what works best for you.  I was on the pill for a good 2 years before getting married and I switched brands a couple times before i realize i just cannot have the extra hormones. I was one of the people that had trouble with the pill – it made my body all sorts of crazy and gave me dark spots on my face (like a pregnancy mask except i wasnt pregant!) so once i got married i stopped taking the pill. I chart but i dont really use it as a form of birth control…i hope charting will help me get pregnant when the time is right. For now we just pull and pray – that works for us, but not everyone. We have been married just over a year so if we were to get pregnant we would be ready and excited which is why pull and pray is ok for us though i would highly suggest avoiding that method if you absolutely do not want to get pregnant.

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I would also recommend looking into Natural family planning.  I’m one of those people who did expereince negative side effects from taking hormaonal supplements for my skin.  Most of these came after I stopped taking the pill and realized that it had messed up my cycle pretty bad and resulted in dysmenorrhea.  My former obgyn recommended I get back on the pill, but knowing I wanted to eventually have children I didn’t want to mess anything up any more.  I found an obgyn who only recommends NFP and she helped me find other ways to go about getting my cycle back on track and my husband and I found an NFP class to learn about the method.  Like some people said before, it does take commitment but I personally really like being knowledgeable about what’s going on with my body.  

If you were interested in doing this, they do suggest you start taking the class at least 3 months before your wedding so you can become knowledgeable about your cycle before you “put it to use.”  

Good luck with everything!  

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LOVE my Nuva Ring!  I’ve been on different versions of the pill, and everything works differently for everyone, but if you don’t want to worry about taking something every day, you should look into the ring!

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