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Another vote for Nuvaring.  I prefer it to the pill because I don’t have to remember it every day and have never had side effects.  Thinking that the Mirena would be even easier, I had that inserted about two years ago.  First off, I was not a virgin and the insertion was incredibly painful (and I’ve never found pelvic exams to be a problem).  It was so bad that I actually threw up (yeah, I know my low pain tolerance doesn’t bode well for having kids…).  The much bigger problem though was that it gave me CRAZY acne which I’d never had before.  It seems to be a very common side effect.  I had to get it removed last month in the hope that my skin will be back to normal in time for my wedding in November (hoping & praying!!!).

@jassyb:  It’s like a tampon in that you can’t feel it, but it’s a jelly ring that sits a little higher so you really shouldn’t be able to notice it.  I’ve never had any trouble removing.  

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I’m on orthotrycyclin-lo pills and I havn’t had any side effects, but you should talk to your doctor about different pill brands. I waited a good month to let the hormones do their thing before Fiance and I became intimate.

Maybe you can evey try the patch, so you won’t worry about taking a pill everyday.

Just remember, if you’re taking antibiotics or you start a new exercise/diet routine, it can effect your birth control, so make sure you abstain or have a backup plan during those times.

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I would recommend BeYaz birth control pills. Have had no side affects.

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I LOVE the nuva ring!! it is so easy, put it in leave in for 3 weeks and then take out for one week, then do it all over again! I suck at reminding to take somethign everyday at the same time, and i truly hate taking pills! i am so glad that my doc told me to try the nuva ring becuase at first i was like what?? But i love it so so much! I have thought about the shot, but i dont think i want to wait 5 years to have kids! Hope you find the one that works for you, but everyone i know loves the nuva ring just as much as me!!


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hmm I know women who have never had children that are happy with Mirena

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I’ve also taken the pill for years now with no side effects. Only 1 added benefit – it helps my skin stay clearer. Other than that, haven’t noticed a thing.

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We use natural family planning. I had heard mixed things about hormonal birth controls so we decided we’d rather do something that worked with the natural cycles of my body. It’s not for everyone, but it’s been good for us. We use the Billings method, but I’ve heard a lot of recommendations for the book, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”. Since you’re not getting married until December, you’d have plenty of time to learn how to chart your cycles. If it seems too complicated after several months of charting, you’d still have time to switch to something else.

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What have you decided to do? I agree with reading the book Taking Charge of your Fertility…. great book, loads of information.

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Nuvaring.  I’ve been on it for 4 years, and the only complication I’ve had was I had to go off of it for 2 months when I was underweight due to a stomach condition.  

Unlike other BCs I’ve tried

The Shot (Depo Provera) – Bled for 9 months (only 6 I was actually on the shot)

The Patch (Ortho Evra) – My joints started becoming extremely weak, and my moods were sporadic and not very nice.


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OP I have taken the pill for years no problems. What kind of horror stories are you refering to just out of curiosity. I think it would be helpful in giving you advice if we know what you considered a horror story..

IE is it loss of sex drive or loss of fertility or something inbetween knowing what is a factor for you can help us direct you towards either more accurate information or a better option for you. 

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I started on the pill at age 13 (very much a virgin!) and once I found the right one it was smooth sailing. Keep in mind that finding the right one can take time, so if you want to be happy with your pill for your wedding night you may want to start now. Bonus – you’ll know when your period is coming/be able to skip it so that you don’t have an extra worry on your wedding day!

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When I was younger the dr put me on Yasmin because of really heavy periods…we tried a few pills before that and I seemed to have some side-effects from those. Any friends of mine who are on Yas or Yasmin seem to feel the same, that it’s side-effect free.

I’ve heard about the implanon too. My dr recommends this for me as I take antibiotics regularly due to having pretty much no immune system. I don’t know how I feel about that though…

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I’m in the same boat as you right now, OP.  I was really worried about hormonal birth control, but my wedding is in 3 months so I went to talk to my doctor about options.  He told me all about sprermicide and condoms combined.  But then he also told me about the pill.  He gave me a low dose pill and explained all the possible side effects, but said that the only ones people usually see are just a regulated period.  PLUS you can chart it out to avoid having your period on your honeymoon which is great 🙂

I suggest you go and talk to your doctor about more options.

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I used the Nuvaring for a month, but it just didn’t stay in place and I had to like… push it back in every time I peed or anything and it just drove me nuts so I switched to an IUD (Paraguard, so no hormones) – it might be worth trying Nuvaring, to see if it works for you.  As far as pills… would you remember to take them? Do you have any pills you take daily now? I know I switched because I was worried my BC pills were no longer effective due to my human error, but I didn’t have issues with them in and of themselves

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I haven’t had any problem with my pill so far. I’m taking a generic version of Junel. But then my sister took Loloestrin and had a ton of problems with it. It’s just different for everyone.

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