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@Soon2bMrsMay: Is this for real? Have you ever heard the quote, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Your friend is no friend. She sounds like a competitive, jealous and insecure person.

What to do? You can forgive her and wish her well and then send her swiftly out of your life.

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I used to have these people in my life in my younger years, and ya know what? They aren’t there anymore. Toxic.toxic.toxic!! This girls isn’t your friend but is jealous. It’s totally normal to sometimes envy something somebody else has, but this takes it to an awful level.

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Are your sister and your friend the same person? How is it possible that these stories are the exact same? You don’t have to interact with any of these people!

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@redheadem:  I noticed the same thing. Hmm, something isn’t quite right here…

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she is not angry at you.  she is angry at herself.  jealous people who act that way are like that because they can’t make it happen for themselves. 

she will never be happy until she changes her attitude.  i am sure that you work very hard to achieve what you have (house, etc) and not everyone knows how hard you work for these things.  some people just feel entitled that it should just fall in their laps.  sounds like she is one of them.

she is toxic.  i wouldn’t waste much time on her.  you should surround yourself with positive, supportive friends.  she is not one of them.

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@onepercent:  bit of a skeptic myself 🙂

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 Oh I can relate with having a jealous friend.  One of my girlfriends pulled some crazy stunts as well when we got engaged and it got worse as the wedding events unfolded. I suggest distanting yourself and don’t have her part of your wedding party.  Sorry you have to deal with this nonsense during a happy time in your life. Congrats on your engagement.  Feel free to PM anytime.

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WOW she has problems and is NOT your friend.  I think its time to move away from this friendship and what ever you do dont have her in your wedding party! what a nightmare that would be!  A true friend would be 100% supportive, even if a little jealous she would do her best to hide it. 

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@Dell79:  Me too…These stories are just really similar. If that’s really the case, and you’ve got *both* of these people in your life, that sucks. Get rid of the friend, and ignore the sister. 

I hesitate to question that you’ve got two people in your life who are angry at you for being happy…but…are you *absolutely* positive you aren’t bragging? I’m not trying to be mean, but to have two people (whose relationships you’ve trash talked and clearly been hardcore judging) who are supposed to be close to you angry because your life is good is suspect. Maybe it’s something you don’t think about, just a slight lack of tact. I mean, if I know my friend doesn’t like talking about her relationship or mine, and she’s unhappy, I probably wouldn’t call her to talk about how happy I am. That doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it might explain it…

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I had a toxic friend as well. She is not so bad as yours, but certainly could not be happy for me when I got engaged. Every time oThor the girls in our circle gets engaged or married or haschina by, she takes it personally, as if we are scheduling our major life events around making her feel inadequate.  A few months ago, I cut the cord, and I have no regretted it. I encourage you to do the same.  

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so you have a  toxic crazy sister and now a toxic crazy best friend? 


she even sent me a LIST of why she “hates” talking to me

good, so you dont have to do anything but lose her number and move on

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Theres nothing you can do about it but wait it out…When we first got engaged, I was elated, and quite a few people were very jealous…Heck, even I’ve been the one with the attitude towards a friend before…it hurts when your relationship/life isn’t going the way you want it to, and someone elses is…I think you just have to wait it out…once your friends leaves this bum, and finds a great guy who makes her happy she won’t be so envious of you and your blessings! Congrats on your engagement and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post bling pics!!!!

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@Soon2bMrsMay:  Whoah. That is not a friend. I never, ever say this, but she is a jealous person with a lot of negativity in her life. I say surround yourself with some more positive, uplifting people that can be happy for you. You don’t need that kind of drama, especially while you’re planning a wedding.

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First of all, dump the friend and move on. 

Secondly, now that you have showed off the ring and have hopefully been joyous in your engagement, I would calm down on the wedding front. If your date is correct, you’ve got such a long time to be engaged and plan. It seems like you’ve got a couple of bad egg relationships going on, and if you want to rebuild those relationships, you should work on that and not focus on either your sister or friend’s weddings. 

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