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What make and model do you drive? 2018 GMC Yukon

How safe is it? Super safe! One of the reasons we got it. I‘m really impressed with th extra safety features the car has, things like making sure you stay in your lane and putting you back if you ever off.  

How long have you had it/how long do you plan to drive it? February will make 1 year. Plan to keep it probably until the loan is up (6 years) and then reassess. 

Does it work well with kids? First kid coming in March but the 2nd row is super large, so if you have a deep infant car seat (like I do) it doesn’t affect the person in the front 

How is gas mileage? Not so great lol I get 16.5 mpg

Do you have room for kids/groceries/sporting stuff, etc.? Yes, and my 100 lb dog 😊

What would you change about your car? The trunk storage with the 3rd row up isn’t great. It’s just enough for a load of groceries, but nothing substantial. Depending on how many kids we have, I would consider the Yukon XL next time

What made you choose this particular vehicle? I drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee prior and we wanted something larger. I love the way the Yukon looks.



All of that being said, I also test drove the Volkswagen Atlas and LOVED it. It was probably close to 1/2 the price (depending on upgrades and whatnot). I would highly suggest checking that out. I have two friends with Toyota Highlanders also, and they love theirs.  Good luck OP!

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sarathemermaid :  Mines white! That was my must-have color. And my husband wanted the brown leather interior so we had to get the Limited for that I think. I’ll never use the 4wd but he just HAD to have it loaded. The only thing I didn’t get that I wanted was the retractable running boards. First world problems. 

And yes, they’re stupid expensive, but he pays for it so I can’t complain. Lol

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I’m going to argue for a sedan (one you have!) for now, and try to do a cost benefit after evaluating your true needs. The true utility of a larger vehicle depends on how many kids you plan to have, and when. Also, you and your husband may need to drop your kids off to different schools/daycares, so they may not even be in the same car most of the time. Hybrid and electric SUVs keep getting cheaper with increased range, so waiting it out a year or two may make sense if your needs aren’t super clear yet. 

We don’t have an SUV, and even with a second kid on the way we figure we are okay with our two sedans. Our Model S is unlike any other sedan though so I’ll answer your questions anyway. It’s probably the safest car out there with amazing automation and safety features, certainly the cheapest in terms of maintenance, it’s roomy enough for us to camp in (we can fit an inflatable queen mattress by pushing down the seats!), we get free car pool access.. it’s great for road trips, supercharging stations are free and fast! Also, it makes stopping for gas seem like such a major hassle these days, where all we need is to park it, plug it, and it charges itself when electricity rates are the lowest. It came with the option of 2 kids seats in the back (in addition to the standard 5) but we decided against it, probably a mistake in hindsight. So, it’s a fantastic family car that can outrun a Ferrari.

ETA: All of which is not to say that a car with a 6 figure price tag works for everyone, but rather to maybe list features you will value in a car, so you can see if an SUV is truly giving you the advantages you care about vs a sedan you may already have. 

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jayrock :  I have a Nissan Rogue and live in eastern Canada where we get a lot of snow. I love my vehicle, but I do find it a little small when we are loaded up to go somewhere and I’d probably go with a murano next time!

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sarathemermaid :  I did try out the X3 also but felt it was too big for me. The X1 was just the right size for me if I wanted to go to an SUV cross-over.  You won’t be sorry if you get one!  🙂

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sarathemermaid :  My friend had an X1, and it didn’t fit her baby’s carseat and they had to sell it. The new ones might be more roomy, though.

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jayrock :  We are TTC and live in Canada, we got the Rogue with the SV tech package, and I am obsessed! We live in AB and it’s hella cold, love the heated steering wheel, mirrors and seats <3

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mrswannabemomma :  

anev :  


Thanks for your feedback! We’re gonna test drive the CRV this weekend too.

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sarathemermaid :  We have two Acuras, a 2013 TL (4-door sedan) and a 2013 RDX (small SUV). I kind of hate the RDX (it feels like a glorified sedan, not an SUV) so my husband drives it. Some things to consider when you are close to making a decision to purchase:

1. If it has a push-button to start the car, is there a convenient/accessible spot for your keys/key fob? Our RDX does not have slot for the key fob, but our TL does. Weird and inconvenient. 

2. Do each of the front doors have comfortable arm rests with ample storage? Our RDX has a small cubby hole on the driver’s side arm rest (on the door) but the passanger’s side does not have one. Weird and incovenient.

3. Is there dual temperature controls for the front seats? My hubby is always cold and turn up the heat to high, while I’m always warm and keep it in the 60’s.

4. Are there vents for the back rows that can be independently controlled? You want to cool the car, but not necessarily blast AC on your infant.

5. Check for blind spots in the back and in the front. I rented a 2017 or 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee in October and the frame/side mirrors in the front were MASSIVE; the blind spot was the size of a Mini Cooper. Yikes!

6. Does the center console have a good spot to rest your phone? And a place to plug it in to charge it? Make sure it doesn’t slide around and potentially fall out during turns or sudden stops.

7. What is the size of the gas tank? Our RDX, the mini SUV, only has a 16 gallon gas tank and we are constantly filling it up (and I hate going to the gas station). The TL, our sedan, has an 18.5 gallon tank which is much nicer because it lasts for a long while. 

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What make and model do you drive? BMW x1 

How safe is it? Safe enough

How long have you had it/how long do you plan to drive it? We’ve had it for 2.5 years but will be getting something else right before I’m due in May. 

Does it work well with kids? For one baby, it’s fine with a bucket seat. Convertible seat…not so much. Two kids? We’re not even going to try.

How is gas mileage? I think mid- to upper-20s? Not fantastic.

Do you have room for kids/groceries/sporting stuff, etc.? Yes. Hatchback is roomy and great. Seats fold down super easily.

What would you change about your car? I don’t like how BMW makes the back seats like buckets because it just smooshes you into the middle. There needs to be more space in the backseat to accomodate convertible car seats. Other than that, not much. Pre-kid I loved this car.

What made you choose this particular vehicle? This was my husband’s pick. It’s our only car, but it’s mainly his, and he’s been in BMWs for awhile. I think I’ve talked him out of it for the next one though! I want to check out the Subaru Ascent and the VW Atlas.

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What make and model do you drive? 2018 BMW X5

How long have you had it/how long do you plan to drive it? Maybe 3 or 4 years.  Or until the warranty runs out.  We bought a five year service plan with it.

Gas mileage? Better than my last car . Probably 6 litres per 100kms. It had the stop start engine which I think helps heaps 

Does it work well with kids? Yes.  It’s amazing.  Lots of room,  hardy leather interior,  great kids sun blinds in the back that are retractable,  DVD player…

Do you have room for kids/groceries/sporting stuff, etc? Yes.  

What made you choose this particular vehicle? I love the luxury inclusions , safety features and I could choose the third row of seats which is handy

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