Best time of year to have a baby?

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Blushing bee
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I have a June baby and I like it. Birthday is almost halfway to Xmas, he can have a birthday party outside but still before friends all leave for summer holidays. I’d like to have another spring/early summer baby if that’s how things work out (if we ever have another). So TTC starting in July sounds like pretty perfect timing to me 

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Sugar bee

Being the youngest in your class sucks. That being said, timing your pregnancy is a crapshoot. 

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Busy bee

Any season/month as long as it’s a take home baby. We had two miscarriages prior to getting our rainbow and I wouldn’t care if I was pregnant in the hottest summer or giving birth in a blizzard.  

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Helper bee
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Teachers’s perspective, if it’s a boy in particular…. and a summer baby: hold them back in pre school and let them be the oldest. I’m a girl (obvi?) and was the oldest and I am thankful, as was my husband. I can literally pick out my middle school boys in a line up that are young for their grade without fail. It is so easy to tell in academics, behavior and sports

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Bumble bee
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Literally anytime of year would be the best time. Seriously. I’m almost to 2.5 years of trying so as long as I can actually get pregnant and have a baby whenever they would be born would be the perfect time. 

So in my infertile mind, it’s not about a choice of WHEN to that a baby. I just hope that it happens. 

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For us we found a sweet spot right at the end of summer to start trying like July August September. Both of my boys were conceived August-September and born in May (birthdays 9 days apart) both pregnancies. I missed being pregnant in the heat of summer and wasn’t super pregnant I. Winter but did have to get a new winter coat to accommodate my belly. this timing  worked perfectly for us but we also just got pregnant when we got pregnant luckily for us.

For some it can take quite some time to concieve so I wouldn’t worry about it too too much unless you’re specifically trying to avoid a late birthday for school purposes which CAN be really annoying once you get there (my best friend’s daughter has a late birthday and her school won’t let her test up to skip until she finishes 1st grade)

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Buzzing Beekeeper

LO’s a March baby and I thought the timing was all kinds of wonderful. And our birthdays are just 2 days apart, which I love! 🤗

That said, we didn’t think of time of year at all when we decided to start NTNP. We didn’t even know what month I’d be due until after I found out I was pregnant. It’ll the same if (big if) we ever try for #2.

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Bumble bee
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mel2 :  Yeah I’m kinda glad we ended up having a spring baby. My pregnancy was terrible for so many reasons but not being hot for very long was a blessing because feeling hot made things even worse nauseawise. I already run warm. I’m a legs out of the blanket with 2 fans and AC running warm person. Opening the windows in December because the baby made me even hotter was so helpful lol. Obviously I don’t know if that will be the case for you but it was for me lol. 

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Buzzing bee
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I agree with PP about insurance. I got pregnant in January and delivered in October. So glad to have all our prenatal and delivery bills in one calendar year! We have a $15,000 family max out of pocket 🙄🙄🙄 and I would hate to work towards that twice in two separate years. 

That said, of course it’s all a crapshoot anyway!

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Buzzing bee
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Dr_dazzle :  I sure hope so too ❤️❤️❤️ Sending you all the good vibes!

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Buzzing bee

I’d say 9 months after you conceive. If you’re lucky enough to time it, i’d Want to do it all in one insurance year. That could save you thousands not having to max out two years in a row. I think weather is a crapshoot, at least in the Midwest. I was born end of April in a blizzard. My friend had a baby near thanksgiving and it was 60 and sunny out. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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Like others have said…the best time is whatever works with your jobs/insurance. A baby brings their own challenges no matter what time of year – they’re just different challenges depending on the season. 

We did “Plan” it because we were only TTC in certain months. Our jobs are both specialized and don’t really allow a replacement. DH’s job requires a lot of travel, mostly international. I obviously can’t have a baby when he’s out of the country for work. Likewise I’m self employed and contractually obligated to my clients 12+ months in advance. Could I call up my bride, tell them I’m pregnant, and back out of their wedding? I could…technically it’s within my contract. That being said I wouldn’t becuase I don’t feel it’s the right thing to do. For that reason we were committed to only trying in certain months – even if it meant taking longer. As someone who tried over a year and had two losses it sucked but it was what it was. 

My baby was born in the spring and it was nice because my busy season hadn’t kicken in, I also turned down a lot of jobs because I knew I wouldn’t be ready that early. The major downside was not getting to enjoy summer because he was still too little for sunscreen and it was just too hot outside. We normally spend a lot of time boating and at the beach, which was super hard with the baby.

Personal preference would have been a winter baby. Yeah it’s cold and flu season but I’d rather be hunkered down inside with my baby the first couple of months but have him old enough to enjoy summer.

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Bumble bee
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I have a December baby and an October baby and preferred the December timeframe. We have cold winters and it was nice being hermits. That being said if it was my second I probably would have gone crazy being stuck inside! I wouldn’t choose a summer baby since you essentially miss summer with a newborn.

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Helper bee
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My sister made the cut off at school by 8 hours so she was the youngest that should be in her grade based on the deadline. She’s about to graduate with a 4.0 and is going on to pursue a biology degree to later on attend medical school. Success is far more specific to the child than their age in relation to their peers. I wouldn’t let how old they are in school effect it too much. I will say though I love having an April birthday(:

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Bee Keeper
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brideandblue :  This is absolutely true. I teach, and I think a parent – if they’re being honest with themselves – can usually tell if a child is ready for Kindergarten or whether they should be held back to be an older child in the grade. Schools do tend to be very strict now, not allowing ANY child who did not turn five before September 1, so a lot of kids turn six in the fall and winter now (which was unusual when I was a kid).

My son’s birthday is in August, and he is one of the youngest in his class. He’s an honor society student, does well socially and happens to be 6’3″ with a full beard as a Junior (though he was the same height and had the beard as a Sophomore, too). He has never stuck out as young for his grade; if anything, he is mistaken for being one of the oldest. So it all depends on the child. That said, many boys do take longer to mature than girls, and in cases like that it can be a disadvantage for them to be younger for their grade. And them getting their driver’s license later can be a disadvantage, too. Either way, though, it wouldn’t be an issue in terms of TTC for me. 

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