(Closed) Best Way to Bring Up Sensitive Issues…Like Weight Gain

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Maybe he’s depressed? Some men go through the same thing women do when their bodies go downhill because of lack of exercise and eating the wrong things. It’s hard to get motivated when someone else in the household has the energy of the energizer rabbit and you just feel so blah all the time. I would just ask him gently if he feels okay, start the conversation there, and ask him if he feels like going for a walk in the neighborhood… start it slow, and make it fun, and maybe it’ll kick start his gym regimen again.

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@happyface:  I was wondering the same.  I’m not a doctor but he sounds kind of depressed.

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@Dizbee:  try comming at it as supportive for him….not that you dont like that hes gained weight, maybe there is another issue behind him not going to the gym, do NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER, come at him like it is just because its him “being lazy” ask him if everything is ok, if something is bothering him do not focus on his physical apperance, maybe he has more on his mind than the gym…..and instead of you harping about his weight maybe he needs you to be supportive and say something like ” you seem unhappy lately, you used to be happier when you worked out all the time, is something bothering you, do you want to talk about it, i just want you to be happy”….because honestly comming at him with only talking about the gym and how he needs to go, maybe making him think that you are a superficial nag….( i know it sounds harsh, but seriously i have alot of guy friends and they feel those pressures too)…..maybe he hurt himself and is trying to be tough about it, you dont know just please dont assume the only reason he is not going is because he is lazy….how would you feel if the roles were reversed??? you would probably be really upset and think the only reason he was with you was your body….

just remember, that if you think this is the guy for the long haul, maybe relax about it, its not like he is suddenly morbidly obese and his health is in danger that is different….but if its just a few extra pounds, that is nothing, and it maybe due to something else entirely….not he just gave up because he is in a realtionship

and also remember that when he is 60 he is not going to have rock hard abs, and after children you may not be in peak physical condition, so try and be nice about it, beauty and the physical fade with time, and if you are constantly nagginghim about a few extra pounds, it maybe comming off way wrong, like all you care about is that he looks hot,

try approaching it as, “hey you seem kind of upset and sad lately, why….” not get off your butt and go to the gym….

i am sorry if this reads as kind of harsh, but i think alot of it needed to be said, try and be supportive of THE WHOLE relationship not just his physical apperance he may be hurting and you are so focused on the fact that he gained a few pounds than the actual issues….if the situation was reversed everyone would be calling him a shovenistic asshole, just see if there is more behind it than settling in to comitment, he may be intentionally not going with you even though he may want to just to prove a point with you harping on him about the physical, guys have feelings too and he maybe struggling and thinking, wow what a classy gal, im clearly depressed and all she can focus on is my weight….just try and support him and not focus so much on the physical….

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@Dizbee:  and the point of therapy is to deal with those emotions, thats the whole point is that he deals with them…..not continue to repress them which can make them worse later on, he needs to deal with them, its not the counselor being a douche, that is what they are paid to do is to help people deal with issues, and its rough and it sucks, and if he was a really masculine guy before he maybe for the first time in his adult life feeling like its ok to help him be voulnerable, and that he doesnt have to portray this super macho fasad, just support him through this because dealing with child hood trauma and having someone nag you about weight gain is probably compounding the problem and adding to the depression….maybe go with him to therapy….but that is the point of therapy for him to deal with it and to get better,so support him this is the worst time in his life to be nagged about something as stupid as abs….let him deal with this and then focus on the physical….

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I don’t know if it is possible for you to contact the counselor or not. But maybe you could call him and tell him about your concerns for your SO’s behavior at home and ask him if there is anything that you could do at home to help your SO get through this rough period. Also the counselor might support the idea of exercising to combat depression and him mentioning it to your SO might go over better that you talking to him about it.

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Yeahhhh I wouldn’t force this issue. He clearly knows he has gained weight and wants to lose it. He will find his motivation eventually. I know you mean well but it’s too sensitive a subject to really go at without seeming like you’re not attracted to him which will be a big blow to his ego.  If he wants to go to the gym with you, he’ll let you know.

Maybe he hates the gym (my FI does, and has gained 40 lbs since we met and now trying to lose it).  However, he loves playing bball and has signed up for a bunch of different leagues to play 5 days a week and it’s worked for him. While he’s at bball I go to the gym (sometimes!) Maybe you could encourage him to find an activity he enjoys other than the gym (the gym sucks, lets face it!)  Or, you guys could join a social sports team (where I am from, they have co-ed social leagues for flag football, dodgeball, kickball, etc.)  It’s a great start at least to get him moving, and you guys can do it together and meet new people!

 edit – just saw the depression piece. I think yes going to the gym or working out in some way could help with his depression, however nagging him (or anything he perceieves as nagging him about his body) will also add to the depression. 

As someone who has gone through a traumatic event, your mood definitely gets worse when you start seeking help for it. Before, you were repressing it stuffing it down pretending like it didn’t happen, naturally when you start talking about it all the time you will be more emotional. It will pass as his therapy progresses.

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