(Closed) Best way to teach 'lie down' to a feisty lab puppy?

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We work with a lot of experienced behaviourists where I work (a humane society) and what I have seen is the use of a clicker with the treat. Anytime your dog naturally displays the behaviour you want, you immediately click and treat and say the command. Once the dog gets the link between the word, the click, the treat and the behaviour, they will respond more appropriately each time and will eventually not need the treat. By pushing her down you are rewarding a behaviour you don’t want – the rolling and biting. All she knows is “my Mom pushes me down and she’s touching me which I love so let’s play!”. If she does that offer no touch and ignore her. When she goes down on her own, click, treat and say the command. It’s also important to remember she is quite young and like all youngsters it takes time especially when it is more fun to chew and play. 

I’m sure others will have great suggestions as well! 

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Rue7514:  we taught our crazy golden retriever to lie down by treating him for sit, then getting out another treat in front of his nose and bringing it to the floor, saying the words down or lie down. Be sure to treat her for lying down if she does. Hope this helps!

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Dont push her down it won’t help. Try using the treat from her nose then backwards between her legs towards her belly. If that doesn’t work clicker training is amazing!  My dog (8 years old) just wouldn’t do it. So I clicked every time he did it on his own and now he’s a pro!

Good luck!

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I’ve heard of people putting the pup on a sofa or foot stool.  Have the pup sit.  Then start with a treat under their nose and move it down.  You can move it lower than the edge of the sofa/foot stool … that kind of helps force them down.  Click/praise/treat for getting the elbows on the sofa and repeat  and repeat and repeat ๐Ÿ™‚

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positive reinforcement and repeat x1000000.

good luck!


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We put the treat down towards to floor & partied like a rock star every time he laid down.  It worked pretty quickly but I think that’s mostly because our dog loves cheese &/or chicken (a high value treat) haha.

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My pups got sit and shake super fast, but down took foreverrrrr. Like 3 months haha. From the sitting position, we put the treat on the ground until they went to the down position. 

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Get him to sit. Put a treat in front of his nose and guide (without touching him) telling him down, or lie down. Reward him when he does it.<br /><br />Repeat times a billion. My lab caught on to sit, down and shake super fast. Labs are very intelligent, goal driven dogs. They want so desperately to please you, so don’t set him up to fail and enthusiastically reward success.

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Have her sit and then take a treat from her nose down between her front legs. Her natural reaction will probably be to lie down. Use a word like “okay” and give her a treat every time she does the correct behavior. This is the same idea as using the clicker, but you don’t have to carry the clicker around with you ๐Ÿ™‚

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repeat, repeat, repeat

I think you are doing great, if you provide positive reinforcement with tons of repetition, you’ll get there eventually, promise!

Congrats on your new pup, good luck and have fun! Gosh I miss puppy breath aaaah skunky smell of warm furry love


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Rue7514:  oh good!  I’m glad that worked for you! Shake is so much easier!! Hold the treat in you closed fist until she taps it then give her a trat from your othr hand! That was by far the easiest thing to teach my dog (besides sit).

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Lots of patience and really only a few minutes at a time. Lots of treats and love. Don’t push it. She’s SO LITTLE!! My perfectly behaved coonhound wasn’t actually “listening” until he was a year old. He didn’t have the patience or attention span to stay lying down for more than 3 minutes. Just be patient and give lots of structure and love. That being said, I did teach him “Find it” (a game where he tracks out treats and other things like shoes and keys hidden around the house) by the time he was 4 months old. ๐Ÿ™‚

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definitely agree with the clicker training posts! 9 weeks is SO SO young for training, so any progress is amazing!

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