(Closed) Best “Wifely” advice you ever got?

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Wifely advice:

Heheh…this especially applies nowadays with men and women working full time.

If it’s your turn to make dinner and you’re tired or don’t have time, make a frozen dinner like lean cuisine or something similar in the microwave.

But here’s the clincher: cut an onion in half and roast it in the oven. The whole house will smell! He’ll think you were cooking for hours!

Take the frozen entree out of the tray and serve it on a nice plate. Garnish it with whatever fresh veggies/fruit you have in the fridge. Oila! Gourmet dinner!

I love that one. My mom still does it. Our church friend taught her that. 

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If you two are fighting, stop in the middle of the fight and go take a shower. Really. Keep some nice bath fizzies or scents around, and take a long, hot shower. Take your time, blow dry your hair, moisturize, get all pretty and wear fuzzy comfy clothes. You will feel a lot better, and the fight will turn into a productive conversation, or might go away entirely if its about petty things. It has worked several times for me. 

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I love this thread 🙂

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MCRoen:  I love it too. I really enjoyed reading everything here!!

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Although this thread is ancient, I think we should revive it!

My parent’s had a vow renewal for their 25th wedding anniversary – Dad made a speech and said that the thing that has kept them together for so long, is that they always laugh together.

I’ve been practising compromising and on my day off, I try to have the house clean, a dinner cooked and a G&T waiting for him for when Fiance gets home.

We also slow dance in the kitchen and have tickle wars.


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I would say make sure you tell each other the things you can’t stand and maybe give alternatives that you can.

For example, DH had the bad habit of leaving clothes *all over the place*… So I told him to throw them into a certain corner of the room and then if he walks by them put them in the hamper. It isn’t perfect, but everyone gets tired sometimes and this is an alternative I can live with

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Hmm I wouldn’t follow that advice, because that’s fishing for compliments from Fiance :/ I’d rather be direct and ask to share duties, and if I wanted to do one of his duties one day on my own, I would, that’s it… No bragging or making him feel bad if he didn’t notice. Nor expecting the same in return.

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Mrs. Penguin:  The best marriage advice I ever got came from my grandma, she told me to never listen to my husband….they HAVE been married for 60 years…

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Not really advice but just something that works for me…

Whenever Fiance is driving me insane from whatever bad habit he has I think about two things. First I think about all the the annoying and infuriating things I do that he puts up with (moody, stubborn, etc), then I think about his good qualities (hard worker, affectionate, helpful etc)

Whatever is bugging me just isn’t such a big deal after that 🙂

Oh and I say sometimes people totally SHOULD go to bed angry! Gives people a chance to calm down, rest, and have a rational discussion in the moring. I don’t know about everyone else but when I get tired I get super emotional and worked up – very un-helpful when having a disagreement!

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Buzzing bee

From “Mad Men” (I believe it was directed at the husband):

“Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?” Pretty much pick your battles lol

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My mom told me to be nice to my husband’s friends. That way if he ever bitches to them about me, they can be like “What are you complaining about? She is awesome.”


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This thread definitely needs to be revived!! Don’t really have any advice but I’ve enjoyed reading all these.

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Definitely agree with reviving this thread! I have loved reading everyone’s posts! Definitely some great advice!

The only piece of advice that comes to mind is to always allow quality time for each other.

And, communication is key! <3 x

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Here’s my advice: Have plenty of sex! Every couple goes through dry periods when they are tired and not feeling it at all. But if you think about what you liked in the begnining, that is what will keep a relationship strong. Couples should already agree on the big things, like money, kids, and life expectations in general. Regular sex keeps you attracted to each other. Men need it more when you are younger, then women need it more when the kids are gone. Or so I’ve been told. My fiance and I, although not married yet, have been together long enough to think we have it figured out. If we are in bed and he starts touching me and kissing me, and I am just totally not in the mood, I will just look at him and say “vanilla.” This goes the other way, too. He’s told me “vanilla.” It means I am just not into it, I’m not gonna hit the big O tonight, so don’t try. But I will do it for you. What’s 10 minutes out of your day to lube it up, bang it out, and keep your other half sexually satisfied? If he was on the fence about it, he might not push it. But if he’s really super into it for some reason, he gets it. And like I said, it goes the other way too. We take this thinking beyond the bedroom too. We wait on each other and do things we don’t always want to do. Stacking wood is usually his job, but I went out and stacked for 2 hours the other day while he took a nap. A few days later, he picked up and vacuumed the living room while I wrote yet another paper for nursing school. Doing things for each other, in and out of the bedroom, keeps us happy and less likely to argue over stupid stuff. And we have fantastic sex at least twice a week that definitely lasts more than 10 minutes 😉

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Mrs. Penguin:  OMG!

Why have I never thought about that? The ONLY thing he’ll notice is if I start the fire before him lol. I clean the house EVERY night when I get home from work, but I usually get home a couple hours before him and he NEVER notices unless I tell him. It’s as if he really does think the house cleans itself!

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