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@jenilynevette:  I totally should have. I see that now, but at the time I was a bit naive and seriously, who does that to a guest? I was like….what’s going on….? I didn’t even get an aknowledgement or thank you of any kind from the bride. Everyone acted like it was totally normal.

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@hollyberry4:  Sorry but that is funny.


Best: probably dry wedding sorry but I don’t like seeing people drunk


Worst: Dj equipment not working. 🙁




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This was a very interesting thread. Very educational for thinking ahead for my own wedding! Some of the stories on here are hilarious and jaw-dropping! Mine aren’t quite as dramatic, but here goes…


One friend had her wedding ceremony at a retirement home chapel so that her grandmother could attend. I always found that to be very sweet! This bride also had a scrapbook as a guestbook. You would find your picture in the book and there was a designated space for you to write your wishes to the bride and groom. You could tell that she had put a lot of time into that! But it was one of those touches that I still remember 7+ years later. At the same wedding, instead of handing out favours, the bride and groom had their photographer take a picture of the bride and groom with each group of wedding guests and then mailed the photos out after the wedding. The photos had one of those frames around the photo that is part of the picture with the date on it. It is one of the few wedding favours that I have ever kept! This bride really incorporated unique little details into her wedding.


One of the worst weddings that I have been to was one of my good friends. I was in the wedding, so I think that changed my perspective as well. Bless their hearts, but their wedding was between boring and downright terrible. The bride was very “laid-back” but the wedding came off as very disorganized. The ceremony itself was alright. Personally, I felt that their ceremony was very impersonal and could have been for anyone. They had the entire wedding party form a receiving line after we walked down the aisle, but they failed to tell the guests this, so instead of walking through and shaking hands, everyone just starting taking pictures of us. Very awkward!

One of the more frustrating parts was that the bride and groom had arranged everything but really didn’t let the wedding party know where to be and when. So we kept asking them where they wanted us and they got so frustrated. But we as the wedding party didn’t want to mess up their day or miss anything. There seemed to be a lack of communication between what the couple had planned and with those that would be carrying out the plans (the music, the MC, the wedding party, the DJ, etc.). More often than not, people seemed very lost throughout the day. 

The receiption was not much better. They asked the best man to be the MC as well. And he was awful! He was definitely not a public speaker! He stumbled through everything, missed important announcements (such as the only game that they had, which was to write advice for the bride and groom to get them to kiss) and was not very engaging. He did his best, but he was not the best pick. I also realized as we were walking into the reception that we hadn’t gone through how to pronounce names. My Fiance, who was also in the wedding, has an unusal name and the MC had a terrible time pronouncing it. The best man’s speech was too long and he tried too hard to be funny. No one laughed at his jokes and the whole speech was pretty cringeworthy! The weird thing was that he had gone to high school with the groom but really hadn’t talked to him for the past 10-15 years, so he really didn’t have a strong connection to the couple. (This kind of sounds like he ruined the night, but that’s not what I’m trying to say. He unfortunately had a starring role at the reception).

The couple tried to get everyone dancing, but because of the age of the people that were invited (more elderly family members versus younger friends and family), most left after dinner. I know the bride was pretty dissapointed but it just wasn’t a lively party. I honestly wanted to leave earlier than I did but because we had a room at the hotel and we couldn’t use the excuse of travel, plus being in the wedding party, I felt obligated to stay. Honestly, the highlight of the evening (other than being there to see my friend get married) was watching the wedding party downstairs light their paper lanterns and send them up into the sky. They didn’t plan anything other than eating, speeches and dancing. So those who didn’t want to dance left after dinner and the toasts (which was a least 3/4 of the guests).

I know part of it is personal preference, but I felt bad for my friend, because I think she wanted things to go more smoothly and be more fun than it was.

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Best: Traditional Scottish dancing with a live band (you can really get to know the other guests that way!). Also a really laid-back afterparty just hanging out with the bride and groom at the hotel, ordering pizza and catching up.

Worst: Lackluster DJ who started packing up his equipment like half an hour before the end of the reception. Super-long buffet lines (more time in line = less time to actually party!)

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BEST:a wonderful intimate wedding where you could really tell the bride and groom loved each other. It was a lunchtime wedding so after the reception we all changed clothes – bride and groom included –  and had an awesome after party at the pub!


WORST: I was in a bridal party where the bride was a bridezilla. She was rude, she was demanding, and complained about the reception venue (that she picked!). Her mother had gone behind her back and hired a band that sung in a language only half the guests could understand. Even though it was a different language we could all tell it was off key. She swore at the groom, she had a fight with her brother, so much so that the MC looked really nervous and asked the groomsmen if the groom knew what he was getting into.

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@Dovetail:  Wow! You were so mistreated.  I hope you cease being friends with her.

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@MexiPino:  LOL that is delightfully awful

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This was so funny to read… so bump!

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These are so funny!

Heres mine!

Best: My sisters wedding. It was SO fun. It was in Jamaica & they had a beach party after the dinner, 95-100% of the wedding guests ended up swimming in the ocean. I got stung by a tiny jelly fish but I was too drunk to care. People still talk about it to this day and I can only dream my wedding will be as awesome. I also remember the people at the resort being jealous and watching the party all night. We actually heard people talk about it at the resort for the rest of the time we were there.

Best: A friend of my sisters wedding, she had a photobooth and we easily took 50 pictures or more. SO FUN. The open bar helped that be fun.

Best: I went to a wedding hosted at a winery, it was really cool because we were able to take a tour, and try free tasters of their wine. We ended up buying a few bottles to take home.

Worst: A winery wedding with a cash bar, and only offering beer & wine (crap wine, not the wine the winery makes). They also offered a free shuttle service, which at first we thought was awesome because we planned on getting really drunk, but the night was crap because I don’t drink beer, and I wasn’t a fan of the wine they were serving, then we had to wait till 11 pm for the first shuttle to arrive, and it was freezing! I heard from another guest at our table that they had spent $40,000 on their wedding (25% was the dress!!). I’m not gonna lie, I was annoyed. You have a $10,000 dress? Really? Wouldn’t an open bar be better with a $5000 dress? Idk.. This is on top of the fact that Fiance and I paid $2000 just to go to their wedding, and we gave them $100.

Worst: For the same cash bar wedding, the Bride and Groom planned to only dance alone to half of their first dance song, and have other couples join in half way through (her BM’s were told to start this)..But I guess they were taking too long or something because the bride awkwardly called “SARAH! NOW!”…It was weird. What’s wrong with just highschool dancing with your new husband? Thats what I’ll be doing..

Worst: Same wedding as above…After the bouquet/garter toss, the guy put the garter and the girls leg, and then the guys gf got jealous and ran to the bathroom to cry. Of course the bathroom was located indoors where the bar was, so you definitely saw them having their dumb little fight all night.

Worst: Same wedding as above….For the speeches, they didn’t tell the grooms dad he had to write or say a speech, and when he was standing up there, he was frozen and started crying. I felt SO bad for him.

Worst/sad: (photobooth wedding) During the bride/groom speech, the bride started crying histerically talking baout how she wished her grandmother was there. This wedding also had a terrible DJ. Good thing they had a photobooth.

Worst: (jamaica wedding)… My mother is an alcoholic. Since my sisters ceremony was at 11am, and then the dinner at 5pm, my mom was wasted at this point (all-inclusive resort).. When they called her up to do a speech, she hadn’t prepared anything, she drunkenly slurred her words “It is so totally awesome to have you all here, I’m just so blown away everyone came so far. It’s just awesome. Totally.” …Ya. No “welcome to the family”, “Our first son in law” NOTHING. My sister didn’t speak to my mom for a good 6 months after that. I’m gonna give her a huge warning that absolutely no drinking happen before dinner. And if she doesn’t write a speech I’ll disown her.

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