(Closed) BEST/WORST Receptions You've Ever Been To?

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 2021

I can’t really choose a best because most I’ve been to have been a blast! 

Worst was my aunt and uncle’s dry wedding tho haha

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: July 2016

best: great music, the rain let up and the temperature was really nice and everyone got really in to dancing!

worst: really really really really really hot. ๐Ÿ™  ETA: oh and it was cash bar but in our area that’s unheard of (literally the only cash bar wedding I’ve ever been to) and they didn’t warn us, so no one had cash.

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Busy bee

Worst: Ceremony at 6:00pm, ‘Evening Reception’ immediately following. The wedding was held at the bride’s parents large estate home, in the backyard under a tent. Approx 90 guests, and everyone was instructed NOT to enter the house unless they needed to use the 1 rest room on the main floor. Immediate family ignored this and hung out inside anyway, and if anyone else dared to enter the home to use the rest room, they were greeted with icy glares. As for food/drink, it was open bar and a very small amount of passed hors d’oeuvres……….and then nothing else until 9:30-10:00om when a selection of deli meats, buns and salads etc were laid out. Also, there was a ‘Cheese Station’ way off in a corner that no one really knew about. Everyone was STARVING, buzzed from all the alcohol with no food, and uncomfortable about going near the house. The weather was hot and humid and there was no breeze at all. And not that it should matter, but the bride and groom (and their families) were very well off, money isn’t an issue for them in their regular lives. In all honesty, I would have rather paid for my own drinks and happy to have received a modest meal in its place. Given the timing of the ceremony and immediate reception, most guests were under the impression a meal was being served, so none of us ate dinner.

Best: Any wedding I’ve been to where guests were made to feel welcome and not like an after thought!

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Bumble bee

Worst: My SIL’s. It was DIY so everyone was put to work. I sat in the blazing sun tying chair covers for the ceremony so I didnt have time to get cleaned up before. Ceremony lasted 5 minutes and then led into the most boring reception. Dry wedding. Awful music. The bride and groom disappeared then ‘reappeared’ for their exit at 9pm. 

Best: our former roommates. We have the same group of friends, so the amount of friends and open bar made for a good time. Food was amazing, plated, and dates got to sit at the head table which forever changed my mind about head tables! And great music!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

Worst: my cousin’s. It didn’t help that it was on my birthday and they had been married for like 20 months at this point, but the only beer they had was Bud Light and Coors Light, the only entertainment was one speaking with tinny music playing, and there were no assigned seats so fh and I got stuck sitting by strangers who made no attempts to talk to us instead of sitting with my family. 

Best: It’s generally just whichever wedding has the most people I know. My friends have all put on pretty solid receptions. 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: August 2019

Best: My aunt’s wedding at a small inn in upstate NY. She married her best friend of over 20 years when same-sex marriage was legalized. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I cried and I’m not a crier!! Also, the bartender served me even though I was underage. I had a great time frolicking through a field of flowers at the end of the day LOL There was also a server who looked like Frodo from Lord of the Rings – I got his number ๐Ÿ˜‰

Worst: Wedding of friends of my fiance. It took place in a low-end businness hotel ballroom on a highway. The food was inedible, the cocktail hour lasted far too long with barely any seating, the booze was so watered down that we had to go to the lobby bar and pay cash for a buzz, and the chairs and tables had those spandex covers on them which just looks tacky. 

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Best: My brother’s. I’m biased, it was largely DIY but there was so much enthusiasm and love everything. 

Worst: A friend’s. It was banquet seating and they had everyone arrive at the venue an hour early without alerting the venue.  It was two hours before the venue was ready to serve anything. No music. And the girl next to me at the table got so drunk she wouldn’t stop crying. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: Rydges Hotel

Worst: There wasn’t enough seats for the ceremony so a lot of the guests had to stand awkwardly for the entire ceremony. The reception was held about 2 hours after the ceremony, and we were given a bag of chips per table (yes, a bag of chips that you buy from the supermarkets), a bowl of dips and soem freshly cut carrots. No one was told that meal wouldn’t be served, and as the reception were help dinner time we all assumed dinner would be served. Nope. My friends and I left starving, and had to go any nearby restaurant that was open to eat. 


Best: My sister’s wedding. She had a big fancy wedding with lots to eat and we all danced and had a good time. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2018

Worst – my sister’s. She was over an hour late for her own wedding, it was so poorly planned and the speeches were cringe worthy. Didn’t help that she barely knew the guy. All our extended family at our table, kept asking us who her husband was as their engagement and wedding were so rushed.

other worst wedding was a friend of DH. His wife was vegetarian so she decided that every second guest would get a vegetarian dish. It was horrendous mushroom risotto and I barely ate it. My husband got the steak but I couldn’t exactly give him the mushroom as he is allergic. We went to McDonald’s drive through on the way home!

best – older sisters small intimate wedding. We danced the night away. Then ours – the food was incredible and we have pretty much every guest tell us this. Our videographer had been shooting weddings for 20 years and said he had never had such good food at a wedding. Everyone danced the night away. We had a lot of people say it was the best wedding they’re been to and how well planned it was. Guess we had been to so many weddings and worked out the things guests  love and hate and taken note.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: February 2018 - UK

My worst was one of my relative’s, they had a crazy expensive venue, but it was really tiny and cramped. The bar was at one end and you literally had to fight to get anywhere near it, and they had crammed a photo booth (which I’m not a fan of at the best of times) into the room too, and it took up so much space. There were only about 7 or 8 seats, all taken by older relatives, and my OH had a really bad back, so he was in agony. We also had to share the toilets with the pub downstairs, and they weren’t particularly pleasant. 

My best was one where I went as my best friend’s +1. It was a fairly standard wedding, but because I didn’t know anyone I just totally let loose and danced all night, and made friends with loads of new people.


ETA: Obviously my own reception was my true favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

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Worker bee

The worst reception was at what I call the ‘hungry wedding’. Before the wedding we were all told that there would be plenty of food and that we should turn up ready to eat a lot. When I arrived there was a complete chaos and clearly the whole thing was delayed and as they were trying to catch up it led to even more chaos. But the worst thing was: no proper food (hence the ‘hungry wedding’). There were large tables with no decorations on them, just plain table cloths and nothing else (no cutlery, just nothing). I foolishly thought that the tables were so large and empty so that there was enought space on them for all the plentiful food that was to be served. WRONG! First we had to wait for what felt like ageees for the food to be served and when it eventually arrived, it was this tiniest, poorest finger buffet that I’d ever seen! Of course because everyone was so hungry, people just flocked around the serving tables (no orderly lines) and helped themeselves to as much as they could before it was gone. And it was gone very quickly with some people not eating at all (like my plus 1 for example), simply because the first few scoffed it all! And that was that! No more food to come after that.  To top it all: we had to pay for every drink (even water) – which was very strange because around here drinks are  usually available free of charge (at least soft drinks), so it was very unusual that the guests had to pay for every single drop of water themeselves. I couldn’t wait to get home and finally have something to eat!  The bride & groom clearly spent some money on their attires and the venue, so not much was left to feed the guests. The worst wedding ever – it was 9 years ago but I still remember it as the absolutely most shameful wedding I’ve ever been to.

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Honey bee

Honestly, best and worst revolve around the same three things: food, music, and comfort.

The three worst all involved lack of food or very poorly timed food and cash bars.  And they were only made worse by the fact that it is very clear they prioritised other things that guests could not have cared about, like elaborate (read: expensive) floral centerpieces, having poster size photos of the couple displayed everywhere (we know what you look like…you’re standing literally 10 feet away), and renting a photobooth.  Unless that photo is actually imprinted on a damn cookie, people don’t care when they are hungry.  Two of the three couples were “really into music” which is code for having really narrow obscure tastes for undanceable indie bands and a do not play list a mile long of popular songs people like to dance to.  And then they wondered why no one was dancing.  And two of the three (different combination) had standing room only ceremonies, which was made even worse by failure to start on time, and one was outside on a hot muggy day.

The best three basically just got all of those elements right.  It wasn’t about particular food or venue, it was just about the fact that they clearly put a lot of thought into what their guests would like and their comfort and when you are good hosts, people have a good time.  And it turns out people like lots of good food, not standing and sweating like a whore in church, and danceable music.  People are startlingly easy to please if you put a modicum of thought into it.  My favorite elements from the best were late night churros (because churros) and the only speech I’ve ever heard that didn’t make me cringe (it was incredibly well-thought out, avoided inside jokes, and heartfelt without being cheesy or cliche…And it was pretty short).  But those weren’t things that made them the best necessarily – they could have easily been on the worst list if those other things were screwed up.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2018

Worst was wedding outside, near the river on a MUGGY day in KY.  No seating, it had rained for 3 days prior to the wedding.  Potluck style food. They had some of their family bring random dishes.  It was absolutely horrible.  We drove for an hour to get to this wedding, stayed for about 30 minutes and left.  Needless to say they did NOT get a gift.   I can’t believe the audacity of people sometimes.  If you cannot afford to properly accomodate people, have a smaller affair where you can!  

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Bumble bee

Worst: the minister yelled at the photographer in the middle of the ceremony and called the bride the wrong name, and make inappropriate jokes.

Best: my own (hehe biased), heaps of food, dancing, cocktails and donuts ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘Œ next best wedding was a Chinese wedding with 12 courses of incredible food including lobster. The bride changed dress in between nearly every course. 

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