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Helper bee

I would assume, and I don’t know, that they would turn away active duty wives as well… Being a WIFE seems to be the disqualifier here, not that he is serving and you are not. If it was a charity giving away vow renewal dresses to people with valid id I think I would be more likely to jump on your cause. i get that the reason you are having a vow renewal or vow renewal style pictures is special, but this isn’t a special exceptions kind of promotion.


Why not post your dream of having wedding photos on Craigslist and Facebook. Maybe someone will donate their dress or lend you a dress. Maybe a photographer would pitch in. Who knows. 



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Bumble bee

Good lord, you sound super entitled. Do you seriously think that this level of vitriol is required for, well, anything? You are giving military spouses (yes, SPOUSES, since you are already married, which…why do you even need a wedding dress?) a terrible name. Stop it.

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Busy bee

I just don’t know how you could have possibly thought the advertisement applied to you. As someone who will be working in the ad industry, their add is pretty clear and defined. First, it’s obvious from the ad that you need to be active duty. You are not, and simply because your husband is does not mean you are, as well. You may be fighting a ‘war’ (perhaps one to get your loved one home safely, continue to be strong while they’re gone, and so on) but it is not the war that your loved one is fighting. Also, you’re all ready married. That’s yet another very obvious issue that could have indicated you do not apply. Bee, I’m sorry you didn’t get the wedding you wanted, but you ARE married. By you and other women not serving taking this deal, you’re taking it away from ACTIVE women who are not yet married. That, i feel, is selfish. I’m sorry that the rep on the phone was rude to you, and swearing. While I wouldn’t ever swear, I admit it I was trying to explain these obvious restrictions to you, I’d very near lose my cool.

Don’t send the letter. It makes you seem entitled, and that’s the last thing you want. They likely won’t even read it. I would instead apologize for the situation, but shed light on the negative attitude of the rep you talked to. 

Your husband is in a war-you might be ‘in one’ but it is not on the same caliber. 

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Helper bee

I’m a military spouse and I would never even consider myself to be an active serving military member. I am his wife. They are trying to provide dresses for serving military members which does not include supportive wives. 

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There is a whole lot of entitlement going on here. You made your choice to have a JOP marriage before he deployed. I’m sure getting the extra pay was a HUGE factor in that decision so maybe you guys should have used that extra money he was getting to pay for a wedding dress? What is wrong with the $100 David’s bridal sales if you so desperately want one? 

The company is doing something great for women who serve and are getting married. When people start taking advantage like you are trying to do it ruins charitable things like this for everyone. Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining about what you want handed to you. You both have jobs and are getting paid like everyone else so pay for your own wants. 

And yes my Fiance is also military and it sucks sometimes but he does get compensation for his sacrifice.

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Buzzing bee

*hugs* op. Sorry you were treated like crap at AA and sorry you have recieved such little support here. I completely see your point and unless they had their day totally full of brides already, what would be the harm in them helping you? If they didn’t fill up their day with active duty brides, they have appointments available therefore dresses available. You aren’t taking one away from a bride if there isn’t a bride to fill that appointment? I don’t see why the fact that you are married should prevent you from recieving a free dress. Because your timeline didn’t match up with AA”s? Bullshit. I don’t think you are acting selfish or entitled. If they had specific requirements for this promotion, then they need to be specific in their ad. You had every right to make the appointment and think the company would follow through with their ad. Your email is also valid and I hope they at least send you an appropriate response. 

*hugs* so many *hugs* to you for how AA handled this and how the bees have responded. Maybe you can find a dress on Craigslist or at a thrift shop. Good luck!

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Bumble bee

I just cannot get over this attitude! You are certainly not the one putting your life on the line to defend your country. Just because you are supporting someone who does does not entitle you to their benefits. 

Im a law enforcement wife, and I love and support my husband, but I, in absolutly no way, think that I am the one out there on the streets with constant death threats on my head. I would NEVER assume I am entitled to HIS benefits as an officer. 


You, my dear, have a lot of growing up to Do. 


I wish you and your husband a life time of happiness in your marrage, and pray for his safe return. 

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Busy bee

mrsfry2015:  The promotion is for active duty servicewomen, not dependents. If they made an exception for her, they would have to make an exception for every girlfriend, wife, daughter. That’s not the point of the promotion.


Edited to add retired servicewomen are also eligible!

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Busy bee

OP is also on facebook posting as Frodo Bagend on Alfred Angelo’s facebook page…SMH… Out of control….

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Sugar bee


OP–has anyone ever told you “NO” before?

Please thank your husband for his service.

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Bumble bee

sparkles1986:  exactly! And how many women in the US are married to servicemen?! HEAPS!! Can you imagine if they all wanted to do vowel renewals with their husbands and asked for a free dress?!?! Not even remotely feasible!

mrsfry2015:  generally speaking, the term “bride” in the ad should have precluded OP from applying. She’s a wife, not a bride. Hence why she has any form of military ID in the first place. 

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Worker bee

A girl on my fb married to a military man is always posting entitled things…. She broke HER iPhone n boasted how she was having her hubby wear his uniform into apple to hopefully get another one free “out of compassion”…..they didn’t give him one. Idk it sickened me to see her write that. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

nanikoa:  “veterans are not included. I sent it to my mom thinking she would be able to get a free dress and she was told it is only for active military.”  — I haven’t read all the responses so maybe someone already pointed this out, but the ad says “The bride must present a valid current military ID or Dear Daughter214 on the day of the appointment in order to receive a free bridal gown. ” Isn’t a Dear Daughter214 separation papers? You’d only get those after you’ve served, right? So it seems to me that veterans should be included. Why else would they specify “or Dear Daughter214”? I’m not from a military family (just dated a lot of guys in uniform way back when) so sorry if I’m confused about the Dear Daughter214.

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Sugar bee
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sparkles1986:  Oh great, why am I not surprised (by FB posting)? This is just the sort of childish maneuver I would expect from the OP. 

This is a great example of entitlement at its worst, expecting others to subsidize your choices. 

And I guess I’m the only one bothered by all the grammatical errors lol. 

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Helper bee
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Daisy_Mae:  You’re right! I’m not from the US so I don’t really know about military ID, but I just looked on the Alfred Angelo Facebook page and apparently veterants initially weren’t included, but the company has since updated their offer and it now includes female veterans. Nanikoa, you should tell your mom to call again – according to their FB the stores have recently been informed about this change.

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